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Holidays in Montenegro in the summer of 2021, prices

One of the advantages of vacationing in Montenegro is the ability to choose the type of accommodation. Most tourists stay in villas or apartments. But apart from them, a hotel network is developed in the country. Objectively comfortable for tourists hotels in Montenegro by the sea are a place for recreation and entertainment.

How to choose a hotel

In contrast to the traditional holiday destinations of Russians in Turkey and Egypt, the hotel infrastructure in the Montenegrin resorts is less developed. But this does not affect the quality of the service and, as a result, the comfort of living. Most of the complexes are located on the Adriatic coast of the country, but it is possible to book hotels in the central part.

There are certain features that Montenegro hotels on the sea have. The rating will help to identify them, indicate the pros and cons of booking. When choosing the type of accommodation, it is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Location at a specific resort. Regardless of the level of service and entertainment on the hotel territory, there will be a desire to visit the resort. To make the rest as useful as possible and comfortably stay in hotels in Budva, Herceg Novi, Becici or Bar.
  • The number of stars. Living expenses and quality of service. The best choice for a budget holiday are four-star complexes located on the coast. You can also consider offers with fewer stars, but it is recommended that you first read real customer reviews.
  • Having your own beach. But it should be borne in mind that in the country 90% of the coastal territory is in public ownership. Not only guests, but also strangers will rest on the beach.

Reading real reviews is a must. Often they point to certain factors that are not written in the introductory articles. The main difficulty in determining the quality of service and infrastructure from reviews is their subjectivity.

Most of the hotels in Montenegro by the sea are only hotels located in resort towns and villages. Also, villas and apartments were not analyzed. The reason is the annual changes in characteristics.

Budva Hotels

The most popular and revered tourist destination in the country is Budva. The infrastructure of the city is well developed; the resort takes the first places in the ratings. But does this apply to hotels located on its territory? Despite the relatively small area of ​​Budva, there are many hotel complexes in the city, there are Montenegro hotels by the sea in this resort.

Below is the rating of the most popular hotels in the city:

These hotels are the most popular in Budva. But do not be upset if you cannot book a room in them. You can always rent a villa or apartment, which in some cases is financially more profitable, according to living conditions, they are worse than hotels in Montenegro by the sea.

Montenegro is a convenient country for independent travel, beach, outdoor activities. The flight time does not exceed two hours, the mentality of local residents is close to the Russian one. The cost of accommodation and meals is lower than in other resort countries. It is difficult for travelers to find tours to Montenegro - buy a package or plan everything yourself.

Peculiarities of independent recreation

For a vacation in Montenegro, you yourself need to provide for a number of factors - a flight, choose and book accommodation, make a list of excursions. You can choose a resort in the country according to several parameters - distance from the airport in Tivat, developed infrastructure, prices for a villa or apartment. Most vacationers stay in Budva or Becici. If you need treatment or cosmetic procedures, choose Herceg Novi, where there is an Igalo Institute.

Stages of independent recreation in Montenegro:

  • Season. In summer the prices are highest, there are many tourists. You can choose the beginning of summer or the end of September. The weather will allow you to sunbathe on the beach, swim in the Adriatic Sea. But the cost of services and accommodation will be lower.
  • Flight. Tickets are booked in advance, 2-3 months before the start of the tour. Air tickets are taken according to promotions, with a discount. This will save you up to € 50 per person.
  • Transfer from the airport to Tivat. Taxi ordering to Budva is expensive, from 40 euros. From the airport building you can walk 150 m to the bus stop.
  • Purchase insurance. This is necessary, since in case of an accident, all the costs of treatment will fall on the tourist.

You can pick up tours to Montenegro without air travel and meals. The voucher will only include accommodation, booking an apartment or villa. Tours can be ordered locally, so it will be cheaper.

How to find tours through an agency

The purchase of the voucher is planned 3-4 months before the start of the holiday. It is taken directly from the operators or from the network of official travel agencies. The advantages of this method are that everything is included in the price of a trip to Montenegro, except for excursions. The tourist receives an air ticket, a voucher for accommodation, insurance. But it will be more expensive than traveling alone.

  • Agency. It must work for at least three years on the market, positive reviews.
  • Price comparison. You need to take several options for proposals on the same parameters and choose the best one.
  • Guarantees. Before purchasing and selecting a tour to Montenegro, an agreement is signed. It indicates all the nuances of the agreement.
  • The manager reminds you of the departure date 2-3 days in advance. This indicates a professional attitude towards work.

The disadvantage of buying a package tour is binding to one place of residence. Three hundred will not be able to move to another resort without additional spending. But in case of problems or difficulties, he can contact the manager of the agency. They will help not only to find tours to Montenegro, but also to quickly fix the problem on the spot.

How to save on vacation

Montenegro is a cheap country for independent rest and travel. But in summer, prices are high here, so you need to know how to save money. Excursions are booked for group tours, individual tours are 100-150% more expensive. Accommodation on the first line or in a hotel will be higher than on the second line in an apartment, villa.

