Treatment in India is easy

Health tourism in india

India is increasingly entering the international medical tourism market. Every year the number of patients from abroad who come to this country for treatment increases by about 30%. Mostly, patients from the CIS countries go to Indian clinics: Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc. This popularity of Indian medicine is primarily due to prices, which are often 70-90% lower than in the United States and Western Europe. Meanwhile, India has clinics collaborating with leading Western medical centers. The quality of services in them can be quite high. When treating in India, the most popular among tourists from abroad are expensive operations - cardiac surgery, orthopedic, etc.

How much does treatment cost in India

Here are the prices for some diagnostic and treatment procedures in clinics in India:

Procedure Cost, US dollars Magnetic resonance imaging from 1100 Computed tomography from 1450 General diagnostics (check-up) from 1100 Coronary angiography from 2800 Insertion of 1 stent from 6500 Coronary artery bypass grafting from 28500 Knee replacement surgery> Hip joint replacement from 19000 Prosthetic replacements

Where to get treatment in India

Medanta Institute of Medicine

The Institute is located in the large city of Guragon. Here, not only treatment is carried out, but also numerous clinical trials. The clinic is designed for 1250 hospital beds. Her profile areas are cardiology, oncology, traumatology, urology. Doctors from all over the world improve their qualifications at the Institute, and the doctors of this clinic are trained in leading clinics in Europe and the United States.

AMRI Clinic Network

The network includes 6 clinics, each of which has its own specialization. It uses advanced information technology, thanks to which the clinics operate as a single system. In the network of clinics, screening examinations are carried out at a high level, thanks to which it is possible to diagnose a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, etc. The clinic has a medical tourism department.

Nova Medical Center Bariatric Surgery Clinic

The best hospitals, clinics and professional treatment organization in India - FortisMED invites you not only to receive high-quality medical services, but also to visit an interesting country.

Treatment in India is one of the most popular destinations that medical tourism has to offer. Every year more than 200 thousand patients from all over the world come to this country for treatment. The level of trust in Indian medicine is increasing by 20% annually, which makes treatment in Indian clinics attractive to various sectors of society.

What is FortisMed doing?

The main goal of FortisMED is to provide everyone with convenient access to highly qualified medical services in India.

Together with us, you can discover affordable treatment abroad, and it will become even more convenient to choose clinics.

We offer each of our clients:

  • Detailed advice on finding a suitable clinic in India. If domestic clinics cannot help you in solving your problem, and you are not ready to pay huge money for treatment in European and Israeli institutions, we will help you find a reliable clinic in India. We do not publish a list of all clinics located in this country. We offer you a choice of those institutions in which we are sure ourselves, and where our specialists have visited;
  • Convenient payment methods. You can pay for the services of the selected clinic in any way convenient for you from among those presented on our website;
  • No overpayments. You only pay for specific medical care. No hidden costs or additional costs that you are not aware of;
  • Detailed prices. Here you can familiarize yourself not only with the list of available clinics, but also with their prices for services.

Treat well. Get medical treatment available. Get treatment in a clinic you can really trust!


How did India become the world's leading medical center ?!

Department of Dermatology at Max Healthcare

India for tourists is a country of vibrant exoticism, extraordinarily beautiful architecture, ancient culture and delightful landscapes. All this is true, however, this information is not enough for the first trip to India: when planning to visit this country, you need to seriously prepare for the trip and know in advance about some of the nuances that a novice tourist will have to face on the spot.

India: how to prepare for your trip?

The most necessary step before planning a trip to India is to determine the overall purpose of the trip. If you are interested in a beach vacation, diving and other entertainment on the coast - feel free to purchase a tour to Goa. The best beaches in the country are located there, divers from all over the world strive to get there, and real rave discos in the open air are also organized there. In search of parties, you can also go to Mumbai - a bustling Indian city with a developed tourist entertainment industry.

For a lover of culture, architecture and classic excursions, a tour of the cities of the Golden Triangle - the Indian analogue of the Russian Golden Ring - is perfect. This tour is usually crowded, but it is in it that professional guides introduce tourists to the most significant sights of the country - the Taj Mahal, the temples of the city of Fathipur and the unique city of Jaipur.

If you want to understand the secrets of yoga, Ayurveda and join religious shrines - go to Varanasi, Rishikesh, Kerala.

India is a real treasure for tourists, because traveling around this country gives unlimited opportunities in choosing the type of vacation.

Tips for your first trip to India

India, according to the reviews of experienced tourists, is impossible to comprehend in one short trip, and even more so if it resembles a high-speed cross in a large number of Indian cities. Optimal for the first trip is considered to be a planned visit to several especially outstanding places in the country: this way the impressions will be more complete, and there will be more time for full communication with the population, shopping and just for relaxation.

Tourism in India is developed, luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes are offered to travelers, but you yourself must monitor the hygiene and quality of the product. Under no circumstances drink water from the water supply and try not to wash vegetables and fruits with it. It is best to eat ready-made meals in catering establishments adjacent to high-class hotels. Particular attention should be paid to meat dishes - it is best to refuse them altogether during a trip to India.

Stock up on wet wipes and antibacterial soap and try to wash your hands as often as possible - the humid and hot climate of India encourages the development of many types of pathogenic bacteria.

Be prepared for crowding - after all, over one billion people live in India, and a significant number of people crowd the streets at any time in large cities of the country.

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