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Popular health resorts in Jurmala

Amber Coast

The sanatorium is located on the seashore. This is a calm and comfortable outdoor recreation.


Resort Rehabilitation Center "Jaunkemeri" is located in Jurmala, 35 km from Riga, in a pine forest near the dune zone of the Gulf of Riga.


One of the first large buildings in Latvia. It is popularly called the "White Ship".


The largest medical institution in the field of rehabilitation in Latvia. It is located in the most beautiful place on the coast of Jurmala (100 meters from the seashore).

Sanatorium Belarus

A unique place for recuperation, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of various diseases.

Sanatoriums in Jurmala and Kemeri - SPA hotels and resorts

The Jurmala resort offers the services of several high-quality spa hotels and sanatoriums, which offer about 400 different procedures, including body diagnostics and medical services. At affordable prices.

The history of using the healing natural springs of Jurmala dates back to the 18th century, when local residents, noticing the influence of water and mud on their health, arranged baths in their homes. In the 19th century, at the behest of Russian emperors, natural springs began to be purposefully assimilated: boarding houses, hydropathic establishments, and polyclinics were built here.

Most of the sanatoriums located in Jurmala today were built during the Soviet era. The growing popularity of the Baltic mineral and mud springs was facilitated by the factor of the relative proximity of Jurmala to the central cities of the European part of Russia, primarily to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Visiting the Baltic sanatoriums turned out to be less time-consuming and safer than, say, the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Jurmala is famous not only for its sanatoriums, but also for a number of attractions. Read about them in this article.

Amber Coast

The Yantarny Bereg sanatorium has been operating since 1972. At this time, the institution belongs to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. The sanatorium positions itself as a health and wellness center with a good medical base focused on the treatment of diseases:

  • Cardiovascular system.
  • Musculoskeletal system.
  • Peripheral nervous system.
  • Gynecological.
  • Dermatological.
  • Gastroenterology,

Medical facilities and wellness programs

The medical base of the sanatorium is represented by various physiotherapeutic techniques, including electro-phototherapy, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis and others.

The sanatorium pays great attention to massage, acupuncture, paraffin therapy, therapeutic walking, a clinical and biological laboratory, a gym, a swimming pool.

The sanatorium has developed treatment and health programs aimed at:

  • Treatment of various types of diseases.
  • For cosmetic body shaping.
  • For age-related changes.

Tourist Latvia successfully combines a rich historical past and European level of service. Here guests of Jurmala, Daugavpils, Liepaja and Rezekne will find magnificent beaches with soft white sand and a well-thought-out infrastructure that fully meets European standards.

Latvia is an interesting country that has preserved the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in its cities, and this is not its only advantage. Thanks to the active development of the tourism industry, the attractiveness of health recreation in Latvia is growing every year.

SPA centers and sanatoriums in Latvia

Latvia is attractive as a place for a sanatorium-resort vacation and for treatment. Latvian health resorts are well known both in Russia and in Europe. This is especially true of the largest Latvian resort - Jurmala.

Jurmala is not only a seaside resort, but also an area with unique natural and climatic conditions. There are excellent spa resorts here, where guests can combine relaxation with medical treatments aimed at improving health and restoring beauty. Spa complexes on the coast of Jurmala are among the largest in Eastern Europe.

Rehabilitation centers in Jurmala are located in close proximity to sources of mineral water, peat and sapropel mud. These sanatoriums are especially distinguished by the fact that mud is supplied for procedures immediately after extraction.

Treatment: prices and service

There are a lot of indications for spa treatment in the sanatoriums of Jurmala. Among them are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and of the digestive system, and gynecological and urological diseases, and many others. Doctors highly recommend Latvian health resorts for the treatment of a number of childhood diseases.

The quality of treatment in Latvian clinics is not inferior to European service, and even surpasses it in some types. At the same time, for guests from Moscow, prices for treatment in Latvia and recovery are still lower than in Europe. Dentist services are especially in demand among tourists. Indeed, with a high level of service, the price of dental treatment in Latvia can be 70% lower than in the Russian capital. In addition to dental services, you can go to Latvia for vision correction or to a plastic surgery clinic.

Some institutions are specifically oriented towards foreigners and offer their guests medical tours to Latvia, which include not only treatment by highly qualified doctors.

Elegant Latvia decorates the Baltic coast with sophistication and attracts tourists with festivals in Jurmala, historical and architectural sights of Riga. We must not forget about seaside resorts, national parks, ecological tourism, amber, delicious cuisine and interesting excursions. This wonderful one is waiting for visitors and is ready to accept all hospitality and openness.

