Yoga tour Tibetan yoga in the Elbrus region

Yoga tour Tibetan yoga in the Elbrus region


Hello friends! We will start today, unfortunately, with disappointing statistics. Scientists from all over the world have proven that the risk of developing diseases such as hypertension, osteochondrosis and obesity is most typical for a typical hero of the 21st century. That is, for you and me. What does this come from and why are we again?

Reasons for the active spread of the most famous diseases of civilization

Low psychological stability. A typical representative of the XXI century is highly susceptible to various stresses and nervous shocks. For example, against the background of the tragic events in Ukraine and the subsequent information war, our psyche has become more shattered. The number of visits to psychologists and psychotherapists has increased.

Bad food. Due to the crazy rhythm of life, modern people eat wrong. Not because they do not want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but because of the banal lack of time. McDonald's and bakery stands give us virtually no choice.

The influence of modern technology on the general condition. A typical hero of the 21st century is a man bent over a computer. We are addicted to technology. A concrete example: it is now 10 am, in front of me is a computer, at two opposite ends of the table are a phone and a tablet. That is, radiation is everywhere. But you, dear readers, do not flatter yourself. This article can only be read on electronic devices. So what do you have, a tablet or a computer?

Bad habits. Recently, the number of people suffering from alcohol, drug addiction and smokers has increased around the world. Relentless statistics persist in adding women and adolescents to their roster.

Actually, friends, this is a sad picture, but not a vicious circle. Everything in life can be overcome, even the laws of modern society. We are not going to tell you how to eat right and spend less time on the phone, no. It would be much more correct to think about how to change your consciousness and resist the diseases of civilization. We propose to approach the solution of this issue from the point of view of the most useful activity in this world - health tourism. Well, let's figure it out.

Medical Tourism Hospital - She and Africa Hospital

Since we are talking about health, it would be logical to remember medical tourism. In short, this is a common practice of medical treatment abroad. For example, we, Ukrainians, do not find proper care or equipment here (the reasons may be different) and go to the USA. Why is this move called tourism? It is believed that abroad, in addition to high-quality medical care, we will have a wonderful rest for the soul. That is, we have the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes of the country to which we have come. This, of course, is good, but tourism is remotely reminiscent. A hospital - after all, it is in Africa, that in America there is a hospital. Health with the help of medical tourism can be improved at the highest level, no doubt about it. But is it possible to change the psychology of a modern city dweller and correct his habits ... This is a big question.

Wellness tourism is different. In fact, it is a subspecies of the medical direction in tourism, but in terms of value it is dozens of times superior.

At all times, people wanted to be healthy. Health tourism dates back to antiquity. The ancient Greeks, wishing to improve their health, regularly visited the god-doctor. A famous sanctuary for such a god is, for example, Asclepius. There were gymnastics schools, baths, places for spending the night (in our opinion, hotels). In the areas of many modern resorts in Europe, since the time of the Roman Empire, the remains of premises for treatment with mineral waters have been preserved. The basis of health tourism is considered to be balneology. It began to develop in Europe from the 17th century. Already in the twentieth century, the world was captured by the resort industry.

Traditionally, resorts are divided into many subgroups, the main ones are:

Dear friends, the Health Tourism Club "POWER OF LOTUS" invites you to the author's yoga journey "Tibetan yoga in the Elbrus region!" with the master of Tibetan yoga Tanya Firn and the head of the club Alexander Galchenko.

Dear friends, the Health Tourism Club "LOTOS POWER" invites you to the author's yoga journey "Tibetan yoga in the Elbrus region!" with the master of Tibetan yoga Tanya Firn and the head of the club Alexander Galchenko.

Our yoga tours in the Elbrus region, pTerskol in g will also take place:

Do you want to reach the most effective level of interaction with the world? To become healthier, more fulfilled, in demand, successful, happy and receive true joy from life, enjoying its magical moments? Then join us!

You have a great opportunity to gain strength and health, find harmony with yourself and the world. We will practice yoga at an altitude of 2700 meters, in one of the most beautiful gorges in the world - overlooking Elbrus - the highest peak in Europe!

The Caucasus is an amazing place of Power, it is located between the two seas, the Black and the Caspian, here the border between Europe and Asia passes, it was here that the Great Silk Road passed. There is high energy and a wonderful microclimate here. Yoga in these places is the most effective, and Tibetan, one of the most ancient and powerful, is doubly effective!

Our program "Tibetan yoga in the Elbrus region" consists of practical exercises of Tibetan yoga, which is pure as spring water! This program is recommended for beginners and those who are already practicing any kind of yoga.

You will learn 24 golden rules of health, unique recipes for HEALTH and YOUTH collected from the times of Avicenna and Hippocrates, as well as the best recipes from yoga and Ayurveda!

During the course we will breathe pranayama, meditate, learn exercises from Tibetan dynamic yoga, which gives a powerful charge of energy and strength, increases the body's endurance and resistance, has a strong rejuvenating and healing effect! Previously, these exercises were secret and were done only by lamas in Tibet. And now you have a unique opportunity to master them together with the master.

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