What to see in Kislovodsk in summer

Sanatorium; Kislovodsk TsVS; in Kislovodsk (Russia)

Kislovodsk is a year-round resort, the second balneological and climatic resort in the country after Sochi. But a record number of tourists fills the city, of course, in the summer: during the holiday season and school holidays, when people come not only to get medical treatment, but also to get acquainted with the sights and magnificent nature of the Caucasus. So what can you see and do in Kislovodsk in the summer?

Sights of Kislovodsk in summer

Kislovodsk is a resort town, and most of its attractions are associated with this:

  • Kurortny Boulevard, along which vacationers have been walking for two centuries soon. It was from this street that the formation of the resort began.
  • The main narzan baths are a magnificent building, decorated with majolica, against the background of which holidaymakers love to take pictures.
  • October Baths, where medical procedures are carried out using the healing Tambukan mud and mineral waters of local springs.
  • Narzan gallery is the center of resort life, where the resting public, like decades ago, drinks warm and cold, dolomite and sulfate narzan from pump rooms.
  • State Philharmonic named after V. I. Safronov - the former Kurhaus, built for the entertainment of the resort public. There was everything necessary for this: a large theater hall, a library, a restaurant.
  • Spa park, one of the oldest in Europe, where there is a lot of interesting things so that vacationers don't get bored.

If you are fascinated by the sights of Kislovodsk, and you want to see the maximum number of them, the following materials will come in handy:

But that's not all this sunny city has to offer you. Do you know that there is an unusual theater in Kislovodsk?

Grace Museum-Theater

Having crossed the threshold of the theater, you will find yourself in the world of unforgettable images of the heroes of Tolstoy, Pushkin, Yesenin, Tsvetaeva ... The exposition of this museum presents unique materials that will allow you to learn a lot of interesting things, get to know the history of our country through the stories of the best representatives people.

Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky is a world famous aircraft designer, the founder of the world helicopter industry, one of the founders of Russian strategic aviation. The museum collection contains materials from the personal archive of Igor Sikorsky, personal belongings of the great aircraft designer, donated to the museum by his sons.

Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak is a talented polar explorer, scientist, full member of the Imperial Geographical Society. Someone knows him as a hero of Port Arthur and the Baltic, a brilliant naval commander, a specialist in mine work at sea, but for someone it is the Supreme Ruler of Russia and a cruel dictator. In the museum, you will learn a lot about Kolchak, possibly previously unknown to you. For example, about the love of A. V. Kolchak and Anna Timireva, a resident of Kislovodsk, daughter of the famous musician Vasily Ivanovich Safonov.

In 1997, the country's first exhibition dedicated to the great Russian ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya was opened at the Grace Museum-Theater. For several years, fleeing the revolutionary devastation, she lived with her family in Kislovodsk.

After visiting the museum, you can watch an unusual artistic and dramatic performance about the fate of real people associated with Kislovodsk, or a funny comedy about the life of the Kislovodsk resort of the early 20th century. You can also take part in a theatrical dinner in the setting of an old Russian estate, during which dishes will be served by Suvorov, Catherine II and other historical figures.

Sanatorium "Kislovodskiy TsVS" in Kislovodsk (Russia) - photos of rooms, descriptions and reviews of visitors

The sanatorium "TsVS" in the resort town of Kislovodsk is located in the resort area, in its central part, not far from the railway station. There is a medical park not far from the city.

The sanatorium consists of six buildings, each of which has four floors. Two buildings are connected by a passage, the third building is connected by a passage to the dining room. The number of seats in the dining room is 500.

The main medical profile is diseases of the cardiovascular system, and also in the sanatorium they treat and diagnose ailments of the respiratory system.

Associated diseases for which treatment is carried out are diseases of the genitourinary and gynecological spheres, diseases of the eyes, gastrointestinal tract, peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system.

The medical base of the sanatorium consists of narzan and artificial baths, narzan irrigations, mud applications, electro-mud therapy, hydrotherapy, UST-, UHF-therapy, manual therapy, hypnotherapy, electrosleep, inhalation, various types of physiotherapy, diet therapy, psychotherapy , acupuncture, therapeutic and surgical dentistry, hirudotherapy, prosthetics, ozone therapy, immunotherapy, manual therapy.

The diagnostic base includes such methods as: ultrasound, ECG, radiation diagnostics, functional diagnostics, clinical and biochemical laboratory.

The sanatorium employs highly qualified specialists of a narrow profile, such as: a neurologist, psychotherapist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, dentist, allergist-immunologist, gynecologist, urologist, pulmonologist, phytotherapist, exercise therapy doctor.

Three meals a day are organized in the sanatorium for all holidaymakers. Also on the territory of the sanatorium there is a bar, a cafe and a phytobar.

The sports and recreation center consists of a swimming pool, exercise therapy hall, gym, tennis court with artificial turf, terrenkur. For an additional fee, everyone can play billiards or rent sports equipment.

Vacationers can spend their leisure time visiting the concert cinema, which is designed for 600 seats, or visiting the dance hall, disco.

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