Tourism in Malta

Tourism in Malta

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If rejuvenating swimming in the clear waters of the Mediterranean isn't enough, Malta offers wellness spas to cheer you up and help you relax. Although very few offer hotel stays, and many are located in hotels, you do not need to stay at this hotel to use the spa services. Offering a wide range of wellness services and treatments, these are the best of the best on the island.

Yoga Trip with Marie

Experienced in the practice of various styles of yoga technique for over a decade. Mari has completed her Yoga studies in India and is also a Certified Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher. After her Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP yoga) workout completed in Malta, Marie takes the island by storm, taking lessons from beginners to advanced. North of Mellieha Island is Marie's main yoga workshop: a serene, authentic set filled with delicate incense. Marie's popularity is growing rapidly and her yoga classes are now spreading to different venues across the island. The warmer months offer SUP Yoga, combining workouts with the relaxing waters of the Mediterranean, surrounded by towering views: a popular alternative way to improve your mind, body and soul.

Yoga with Mari, 98, Trick Il-Mitna, Mellieha, Malta, +35 6 9981 7482

-star treatment at the Carisma Spa

Carisma Resorts are located in Malta and are located in 4 and 5 star hotels. Welcoming guests and guests of the hotel, Carisma offers a wide range of treatments for a pleasant stay. The Carisma Spas offers therapeutic massages, body contouring and rejuvenating facial treatments. It also offers Turkish baths Turkish baths with Turkish foam massages and body exfoliation, which is a relatively unique experience in Malta. Pamper yourself alone or book as a couple or party as Carisma has great packages. World Luxury Spa Awards 2016 and 2017. Carisma continues to deliver the best they do.

Various locations, +356 2376 5524

Residential Bliss in Amhara

Located just 20 minutes by ferry from Malta on the island of Gozo, Amchara Health Retreat focuses on personalized health supported by an experienced team in a supportive environment. Offering a full package of services, residential accommodation includes a full screening, daily nutritional education conversations, yoga, aqua, meditation, fresh organic juices, and luxury spa use. Reflexology, Reiki and Swedish massage are also available. With naturalistic healthcare experts, the individual needs of each client are at hand. It is a tranquil, idyllic place where qualified exercise instructors, health experts and chefs can be found working together to help you "change forever."

Tourism in Malta is an important sector of the country's economy, contributing about 15 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP). It is controlled by the Malta Tourism Authority and is in turn administered by the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture. Malta offers a range of tourist attractions that embody elements of the island's rich history and culture, as well as water activities associated with the Mediterranean. In addition, medical tourism has become popular in Malta in recent years, especially following government efforts to promote the practice among medical tourists in the United Kingdom.

The number of people who visited Malta in 2009 dropped significantly compared to 2008 - overall, the country's tourism industry fell by 8 percent compared to 2008. Visits from non-European Union countries decreased more significantly than from European Union countries (and even more than visits from Eurozone countries), while average length of stay remained unchanged in both 2008 and 2009 ... Visitors from most countries require a visa to visit Malta. Citizenships that require a visa are standardized in accordance with the rules of the European Union. Visitors who already have a valid Schengen visa will likely not need to complete any additional formalities to enter Malta if they are already in the Schengen area. Visitors holding European Union citizenship do not need a visa to enter Malta as they are entitled to free movement within the European Union. In recent years, the country's tourism industry has faced a number of problems associated with the country's small size, both in terms of area and population. These challenges include limited resources and infrastructure (eg water supply, waste disposal, beaches and roads), especially during the summer months of July and August.



Malta has a long and rich history and this is reflected in the cultural attractions of the island. The Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines all occupied Malta at some point in history, bringing a mixture of different architectural styles and artifacts to study. Sovereignty from the Knights Hospitaller over Malta from 1530 to 1798 resulted in a legacy of sophisticated artistry and architecture throughout Malta. The country's modern museums and art galleries display relics of Malta's history that will appeal to both tourists and residents of Malta.

There are also a number of water activities in Malta as well as Gozo and Comino. Northern Malta is home to beach resorts and recreation areas, with Mellieha Bay, Gain Tuffiha and Golden Bay being the most popular beaches among holidaymakers. These beaches are large enough to accommodate cafes, restaurants and kiosks, but small enough to rarely be crowded. The northwest of Malta is home to the island's quietest beaches, and it is on these that the two islands adjacent to the main island are the closest. Gozo and Comino are also popular beaches for vacationers, although they are more likely to be quieter, rocky and more suitable for snorkeling. The Mediterranean surrounding Malta is popular for diving - while shallow dips can be attractive for diving beginners, more experienced divers can dive deeper to find historical artifacts from World War II or earlier.

Event tourism

Event tourism, especially events dedicated to Catholicism, is an important segment of the Maltese tourism sector. During Holy Week, the country is dominated by processions and religious services, and food stalls are set up in the village squares of Malta. Another popular major event is the carnival, a traditional celebration that is five centuries old and lasts five days until Ash Wednesday. Carnival celebrations include pageants, street parties, and street food stalls. They are mostly Catholic.

One of the largest sporting events on the island is the Malta Marathon. The race is held annually in late February or early March. The race has attracted many international competitors and has been sponsored by Land Rover since 2009, BMW from 2003 to 2008, GoMobile in 2002 and Flora Malta from 2001 and earlier. In 2009, the overall winner of the marathon, the Belgian, showed the time 2:25:59. In 2010, about 1400 applicants took part in it.

Medical tourism

Malta Tourism Authority has been promoting Malta as a medical tourism destination since 2010. The fields of medical tourism include "cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, urology, oncology, diagnostics, bariatric and cardiac services." The main target market for medical tourists in Malta is the UK, followed by North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and North America. One of the reasons medical tourists target the United Kingdom is that many of Malta's medical profession have been trained in the United Kingdom, which has increased the trust of British patients in their caregivers. In addition, unlike some medical tourism destinations, Malta has a stable political climate. The Government of Malta supports the development of medical tourism on the island, but believes that medical procedures should be performed by private medical institutions and not by government agencies.

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