Of course, you can buy tickets, check schedules, book hotels, etc. without any registration.

But after registration, all this will become more convenient and faster.

At any time you can

  • print an order form or itinerary receipt,
  • order an operator call, etc.,
  • view the order history.

We made a personal account quite recently. Soon its capabilities will significantly expand.


About Montenegro

Resorts of Montenegro

Each resort in Montenegro is unique and interesting in its own way. Only one thing unites them - the clear sea and magnificent landscapes.


How much will the cost of a vacation in Montenegro in the summer of 2021 cost and how to plan a trip yourself? In this article, we will select the best resorts by the sea from our own experience of visiting the country, we will find out where to go with children and where to buy inexpensive tours. Prices for: food, buying air tickets, booking a hotel and private accommodation, which resort is better to choose and which beaches to visit.

Our compatriots who are accustomed to vacationing on the famous Turkish Riviera or on the luxurious beaches of Egyptian Hurghada, a vacation in a small Balkan Montenegro in the summer may seem boring and uninteresting.

There are no luxurious hotels, striking in their size, or nightclubs with Russian pop stars, as can be seen in Turkey and Egypt.

But in these parts there is an unusually transparent sea and cozy pebble beaches, smiling people and a unique, discreet nature, as well as such a variety of cultural and historical attractions that any Asian country popular with Russians can envy little Montenegro.

Where to go to Montenegro by the sea?

Consider the beach resorts of Montenegro, where you can relax with children or together in 2021? We will select the most attractive places, touch on the best beaches and walk through the sights. After this point, you will already know exactly where you can spend your vacation.


Bustling life is constantly in full swing in Budva - the most famous Montenegrin resort. The town is not inferior to the famous Croatian Dubrovnik in the beauty and cozy atmosphere of its streets.

Sveti Stefan

And there is no such unique island as Sveti Stefan in any European country. It is located very close to the Adriatic coast not far from Budva. The island is a series of luxurious lodges, hotels that are always glad to welcome dear guests.

Many famous celebrities have stayed here, which hotel employees love to talk about. The most common names are American M. Onro and Italian S. Lauren.

Whether these movie stars were actually here or not is not so important.


How to determine the best place to spend your vacation? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. But experienced travelers, before buying tours or planning a trip, study the TOP of various countries. For those wishing to visit the Balkan Peninsula, an up-to-date rating of the best resorts in Montenegro with a detailed description of each option is offered.

Selection criteria

It's not hard to tell how good a hotel is. With cities and towns, this is much more difficult. You will need to study the features of the location, climate and all factors that affect the comfort of rest. Not the last place is occupied by real reviews of tourists. It is difficult to immediately compile a rating of the best resorts in Montenegro. But he will help future vacationers to choose a place to travel.

Why is this country optimal for summer vacations? The main advantage is the Adriatic Sea, the bottom of which is visible for many meters. But do not forget about other nuances:

  • Beaches and the sea. These are the fundamental factors affecting independent rest in Montenegro. You should take into account the specifics of the country's beaches - most of them are pebbly, in cities part of the coast is covered with concrete or slabs.
  • Infrastructure. How many cafes and restaurants, whether there are entertainment and attractions - all this determines the degree of attractiveness of the resort for tourists.
  • Prices. The cost of food and accommodation are the main expenses for vacationers. These indicators are related to the degree of infrastructure development, the choice is important. Additionally, the available excursion program is taken into account. No matter how attractive a quiet pastime is, after 2-3 days you will want variety.

A detailed analysis of reviews is the basis of the rating of resorts in Montenegro. However, one should take into account the subjectivity of assessments - some tourists are interested in service, some of them prefer to enjoy the fresh air and sea to the detriment of service.

The optimal time for tours is late September, early October. The tourist flow decreases significantly, it is easier to find a villa option. Plus - lower prices for food, food and accommodation.


It is rightfully considered the most popular city and takes an honorable first place in the rating of resorts in Montenegro. By all accounts, this is a convenient vacation spot. The advantages include a large number of restaurants and cafes, entertainment for adults and children. There are several historical landmarks.

Interesting facts about Budva:

Reviews of tourists about Montenegrin Budva are mostly positive, local hospitality is especially noted. But it is worth remembering the proud character of the Montenegrins. When booking a tour, it is recommended to choose a villa closer to the Old Town. And this path will be a little more expensive, the level of comfort will increase - most of the excursion agencies, shops and cafes are concentrated in this microdistrict.

The second place in the ranking of the best resorts in Montenegro unexpectedly went to Bar. By the standards of the country, it is the most modern and comfortable. The architecture is dominated by high-rise buildings, but there are areas with villas and hotels. Pros - shopping, a large selection of beaches, prices are often lower than in other resorts. Tourists or independent travelers can book comfortable apartments.

Features of the Bar:

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