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As a preface about tourism in Georgia

Everyone knows that today a lot of people from all over the post-Soviet space know that tourism is actively developing in Georgia. Anyway, many world news agencies recommend this country in every possible way. In particular, the CNN channel made a full-length film about this country, and National Geographic magazine left a note about it. This is because earlier the concept of tourism for foreign citizens was adopted in Georgia. As practice has shown, it was successful. As much as possible for such a small country.

Why is tourism developing in Georgia?

First of all, the authorities were developing the concept not just to somehow declare themselves. At each stage, careful monitoring was carried out to show intermediate results. In addition, the Georgian authorities enlisted the support of the World Bank, which lent profitably to the tourism industry. Also, consultations were constantly held with both world experts and local heads of municipalities. It is assumed that the country will become attractive to people from all over the world as early as 2025.

What is being done to attract tourists from different countries?

1. First of all, it is necessary to create a respectful attitude of citizens themselves towards the environment and cultural heritage. 2. Creation of a special authentic experience for tourists. 3. Provision of services at the level of world resorts. 4. Targeting the markets of developed countries. Their population is the most solvent. And new investments make it possible to develop faster. 5. Searches for both public and private investments. 6. Improving the business climate. Without this, it is impossible to imagine an increase in the tourist flow.

The numbers illustrate the successes most vividly. If in 2009 Georgia was visited by 1.5 million tourists, then in 2013 already 5.4 million. Agree, this is an incredible result. The authorities have special plans for 2016. If all goes well, tourism in Georgia will be more attractive.

What do they want to do in the year?

First of all, in order to make the country attractive for foreign tourists, concerts of many world stars are organized in it. A special project Check in Georgia was created especially for this. Robbie Williams, Maroon 5, Eros Ramazzotti have already confirmed their participation in it. Other celebrities are expected to arrive. Concerts will be held in 19 cities.

Also, we must not forget about such a popular Kazantip. It was moved from Crimea to the Georgian coast. it should be said that the holiday acquired a special specificity in connection with the move, but the authorities did everything in their power to make electronic music lovers satisfied. The festival was held in the village of Anaklia. This settlement was founded less than 5 years ago, and leading architects from all over the world took part in its creation. They did everything to actively develop tourism in Georgia and attract many people.

It should be said right away that the country is ready to receive tourists all year round. There are not only sandy beaches and hotels here. You can also visit ski resorts, travel by cable car. It is rare to find a country with the same amount of cultural property per square kilometer. The problem with the roads has already been almost completely resolved. It remains only to improve the tourist attractiveness, to establish relations with world agencies. Then tourism in Georgia will really become incredibly profitable and rapidly developing.

Georgia has long turned into a real tourist Mecca for curious travelers. To some, its mountainous terrain resembles Swiss or Austrian landscapes. Others find a lot in common between the Georgian coast and Greek resort areas. Still others admire the local historical and religious monuments. And all this diversity is located on an area that is only slightly larger than the Moscow region. Russian travelers have long become regular guests of the cities and resorts of Georgia, among which several of the most attractive for tourists can be distinguished.


How to start your acquaintance with Georgia? Of course, from its capital Tbilisi. The first place where hospitable residents try to take their guests is the park on Mount Mtatsminda, located at an altitude of 727 m above sea level. An impressive panorama of almost the entire city opens up from here. There are numerous attractions and cafes in the park. The Old Town, famous for its rich history, deserves special attention. Here are the Metekhi temple, the palace of Queen Darejan and, which is typical, the Sioni Cathedral, the synagogue, the mosque and the Armenian Church peacefully coexist. The famous sulfur baths are also considered a landmark of the Old Town.


A large, developed and beautiful city in Western Georgia, considered one of the oldest cities in the world, where people constantly live. In ancient times, the city was the capital of the Colchis kingdom: it was here that the Argonauts sailed for the Golden Fleece. And it is about this city that the great historians and scientists of antiquity mention - Procopius of Kessarius and Apollonius of Rhodes. The winding streets of the Old City will lead directly to the majestic 11th century Bagrat temple - the main attraction of Kutaisi. In addition, the Satapli nature reserve is located near the city, where you can admire the beauty and endless variety of Georgian nature. The Colchis forests of the reserve seem to be a pagan sacred grove, where satyrs and rural deities live. Here, there are centenary oaks, yews and beeches. Among the main attractions are the fossilized dinosaur footprints and the site of primitive people. There are karst caves in the park. The longest and most memorable of them is called Sataplia.


The five-kilometer pebble beach of hospitable Batumi is legendary. Its almost perfect cleanliness, despite the crowdedness, as well as dozens of cozy cafes and noisy discos, located along the long embankment, attract thousands of tourists every day. Every vacationer in Batumi will certainly strive to visit the Dolphinarium, where you can become a spectator of bright performances with the participation of playful and unusually talented dolphins. Fans of opera, jazz or choral singing will be attracted by evenings at the famous Arts and Music Center. To admire the beauty of the city's historic quarters and its most famous landmarks, take a ride on the 2,600-meter cable car.


