Treatment in Belarus

Treatment in Belarus

Connoisseurs, as they say, of quality rest call Belarus a little Switzerland. It is believed that here, as in the homeland of cheese, the comfort and beauty of nature successfully coexist. In such conditions, the treatment is pleasant. After all, not only the body, but also the soul is charged with energy and life.

Treatment in Belarus implies the choice of a particular sanatorium or boarding house. Such establishments are popular in Europe due to the provision of various services that help with treatment or prevention. In Belarus, the infrastructure of sanatoriums is at a good level. No wonder the contingent of vacationers is expanding here: if earlier mainly Ukrainians and Russians came here, today they are joined by Germans, Poles and Balts. And as you know, Europeans are not used to wasting money. This means that in Belarus you can get good treatment for adequate money.

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The Belarusians, of course, are lucky with nature - the picturesque area and favorable climate make it possible to create health resorts of various profiles in the country. What types of treatment can usually be found in local spas? These are electro-mud therapy, galvanic mud therapy, magnetotherapy, laser acupuncture, ozokerite-paraffin therapy, phototherapy, electrotherapy, aeroionotherapy and much more.

Belarus has long gained popularity as a great place for recreation and health improvement. Guests from all over the world are attracted to our country:

Mineral waters, curative mud, healing air of pine and mixed forests, ecologically clean natural products are used to improve the health of tourists in Belarusian health resorts. And, of course, effective physiotherapy procedures.

Belarusian sanatoriums are unique in many ways. For example, such sapropelic mud with a special composition, as in the famous "Radon" sanatorium, is nowhere else in Belarus and in the world, and radon water from local sources is not inferior in its medicinal properties to the waters of such resorts as Tskhaltubo, Matsesta. The mineral water of the Porechye sanatorium is identical to the healing springs of Druskininkai ...

The only spelary in the CIS operates in Belarus, where a course of treatment and recovery can be taken in an underground mine. In addition, speleo rooms have been opened in many health resorts in Belarus, lined with blocks with a rare combination of layers of red and white salt of the ancient Starobinsky deposit.

The largest balneo-mud and climatic resort of the country is located in the vicinity of the largest lake in Belarus, Naroch. The only resort village in Belarus, Naroch, is also located here.

Belarusian sanatoriums are built in ecologically clean zones - in pine forests, on the shores of lakes and rivers. Many of them are located in the immediate vicinity or on the territory of protected natural areas, including the largest state reserves:

Despite the fact that there is no sea coast in Belarus, where resorts first appeared, sanatorium recovery in our country has centuries-old traditions.

Spa treatment in Belarus

The history of sanatorium and resort health improvement in Belarus began in the middle of the 19th century, but the prototypes of sanatoriums existed before.

Already in the 16th century, European maps indicated the sources of healing waters in the Barkovsk region (today the Ushachsky district, Vitebsk region). By 1830 there was a hospital where they took baths and drank mineral water. And in 1855, the doctor Nemirovsky created a private sanatorium in these places, where people from all over Europe came for treatment. Today in the old resort area there is a sanatorium "Lesnye Ozera".

In 1892, a talented Belarusian scientist-physicist, doctor and inventor Yakub Narkevich-Iodko opened the Nad-Neman sanatorium on his estate Nadneman (now Uzdensky district, Minsk region).

The most advanced methods of recovery were practiced here: therapeutic baths, special gymnastics, mineral waters, diet food. And most importantly - electrotherapy and electromassage, developed and patented by Narkevich-Iodko himself. In 1986, a kumis-medical institution was opened in the sanatorium, where, under the guidance of a doctor, assistants from Bashkiria prepared healing kumis for patients.

In the vicinity of the former estate of Nadneman, the Pod'elniki sanatorium operates today.

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