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5 independent steps to nostrify a diploma in the Czech Republic

Ever dreamed of opening your own restaurant? Or are you crazy about travel and ready to devote yourself to the tourism industry? What about hotel management?

Many applicants come to study tourism and hotel business in the Czech Republic in order to travel more and see the world - after all, the country is located in the very heart of Europe. Working in this industry involves frequent foreign travel, which, as a rule, is well paid. If you feel the talent of an organizer and are ready to make the life of people around you more comfortable and beautiful, then this area is for you.

Do you want to study tourism, hotel or restaurant business in the Czech Republic? We have prepared a complete overview of specialties in Czech universities: specializations, options and tuition fees, exams, scholarships and universities in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The field of tourism and hotel business includes many areas, especially in demand in countries with a developed tourism sector. A student who has studied tourism and hotel business at one of the Czech universities can acquire one or even several of the following professions:

  • Hotel or Hotel Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Tourism Manager
  • Tourism Marketer
  • Leisure & Entertainment Manager
  • Hospitality & Restaurant Account Manager
  • Spa & Wellness Specialist
  • Event manager.

In which Czech universities to receive specialized education, what are the requirements for admission and what prospects await graduates - read in our review.

Hotel business

Faculty of Entrepreneurship in Karviná, University of Silesia in Opava

At the university, the traditional three-year undergraduate education is structured so that students can simultaneously master the practical and theoretical aspects of their future profession. In the learning process, you will have to deal with classical disciplines such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and accounting. In parallel, students study practical subjects related to the organization of business processes in the hospitality industry. The training program includes subjects on the use of hotel inventory, information technologies for booking and the study of at least 2 foreign languages, which will undoubtedly be only a "plus" for the future profession. All students undergo compulsory practice in hotels, restaurants and other enterprises in this service sector.

Graduates often get positions in management departments of hotel and restaurant businesses. In addition, specialists in this field are in demand for organizing and holding public events, concerts, congresses and banquets. Due to their linguistic knowledge, graduates are often offered vacancies in international companies.

Bachelor's graduates can continue their studies in the Master's program. When selecting applicants, the faculty uses 2 circles of the introductory campaign.

At the first stage it is necessary to submit "invitations" by the end of February, at the second (in case of shortage) - by the end of July. Exams are held in the form of a written test on prerequisites for learning, mathematics. Admission is possible on the basis of NSZ.

For more information about the exams that students take in the process of admission to Czech universities, you will learn from this article >>>>>

In the Czech Republic, you can immediately apply for a master's or doctoral studies without re-applying for a bachelor's degree and studying from scratch. To do this, you need to carry out nostrification - to obtain a certificate of the equivalence of completed education. How to do this is described in detail below.

independent steps of diploma nostrification in the Czech Republic

If you plan to be nostrified after arriving in the Czech Republic - for example, during courses, and are confident in your knowledge of the language, then you need to take several steps:

1. Take your diploma with all inserts showing the subjects passed, the number of hours listened and the exam grades, and make several certified copies. This can be done:

with a notary who speaks the language in which the diploma is issued - it is obligatory from the official list of the Czech Chamber of Notaries;

in the municipality (obecní úřad) with the certification officer (ověřovaní);

in the “Czech POINT” system, which is usually located at the nearest post office.

Attention! For the municipality and the Czech POINT system, an official court translation into Czech (soudní překlad) will have to be delivered. The translation can take from a day to two weeks. When taking copies, make sure that all the text and print are clearly visible: the sheets are not very darkened, the binding does not overlap the text anywhere, otherwise the documents will not be accepted later.

2. The copies should be translated into Czech by an official court translator listed by the Czech Ministry of Justice.

Important! The translators do not check whether you have brought the correct documents - all responsibility for mistakes lies with you. This also applies to an apostille (a special stamp of authenticity) or super-legalization, which must be put in advance if you received a diploma in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia or Azerbaijan. In the rest of the CIS countries and in Ukraine, an apostille is not required.

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Appearance is an increasingly important priority for men, and today you can often hear or read their reviews and recommendations about their cosmetologists or plastic surgeons. Perhaps some time ago such a situation would have been difficult to imagine, but today it is men who become patients of aesthetic medicine doctors more and more often. Show in full.

This is not surprising, since in modern society a well-groomed and attractive appearance speaks to a large extent about a person's success. When doing business, businessmen pay attention to any details of their companions: clothes, shoes, condition of nails and facial skin, body fit, etc. Because the appearance reflects the mood of a person, his attitude towards himself, towards life, towards business.

And women who traditionally take care of themselves like well-groomed men who don't give up on themselves. Yes, and it is very pleasant to see an athlete in the mirror without excess fat and bags under the eyes.

Perhaps the most common plastic surgery among men is liposuction. Many have now thought about exercise and diet, and rightly so, because this is the basis of a slender, toned body. But, firstly, this is a long journey, and secondly, almost every person has problem areas, from which fat does not go away even with prolonged exercise. In addition, men are much more comfortable with a bulging belly than with breasts sagging from a large amount of fat. And here liposuction or liposculpture will just help, which allows you to achieve an ideal figure - a flat chest and abdomen with drawn cubes of the press, sides and shoulders without unnecessary fat pads.

The second most popular plastic surgery in men is lower blepharoplasty. The operation itself does not last long, and the result is visible almost immediately. Large bags under the eyes disappear, the look becomes younger, the face looks fresh and rested. Patients over fifty often need upper eyelid correction as well. Moreover, in male blepharoplasty, great attention is paid to the fact that the seams are not noticeable, because men cannot mask scars with decorative cosmetics.

Laser hair removal and elimination of excessive sweating are also in demand among men. Laser hair removal allows you to permanently, or even permanently, eliminate unwanted vegetation on the body and reduce the level of sweating, and therefore skin irritation.

Sweating is a rather unpleasant phenomenon both for the person himself and, as a rule, for his environment. Especially increased levels of sweating (hyperhidrosis) can develop into a severe psychosocial problem. Unpleasant sweating can occur all over the body or be local to the armpits, palms, feet, back, forehead, or nape.

Targeted botulinum toxin injections into areas of unpleasant or excessive sweating are currently the most effective solution to reduce unwanted sweating. They are also much more effective and safer than using a lot of deodorants, which may contain carcinogens.

Fortunately, muscularity is no longer associated with wild brutality and neglect, and more and more means responsibility, including for your appearance.

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