Country overview

Latvia is located in the north of Europe. From the north-western part it is washed by the Baltic Sea, and from land it is adjacent to Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus. Latvia has a rich but extremely difficult history. The republic experienced ups and downs, was under the leadership of various rulers and states.

A separate conversation is about repression and the Holocaust. For the first time, Latvia became independent in 1918, but after a while it became part of the USSR, in which it was until 1990. The modern country has been a member of the EU since 2004. The small country is a hub for Eastern European destinations and a tourist center in the east of the European Union.

Latvia is influenced by the maritime and continental climatic zone. In July the air warms up to + 16º, while in January the thermometer drops to -5º. Sometimes severe frosts occur. Due to the abundant rainfall, summer is not very comfortable for tourists; it is best to come to Latvia at the end of spring.

How to get to Latvia from different CIS countries

The largest international airport of the state is located not far from Riga. Direct flights are regularly made here from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Average journey time is 2 hours. In addition, there are flights from Russia to Riga with a transfer in Vilnius or Stockholm.

An express train runs from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the capital of Latvia every day. The journey will take 17 hours. Russia is also connected with Latvia by bus service. Several times a day, buses leave from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Residents of Ukraine from Kiev and Lvov will be able to get to Riga by train or bus. There are also regular direct flights from Boryspil airport to the center of Latvia. From Minsk and other large cities of Belarus, there are daily bus and rail flights to the Baltic state, air traffic is poorly developed.

Latvian seaside resorts

Jurmala receives thousands of tourists all year round. The seaside resort is famous for its luxury hotels, sanatoriums, spa and rehabilitation centers, pine forests, healing air, mud baths and mineral waters. We must not forget about the clean white and golden beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, various festivals that regularly take place in Jurmala.

Latvia is the heart of the Baltics: all the best is concentrated here, which this amazing land is rightfully proud of. A small country, taken into a tight semi-ring by Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, for a long time remained for Soviet holiday-makers something like "its own country", and even today it is still full of paradoxes. The sophisticated elegance of urban architecture meets the humble charm of authentic villages. Business centers are growing in megalopolises, and centuries-old castles silently keep the secrets of the past. Nature - the coast of the Baltic Sea, lakes, forests - is restrained in a northern way, but that is why it is even more bewitching. People are tactful in a European way, but at the same time very hospitable: Latvians are already accustomed to living in a Western rhythm, but they also carefully cherish their own traditions.

There are a great many reasons to go to Latvia: wander the narrow streets of Riga, relax on the famous beaches of Jurmala, admire the luxurious temples and castles scattered throughout the country. And once again make sure: all the most interesting is often waiting in the neighborhood.

Regions and resorts of Latvia

The capital is Riga, one of the most beautiful cities not only in the Baltics, but throughout Europe. A walk through its old center is a small journey into the Middle Ages. The symbol of the city is the Dome Cathedral of 1211, remarkable not only for its eclectic facade, but also for the 25-meter organ hidden behind it. The House of the Blackheads also attracts attention - a striking example of European architecture of the 14th century. The Big and Small Guilds, which have long gathered local merchants under their roofs and rebuilt in the 19th century, also remind of the old days. At the same time, the historical center of Riga was erected - the embodiment of Art Nouveau. Ornate mansions, temples of different denominations and even the Statue of Liberty are all mixed in the quaint look of the area.

The second largest and most important city in Latvia is Daugavpils. Over the centuries, key trade routes crossed here, which means destinies, religions and traditions. It is not surprising that modern Daugavpils is an original mix of temples, museums and architectural monuments of all stripes.

The historical center of the city is nevertheless designed in the same style - Latgalian Baroque with characteristic red brick facades and an abundance of decor.

Sigulda is a relatively young city, formed in the 16-18 centuries. The reasons for its tourist popularity are picturesque nature, legendary caves and, of course, luxurious castles in the vicinity (the most famous is Turaida).

It is unforgivable to visit Latvia and not spend at least a couple of days on the coast. The main local resort is Jurmala, famous for its beaches, forests, natural parks and high-profile cultural events. Liepaja is a salty sea breeze, amber deposits and amazing landscapes. Port Ventspils is attractive for its well-groomed green areas, historical architecture and actively developing infrastructure. Look for a complete list of cities and resorts in Latvia on our page.

Time difference with Moscow


The climate of Latvia is transitional from maritime to continental. Summer is sunny, although short: you can enjoy fine days from mid-June to late August. Even then, the evenings are chilly, and the sky often explodes with thunderstorms, so it's worth putting both a jacket and an umbrella in your suitcase. The average temperature in July is +18. +20 ° C. Autumn is windy and rainy, but with pleasant surprises: at the beginning of October, Indian summer takes over. By the end of the month, it is replaced by fogs and showers, and the first snow falls in November.

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