UAE resorts; the most complete list, marks on the map, photos, hotels in resorts

UAE resorts; the most complete list, marks on the map, photos, hotels in resorts

Not surprisingly, the UAE, a country that has gained popularity as a tourist destination, is trying to focus on the entertainment industry. Despite the fact that to this day, this industry of entrepreneurship remains open, everything can change dramatically in the very near future.

In preparation for meeting up to 20 million tourists annually by 2020, the emirate is poised to open several new theme parks and other attractions.

The city will soon become a well-known entertainment center - it will be possible to visit here, ranging from the grandiose amusement park complex with elements of Hollywood and Bollywood Dubai Parksand Resorts, to the world's largest dancing fountain.

“The entertainment industry is the engine of growth for the nation's economy, creating enduring business opportunities and thousands of new jobs here in Dubai,” said Raed Al Nuaimi, CEO of Dubai Parksand Resorts.

According to a recent PwC report, the overall UAE leisure and entertainment market has the potential to attract about 45 million tourists by 2021.

The company estimates the market could attract nearly 30 million tourists over the next 6 years. UAE residents and their relatives will add up to another 15 million.

According to PwC, the amusement parks currently under construction will attract about 18 million visitors. Perhaps the reader should consider starting a business and registering a company in the UAE, which would ensure the interests of visitors in terms of visiting such holiday destinations.

The UAE can compete with other global entertainment centers such as Orlando, Singapore and Hong Kong if it takes advantage of its geographic location, attractions and infrastructure investments.

“The UAE has come a long way towards achieving its global goal of becoming a leisure and entertainment center that rivals the current market leader, Orlando,” says Philip Shepherd, PwC Middle East Partner and Head of Operations hospitality and entertainment industry.

"The country has realized that it should continue to invest and focus on quality attractions that appeal to a wide range of tourists from all over the world."

In the winter season, an increase in tourist traffic in the UAE is expected again, this is facilitated by a visa-free regime, a short five-hour flight, the possibility of combining a beach holiday with excursions and events. Experts from ICS Travel Group spoke about the peculiarities of different emirates of the UAE.

ICS Travel Group sees not only an increase in demand for the UAE this season, but also a return to the "luxury tourist" market. During a business breakfast held in Moscow, the director of the department of marketing, sales and work with agencies of the ICS Travel Group tour operator Valeria Romanenkova stressed that the company specializes in tours of the upper middle segment and VIP-level and is ready to help travel agents to fully satisfy the needs of clients of this level.

A unique hotel of the famous Indian chain Oberoi in the emirate of Ajman was presented separately at the business breakfast. Nadezhda Kuznetsova, lead manager for the UAE direction of ICS Travel Group, spoke in more detail about the peculiarities of each region of the country.


Dubai is the most popular emirate with a huge number of attractions that are in great demand among Russian tourists vacationing in the UAE. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is the tallest building in the world, where the Armani hotel, private apartments, on the 122nd floor restaurant “At. osphere ". Near the tower is the Dubai Mall and the singing fountains.

Tourists can get to the sights on the Dubai Metro, which was built by the Japanese. The metro is fully automated, and the first carriage sells GOLD CLASS tickets. Passengers of the first carriage can feel like a train driver, observing beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Dubai also provides a lot of amazing entertainment for children, which is why it is especially loved by family tourists. So, in October last year, the Dubai Parks and Resorts complex was opened here, consisting of three separate theme parks. LEGOLAND, dedicated to the famous construction set, will be of interest to the youngest visitors. Children will also love Motiongate with rides and characters from the famous cartoons "Shrek", "How to Tame Your Dragon" and "The Smurfs".

The third - Bollywood Parks - is the most interesting, with many 3D rides that will attract both teenagers and adults. On the territory of the complex there is a hotel-resort Lapita Hotel. “Many tourists stay in it for a couple of nights and visit parks, as the entrance is free for hotel guests,” said Nadezhda Kuznetsova. By the way, the last moment raised questions from travel agencies - is it really free?

