Thermal springs in Lagonaki: recreation centers with health benefits

Stanislav Vasiliev

Poor ecology, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, makes a person look for places of rest where the time spent will be beneficial to health. The Republic of Adygea provides such an opportunity for those who understand the benefits of thermal springs.

The water in them is enriched with silicic acid and microelements similar to those found in silver. Tourists seeking to improve their health come in a continuous stream to experience the healing properties of the springs. Getting to the Lagonaki plateau from Krasnodar is quite simple: here we talked about 5 ways how this can be done.

Benefits and uses of thermal springs

When used internally, it helps with:

  • stomach diseases,
  • urinary system,
  • chronic pancreatitis.

External exposure to water helps to heal the following diseases:

  • Gynecological ,
  • cardiovascular ,
  • nervous ,
  • respiratory organs,
  • metabolism.


White Nights recreation center

Located in the village of Tulsky. A pool was built there, the depth of which is 1.6 m, the temperature of the source is +86 ⁰С.

The healing properties of the source have been confirmed by experts. Mechanical treatment of water retains maximum useful properties. The water contains in its composition silicon, sodium, chloride, etc., is not inferior in usefulness to the deposits of "Aivazovsky" and "Krymsky". Due to its properties, it retains the percentage of usefulness and does not deteriorate for a long time.

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A truly unique and distinctive republic, where there are almost no cities - only villages, in which everything is still arranged the same way as hundreds of years ago. This place attracts many tourists with its local flavor and wonderful mountain peaks, which offer great opportunities for extreme tourism.

The climate in the republic can be called truly unique: the temperate climate prevails on the plains, and colder and more windy in the mountainous regions. In winter, the temperature in the republic drops to -2 degrees, and in summer it warms up to about 22 degrees.

Activities and sports

This resort has long been chosen by fans of outdoor activities. The local area is ideal for rafting, paragliding and hang gliding, as well as horseback riding.

However, the main reason people come here is, of course, mountain tourism. At the service of vacationers there is a huge number of ski slopes, on which not only adults but also children ride. Toboggan runs are especially popular with tourists. One of the most famous and equipped is the Azish-Tau complex on the territory of the hotel complex of the same name. Here you can rent not only sledges, but also skis or snowboards. No less visited place is the Lago-Naki tubraza trail, where you can also rent any necessary equipment.

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Wellness & Trekking

There are mineral springs in Khadzhokh, which are used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system.

In addition, routes for terrenkurs and trekking are laid through the natural attractions of Adygea. The most famous routes are now part of the All-Union route "Through the mountains to the sea". This is perhaps the most scenic path through the South Mountains. The least difficult section that does not require special skills and equipment is the route through the Khadzhokh gorge to the Rufabgo waterfalls. This uncomplicated route, approximately 2.5 kilometers long, takes approximately half a day for a round trip. And for more experienced tourists, the resort can offer more difficult options, for example, climbing Mount Fisht with a height of almost 3 kilometers. To conquer this peak, you need to have specialized climbing equipment and experience, but in return for some difficulties, tourists get an unforgettable view of the resort's surroundings and a huge supply of emotions.

Sights of Adygea

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While vacationing in Lago-Naki, I could not miss the opportunity to enjoy water treatments in the thermal springs of Adygea. There are several of them on the plateau, the bulk of them are located in the territories of recreation centers. And this is a great advantage, as professionals can provide complete information about the sources. Give some advice on bathing or using water internally.

Thermal springs in Lago-Naki

Summary and benefits of treatment

Thermal springs are usually located near volcanic hills (active) and their formations. They are divided into three types, depending on temperature and mineral composition. There are: warm (with a temperature of about 38 °), hot and very hot (over 50 °) springs. In the composition of the water, scientists have found an increased amount of minerals, trace elements and silicic acid. Thermal waters are similar in composition to the so-called "silver springs".

Tourists use the healing liquid not only for external use, but also for internal use. Both the first and second options are of great benefit, helping to solve many health problems. Including:

  • Diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and the nervous system;
  • Gynecological problems;
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, including the stomach, intestines, breathing;
  • Problems with metabolism.

Eliminates pancreatitis, diseases of the urinary system. Perhaps this is precisely what became one of the main reasons for the great popularity of the resort among tourists from all over the country. But I prefer the opportunity to swim in a warm or even hot pool in winter. Today in Adygea there are several of the most popular thermal springs.

Thermal springs in Lago-Naki

Thermal springs (Lago-Naki)

There are several well-equipped pools with thermal waters on the plateau. Below I will briefly describe each place, and you can evaluate and make your choice.

Water Riviera

In the Maykop area there is an excellent base "Water Riviera". On its territory there are 4 swimming pools of different temperatures, one of them for children. In the children's pool, the temperature regime is maintained within 34 °. In common pools, the temperature regime is maintained in the range of 27 - 37 ° С.

The Lago-Naki Plateau has long been popular with tourists. One of the main reasons for the increased demand is the thermal springs, a unique natural attraction. Most hot water tubs are located on the territory of recreation centers. It is convenient, as there is no need to resolve the issue of housing.

Recreation center with thermal springs in Adygea

Briefly about sources

Basically, springs with healing water are located in close proximity to volcanic heights and their formations. There are three types, into which thermal springs are divided according to water temperature and mineral composition. Hot tubs are considered warm with a temperature in the range of 38 - 50 °. Hot and very hot have T Over 50 °.

Mineral waters surprised even scientists. They discovered high content of minerals, microelements, silicic acids. If you can compare this water with something, then only with silver sources that have no less healing power.

Thermal sources of Adygea <

Use such liquid not only for ablution, but also internal use. Experienced users note great benefit from the second option. In general, thermal waters are able to help eliminate many diseases, including: <

  • hearts, vessels, nerve pathologies;
  • problems of a gynecological nature;
  • in violation of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory system; <
  • to establish metabolism.

Scientists make an emphasis on the possibility of water from a natural hot source to get rid of pancreatitis, diseases of the urinary system organs. It is believed that it is such a positive effect and provoked the increased popularity of the term. Well, those who do not particularly believe in such force, just love to soak in hot water in the open air.

Sources in the Lago Naki area

Nebanal rest for those who seek on vacation to put their health <

Actual offers for Adygea

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Mountain Turber - Tourist Pearl Adygea

Respectable Guest Complex in Adygea

Respectable Guest Complex in Adygea

Hotel "Waterfalls Rufago" is a hotel for luxury recreation <

Hotel "Waterfalls Rufago" is a hotel for luxury recreation <

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Royal Holidays in the Barsk Manor

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