Among the numerous Georgian resorts for summer holidays, Kvariati - a quiet and uncrowded village - stands out for its excellent conditions for solitude and swimming. The calm and cozy town is primarily known for its wide pebble beach and the beauty of mountainous landscapes. These places, first of all, attract gambling divers, for whom a well-equipped dive center works on the coast. Vacationers can be disappointed only by the lack of variety of entertainment. But this is more than compensated by the fresh air, saturated with the aroma of pines and eucalyptus, and the purity of the local sea water. Moreover, it is not far from here to neighboring Batumi, where vacationers are provided with many different opportunities for a fun pastime.


Sections of the sea that have been washing the long coastline where quiet Kobuleti is located are known for no less clean and transparent water. Vacationers go to this resort in Georgia for the sake of a 10-kilometer small-pebble beach and health procedures in local sanatoriums. As in the distant Soviet times, so now multinational tourists come here to get rid of problems with the heart and respiratory organs. Young travelers will be delighted to see Tsitsinatela, a famous amusement park. Adult lovers of distant wanderings can visit the local tea plantations during the day or wander among the ruins of an ancient fortress, and in the evening they are waiting for the spacious halls of local cafes and discos.

The beautiful cities of Georgia are very compactly located on the territory of a small but very picturesque country. They are ready to receive travelers both in the warm season and in the winter months. It is not so important which places tourists choose for a fascinating and eventful pastime, the main thing is that they are everywhere waiting for comfort, hospitality of staff, clean beaches, as well as inexpensive dishes in numerous cafes and luxurious restaurants!

Ural Airlines offers to visit three Georgian cities: Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. To Tbilisi from Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg - 2 times a week. To Batumi from St. Petersburg - 2 times a week, from Yekaterinburg - 3 times a week. The flight to Kutaisi from Moscow will be carried out 2 times a week.

Georgia is a country enchanting with the beauty of its mountains and pristine nature. It has everything for a peaceful rest and relaxation. This is one of the best places for ecological tourism. IGotoWorld today. om will tell you about its unique features.

If you want to temporarily forget about modern civilization, noisy cities, change the pace and rhythm of life and live in a tent among the majestic Caucasus mountains - you are in Kakheti. The highlanders inhabiting this region are very friendly people. They sincerely love their land, are proud of it and welcome guests - this is how tourists are perceived here. And the local prices and cuisine will pleasantly surprise you. Welcome!

The Land of Bright Colors

To visit Georgia is not just “to go to relax in the mountains”, because they are literally everywhere! You will constantly admire their lush vegetation, experiencing an indescribable feeling of freedom that the rich nature of this region gives, without being squeezed into the concrete vice of skyscrapers. Without a doubt, Georgia is a country of ecological tourism.

The country itself is like a large farm: in the center of a tourist town, you can meet a cow or a buffalo grazing peacefully near the cinema. The real rural tourism awaits you here.

We often met these domestic animals on our way to the small eco-village of Kveda Pona (Georgians simply call it Pona). To get to it, we had to travel half the country: from Kutaisi airport to Tbilisi, from Tbilisi to Rustavi and from there to Ponu.

Georgian roads and drivers

I would also like to tell you about the roads in Georgia and local drivers. Georgians are fearless people. They overtake each other on the Autobahn, moving in a checkerboard pattern. And all this at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour! There is a feeling that there are simply no traffic rules here.

Of course, excellent roads contribute to all this. Several times the driver of the old minibus we were driving dodged literally a second before the collision. But, after 20 minutes, it is no longer scary, because the Georgians know what they are doing. They are used to driving along the serpentine mountains.

The concept of "village" and "city"

In Georgia, “village” and “city” are difficult to distinguish. The village here is considered to be the settlement in which more than 50% of the population is engaged in farming. So it turns out that the number of inhabitants of several villages, as if "overflowing", reaches the size of a small town. Driving past such places, you can observe an interesting picture: along the road there are several high-rise buildings, and cattle grazing next to them.

Small livestock are not kept in special pens here. Animals just run around in small streets, and the owners have no difficulty in driving them into the barn for the night. Georgians mainly raise chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, goats, buffaloes and cows. The latter, for some unknown reason, are special lovers of "grazing" on the asphalt. Sometimes a few cows or buffaloes can stop traffic on a small rural road. And this is considered completely normal here.

Gudauri is the best ski resort in Georgia

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Georgia has firmly taken a leading position in the region in the field of tourism. Every year the number of travelers who have visited this country is growing rapidly. The statistics speaks for itself - if in 2015 Georgia received 5.901 million foreigners, then in 2019 their number increased to 9.3 million (+ 57.6%). However, many Europeans associate Georgia

Georgia has set a new tourism record

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It's no secret that Georgia is positioning itself as a tourist country. The tourism industry forms about 7% of GDP and is rapidly developing. It is tourism that is the key factor that attracts investments in such sectors of the country's economy as construction and hotel business. Let's take a look at what success Georgia has achieved in the tourism business in 2019. Tourist record of Georgia In 2019, the number of foreigners

Choosing a hotel for your vacation in Georgia: what international hotel chains are there in the country

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Georgia positions itself in the world as a tourist country. In 2018, the number of foreign travelers who visited its territory for more than 1 day amounted to 8.7 million people, for comparison, in 2017, 7.5 million people visited this small Caucasian country. In 2019, Georgia plans to receive about 9 million travelers. Such a constant increase in the tourist flow has attracted attention

Tourism in Georgia: indicators for three quarters of the year

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