The representative of the tour operator assured that the ICS staff specifically clarified this with the representatives of the hotel and Dubai Parks - yes, guests of Lapita Hotel do not need to pay for visiting Dubai Parks and Resorts. She also reminded the participants of the seminar about IMG Worlds of Adventure - the first and largest indoor park in the world. IMG is not just an amusement park, it is a whole country of entertainment, spread over an area equal to 28 football fields.

Not so long ago, the first opera house - Dubai Opera - was opened in the emirate. He does not have his own troupe, but invited artists constantly come. For example, recently - the viewers of Dubai Opera were able to see the famous musical Cats.

This year, Dubai also hosts the unique La Perle aqua show. Especially for him, a theater with a swimming pool was built on the territory of the Al Habtoor City complex. The show was staged by the world famous Italian director Franco Dragone. He, by the way, was the author of the program "I" by Philip Kirkorov.

Artistic director and founder of the show, Franco Dragone, believes the new water show is the most technically advanced and impressive theatrical show he has ever directed and created. This is Cirque du Soleil and a spectacular water show. More than 24 tons of water is poured into the pool for performance, tricks take place not only on the stage, but also over the auditorium. The spectators' chairs rotate 240 degrees so that they can see all the special effects of the show. Tickets for the unique La Perle show start at AED 400.

Nadezhda Kuznetsova also touched on the hotel base in Dubai in her story. For tourists, there are hotels of any level - from 1 * and apartments to 5 * Deluxe, and the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is sometimes called a seven-star hotel.

The Arab Emirates are located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The climate in the country is tropical, which is characterized by above-zero temperatures throughout the year - it rarely drops below + 200C. tourists go to the UAE for a luxurious beach holiday, get acquainted with local sights, and go shopping. Service in hotels and entertainment complexes is provided to vacationers at a high level. When is a vacation in the UAE planned: what tourists need to know for a pleasant pastime.

Important pre-travel activities

The Arab Emirates is located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, washed by two bays. Consists of 7 emirates, the largest are Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ajman with Dubai.

The weather is hot throughout the year. Only in the winter months there is a decrease to + 170C and short-term rains, but sometimes they are protracted. The tourist seasons depend on the weather conditions.

The official language is Arabic, but the locals speak English and some hotels and restaurants speak Russian. Most of the population is Muslim, professing Islam, as well as Hindus and Christians.

Direction and date of travel

Holidays in the UAE are gaining great popularity among tourists. People come here to spend a few days on the shores of the bay under the rays of the warm sun, go on excursions to unique natural and cultural attractions, or plan to buy the right things at the ongoing sales.

Each emirate is unique in its own way and offers its own conditions for spending time. Ajman, Sharjah and Fujeira are ideal for relaxing on the beach. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujeira offer beautiful beach holidays with sightseeing tours and shopping sales. Therefore, here you can easily choose the best resort and have a great vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

You can travel to the United Arab Emirates at any time. The climate allows you to receive vacationers all year round. Despite this, there is a high and low season of tourist flow here. The high season runs from October to April. At this time, hotels are full and the cost of tours is at their peak. From December to February, you can sometimes find last minute deals at discounted prices.

Low season starts in June and ends in August. This period is characterized by tours at low prices and hot weather. Beach holidays are being replaced by shopping trips and excursions. A comfortable time for swimming is autumn and spring. January with February and July with August are known for numerous sales, when you can buy a lot of useful things at the lowest possible prices.

Basic steps before travel

There is no need to make special vaccinations for a trip to the UAE - there are no dangerous insects and diseases here. Tourists are advised to remember that this is a Muslim country with certain traditions and customs. Therefore, you should not take too revealing clothes with you. Also, we must not forget about the holy holiday of Ramadan, when you need to show respect for the locals and behave modestly. The climate here is hot, so you need to stock up on products that protect your skin from exposure to sunlight, and tinted glasses.

