Treatment in the health resorts of Crimea in 2021

Salt lakes of Crimea

Saki is located on the western coast of Crimea, 20 kilometers from Evpatoria. The city is the oldest balneo-mud resort. The resort gained fame thanks to the seaside silt mud and brine. The successful combination of a warm climate and a flat coastal plain has contributed to the development in the field of treating people with disabilities. The city is 80% equipped with special devices for disabled people.

In the city of Saki, there are about a dozen sanatoriums with treatment, which treat a variety of diseases. Mud therapy is mainly used, and mineral springs are used as an additional remedy. The Saki sanatorium accepts patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gynecological diseases, etc.

Consider the 5 most popular sanatoriums in Saki.

Sanatorium Poltava

The cost of vouchers with treatment - from 1750 rubles/day for 1 person

Clinical sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea" is a unique year-round mud resort located on the western coast of Crimea in the resort town of Saki, on the very border between the sea and Lake Saki. The sanatorium attracts vacationers with its comfortable accommodation, its own sandy beach, a vast park area, and most importantly, a complex of its own methods of sanatorium treatment, the basis of which is mud therapy and balneotherapy with local Saki mud. "Poltava-Crimea" is an excellent choice for those who have decided to combine vacation with health improvement and serious treatment.

Treatment Profile




Private beach, sand and pebble, 350 meters along the sea line. Equipped with sun loungers, gazebos, umbrellas and awnings, as well as the promenade area of ​​the Embankment.

There are hundreds of health resorts on the Crimean coast, each with its own advantages. We have compiled a rating of the best according to the reviews of vacationers.

Gentle southern sun, ionized air and warm sea, which are abundant in Crimea, give a good mood, strengthen immunity and help

Rest in Evpatoria is ideal for children, while there are many sanatoriums in the city that offer children excellent accommodation conditions.

The range of diseases that are treated in the Crimean sanatoriums is wide. We have prepared recommendations that will help you choose a health resort and have a great rest in Crimea!

The private sector in Yalta is very diverse: you can find housing for any budget. If you are looking for holiday deals without intermediaries, this article is for you!

This sanatorium can rightfully be called one of the best. Still: the location in Partenit in the middle of the famous Paradise Park, excellent equipment of the rooms and the entire sanatorium as a whole, effective health programs, sea, sun and the unique nature of the South Coast.

Many people strive to get to the Karasansky sanatorium in order to see the famous Raevsky's palace. And only the lucky ones manage to relax here. Why? The answer is in our article!

The Majestic Hotel is located in Partenit on a hill with a wonderful view of the sea. Here you can relax on the All Inclusive system, and the time spent at the hotel will be remembered for its ideal conditions.

The Dyulber sanatorium is located in one of the most beautiful palaces in Crimea. Come here to relax, because not every health resort offers such an infrastructure.

The new modern hotel Donna Rosa is located in Evpatoria. There are excellent conditions for a family vacation: comfortable accommodation, All-inclusive meals and the beach.

Coming to a sanatorium in Crimea, a person finds himself in new conditions for himself, he is affected by solar radiation, humidity and wind direction, ozone saturation, temperature, vegetation and even the landscape. It is these conditions that determine the background against which the treatment will be most effective.

The main principle of balneology is the use of health-improving natural factors for the treatment of people and the development of social and hygienic conditions for sanatoriums. The methodology of resort treatment includes well-known balneotherapy, peloid therapy, climatotherapy with walks by the sea, sunbathing, sea bathing, physiotherapy, and all this can only be given in excess by the Crimea:

In fact, in prehistoric times, Taurida was a single whole with the North-West Caucasus. In view of this, geologists, biologists and paleontologists are not surprised by the almost complete identity of the two landscapes. Historically, the South Coast is the tip of the Caucasian mountains, and two northern thirds of the peninsula is a continuation of the Azov-Kuban lowland, where salt lakes prevail. Crimea was not an isolated territory. The salt lakes in the Crimea, scattered for tens of kilometers, are like a continuation of the "placers" of the Taman Peninsula and the north-west of the Anapa district.

The salinity of this "Caucasian-Crimean" region is explained by a number of natural processes that started during the formation of karst basins - failures caused by the washing out of soft rocks and the subsequent formation of mud volcanoes. Over time, these huge pits have already become a place for underground waters. Wind and too much sun activity stimulated excess evaporation. There was less liquid here, and accordingly, more of the mineral component. Such lakes are called mineral lakes. There is one more subspecies of these reservoirs - estuary. It is in the Azov region and the Crimean Black Sea region that there are most of them. The fact is that storms and gusty winds over the years separated the sea bays from the main water area by sandy and shell shallows. Over time, the bays turned into closed bays - estuaries. Salt lakes in Crimea, for the most part, have just such a genesis. And then the same story happened with them as with karst water bowls. They also became mineral - salty (only the evaporated salt was not underground, but sea).

List of Crimean Salt Lakes

There are 300 lakes on the Tauride Peninsula in total. Salt lakes of Crimea (both karst and estuary) have different levels of mineralization. The largest and most salty ones will become the subject of our review. The following list of Crimean salt lakes includes 10 water bowls with proven medicinal or tourist value.

Lake Sasyk-Sivash

This “recovery point” is undoubtedly the most famous among Russians and Ukrainians. After all, it is the shallowest (the greatest depth is 1.2 meters). This circumstance attracts thousands of families with small children here. The area of ​​the object is 75.5 square kilometers (which makes it the largest Crimean lake). On the shore of water recreation there is a salt production plant. The location of the water body is the space of the Saki region, adjacent to the urban district of Evpatoria. The name of the salt marsh is translated from Tatar as "stinking mud". An interesting feature is the ability to go fishing here. After all, the reservoir is not so salty.

Saki Lake

Sasyk's neighbor lake is named Sakskoye. It speaks eloquently about the location of the reservoir (within the city of Saki and its suburbs, therefore there are most of the sanatoriums here). The very word "Saki" is a memory of the ancient Indo-Iranian tribes, whose descendants were found here by the Horde (future Crimean Tatars). There are plenty of recreational facilities for both children and adults, as well as beaches that are simply equipped with everything you need. Therefore, half of the fans of Evpatoria go exactly here - in the sanatorium "Saki", "Imeni Burdenko", "Imeni Pirogov" and others. The water bowl has no drains, its depth is the same as the Sasyk-Sivash (with which it is connected by a canal). Sakskoe is crossed by several dams, along which pedestrian and car routes are laid. The salinity level is average. Has an evaporator section (Ladle).

Moinak Lake

Lake Moinak is the second small "satellite" of Sasyk, the place where the first mud baths appeared in Russia (there is even a mud therapy museum in the Moinaki region). After all, the reservoir is located right in the center of Evpatoria. Accordingly, there are no fewer sanatorium complexes here than on the shore of the Saki reservoir. Most of them were built on the streets of Kirov, Kievskaya, Pavlik Morozov. They combine balneology with sports and massages.

Salt Lake

This lake is worthy of your attention, as it differs from other estuary reservoirs in that the water in it constantly evaporates, increasing the percentage of salinity every year. Perhaps very soon Salt Lake will become the very first recreational recreation of the Crimea. It lies not far from Evpatoria - between the sea and the village of Molochnoe (western suburb of the large village of Zaozernoye). A branch of the railway is laid along the eastern bank. The fact is that salt was mined here in the old days. The size of the water bowl is small - in the largest diameter it has only 2 kilometers. It is easy to find it by its smell ... A visit to the reservoir is free. By the way, get here faster through Evpatoria, and then - Zaozernoe. Suburban buses are constantly running up to it.

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