You can only get to the resort by plane. Direct flights are made from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Moscow. Charter flights are available from many major cities with international terminals.

The speed of response to the application - 24 hours

Emirates Hospital Dubai is a general hospital located in a major residential area of ​​the city, Jumeirah. The clinic is part of the large-scale medical group Emirates Healthcare, which is one of the leading providers of medical services in the region.

Canadian Specialty Hospital

The speed of response to the application - 24 hours

The Canadian Specialty Hospital (CSH) is the leading multidisciplinary healthcare facility in the Middle East, providing a wide range of services, including emergency care.

American Hospital Dubai

The speed of response to the application - 24 hours

American Hospital Dubai is the first private hospital in the Middle East to receive JCI accreditation. The hospital is a high-tech, modern medical facility that provides a wide range of services to the local population and foreign patients.

Treatment in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a developed and modern health sector. Expatriates can benefit from quality medical services in both the public and private sectors. It should be noted, however, that prices in private clinics are quite high and increase every year.

In order to obtain a resident visa, an expatriate must undergo a complete medical examination in the UAE, including chest x-rays and blood tests. If there are signs of tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS, the expatriate will be denied a visa.

Want to join the luxury holiday and see huge skyscrapers rise from the endless sands of the desert? Go to the resorts of the UAE. This country ideally combines strict oriental traditions with the latest technology and excellent hotel service. The United Arab Emirates attracts tourists from all over the world with its pleasant climate, warm sea waters and the most modern entertainment.

We suggest you take a virtual tour of the best resorts that wash the gentle and clear waters of the Persian and Oman Gulfs. We will be happy to help you choose the desired point on the coastal map so that your vacation will be remembered with the most pleasant emotions!

The best resorts in the UAE

Luxurious and stylish hotel rooms, well-equipped and clean beaches, clear waters and hospitable Arabs - it is difficult to choose the best resort in the Emirates, as each of them is distinguished by excellent infrastructure and a high level of service. In addition, the concept of “best” for each tourist is strictly individual. Someone is looking for not only well-groomed beaches, but also noisy entertainment for a fun holiday. For some, a quiet family vacation is more important. Others are guided by the cost of vouchers, although it should be noted that holidays in the Emirates cannot be classified as budgetary.

The best resorts for family vacations with children are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Sharjah. A high level of security is provided here, you do not have to worry about the safety of things and be afraid of street thieves. To save money, you can choose hotels not on the first coastline, but a little distant from the beaches. Those who are interested in observing the sea from the windows of the hotel should take a closer look at the Dubai resort of Jumeirah. The famous Burj al-Arab sail hotel and the Atlantis water park hotel are located here.

If you want to enjoy the magnificent nature, then you can see the truly fabulous beauty of the mountains and sea waves in the resort of Ras Al Khaimah. White beach sands and landscapes can also be found in small cities in the UAE, for example, in the vicinity of Dibba.

The famous Burj Al Arab Sail Hotel in Dubai

Overview of all resorts in the UAE

Some tourists claim that a trip to the UAE is a journey into the 22nd century. And we cannot but agree with this. State-of-the-art culture, high standard of living of the local population, advanced technologies and impeccable service - what other country can boast such a set of distinctive features. Even the entertainment for tourists here takes into account the most trendy requirements: the best surf clubs, yachting, luxury restaurants and bars.

The state includes 7 emirates, which differ in their way of life, principles of government and customs. We are sure that in everyone you will find something new for yourself: unusual ancient architecture and modern buildings, semi-desert beaches and crowded noisy resorts. In the Emirates, there are many well-groomed public beaches, paid hotel recreation areas and closed private places. It is worth paying close attention to where it is allowed to appear in open bathing suits, and where not. It is not always possible to drink alcohol in public places in the Emirates. Some beaches have strict "womens" days when men are not allowed to enter the beach. Remember that the UAE is a Muslim country with its own customs and requirements.

Instruction for a tourist “5 things to do in the UAE”

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