Thermal resorts in Slovenia

Thermal resorts in Slovenia

In the beautiful country of Slovenia, there are places that are rightfully considered wonderful. They heal people and give them hope that life will sparkle with new colors and become full and beautiful. These are thermal spas, whose health benefits were noted by the ancients.

What are thermal spas?

The thermal resort is a health-improving institution based near the springs of thermal waters. Such waters come to the surface of the Earth and have a temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius. The chemical and mineral composition of thermal water can vary greatly from hydrocarbonate to carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Depending on this, the resort chooses a specialization and helps patients with a wide variety of ailments.

Slovenian thermal spas have a rich selection of thermal springs, which have become the basis of health resorts built according to the most advanced word in medical science. Its waters and curative mud, mild climate and conditions for a wide variety of cultural activities attract thousands of visitors to the country.

Slovenian Thermal Resorts

The most famous Slovenian resorts boast a variety of treatment and rehabilitation programs for those who are struggling with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and dermatological disorders. The waters of the local resorts are excellent for normalizing digestive processes and recovering from severe injuries and joint operations, they are used to treat neurological and pulmonological ailments.

More than twenty thermal spas in Slovenia form the basis of medical and health tourism in the country. People come here not only for health, but also for beauty, because thermal waters and procedures based on them are an excellent way to conduct cosmetology programs and general health events.

The peculiarity of Slovenian resorts is also in the unique infrastructure that combines the most modern scientific achievements in the field of medicine, dietetics and cosmetology with comfortable living conditions in cozy hotels and boarding houses in the bosom of virgin and untouched nature. Here everything heals: a leisurely contemplation of the surrounding beauty, and horseback riding along the alpine foothills, and excursions to the most beautiful European cities, which are within easy reach. Slovenia has a unique cuisine, and tasting each dish in it fills with energy and health. Here you would like to ask for a gastronomic haven, in order to forever feel the divine taste of simple and at the same time exquisite culinary masterpieces.

List of thermal spas in Slovenia:

Thermal resorts in Slovenia are a real find for those who love the European level of comfort at reasonable prices and appreciate the pristine nature, believing that it is in unity with it that a new level of understanding of the surrounding world can open.

Thermal resorts in Slovenia

Mineral springs Šmarješke Toplice

The Šmarješke Toplice mineral springs are located at an altitude of 169 meters surrounded by green hills and 80 kilometers from Ljubljana in Slovenia. This secluded place is famous for its purest ionized air, mild subalpine climate and many natural bodies of water. The temperature of the thermal spring is 32 degrees, the average summer rates are 20 degrees, winter - minus 3 degrees.

Water in mineral springs has medicinal properties, which is confirmed by specialized medical organizations. In this regard, Shmarješke Toplice began to be called a spa center. Sources contain magnesium and calcium, iron, carbon dioxide, manganese, sodium, anions, and weak electrolytes. Such water is curative for cardiovascular, psychosomatic diseases, injuries of the musculoskeletal system and disorders of the nervous system.

NN Dimenzije Wellness Center

NN Dimenzije Wellness Center is a center that specializes in instant weight loss. Its main goal is to effectively and quickly lose weight. The center employs only highly qualified doctors who will help to significantly reduce weight with the help of physical activity and diets. They do not give false promises, but show a high result. The center offers both individual and group weight loss programs.

All wellness programs are based on many years of experience of the most highly qualified doctors. Only advanced technologies are used here, together with the latest equipment. Wellness Center NN Dimenzije is very popular, as 98% of people who visited it were satisfied with the result.

Metropolis Spa

The Metropolis Spa is one of the most popular and best spa centers in Slovenia. It can be safely called a place of special comfort and relaxation. It offers a huge number of services - such as facials, nails, body treatments, as well as a variety of relaxing massages and seaweed wraps. Both outside and inside, the center is very beautiful and immediately sets clients up for a wave of relaxation.

The walls are painted in warm lilac tones, and soft leather chairs will be the best companions while waiting for the session. Highly qualified and caring staff will be attentive to each client, making the session relaxing. Here you can order both group and individual procedures. At the same time, in the center you can sunbathe in the solarium. All treatments are accompanied by relaxing classical music.

Terme Olimia Resort

Terme Olympia is a thermal spa complex surrounded by valleys and forests, offering healthy and comfortable relaxation.

Slovenia has a large number of thermal spas, and we will try to tell you about them.

Slovenia has excellent beach resorts on the Adriatic coast. The beaches here are mostly rocky. The sea water is clean. On the beaches near hotels, you can often find specially brought sand for children's entertainment.

A huge number of health resorts attract tourists to Slovenia who want to take care of their health. In terms of the quality of service and treatment, these resorts are not inferior to the best European ones, while the prices for holidays on them are much lower. Among them are Rogashka Slatina, Strunyan, Radenci, Dobrna and others.

Slovenia is a country close to us in mentality and language. The staff of hotels and health resorts here speaks Russian, which greatly simplifies communication and makes rest even more pleasant, because the language barrier usually scares many tourists traveling abroad.

Choosing Slovenia as a country for recreation, you can get high-quality service and rest of the European level, while spending significantly less money than if the choice fell on any country in Western Europe. This has already been understood and appreciated not only by Russian, but also by many European tourists.

Slovenia is a small quiet country where you can not hope for a stormy and noisy city rest, but those who want comfort, tranquility, beautiful nature and walks along beautiful quiet streets should definitely go to Slovenia - here they are will definitely like it.

Slovenia has many natural beauties. You can go, for example, to the valley of the Triglav Lakes, look at waterfalls, dense forests, gorges, walk along popular and not very tourist paths, go fishing or rock climbing.

The beautiful nature of Slovenia attracts ecotourism lovers here. First of all, they are interested in the Triglav National Park - the pride of the country. In the Notranjska area, they will find the amazing Škocjan and Postojnska Jama karst caves, the ancient beauty of which is amazing.

Fans of medieval attractions can safely go to almost any city in Slovenia. There are a lot of them in a relatively small territory of the country. In addition to the capital Ljubljana, you can go to Maribor, Kranj, Celje, Piran or Izola.

In the city of Ljubljana, which is the capital of the country, tourists can see many architectural delights that have survived here since ancient times. It is worth seeing the Gothic Chapel of St. George in Ljubljana Castle, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and many churches, as well as just strolling along the old streets of the city.

Lovers of skiing in Slovenia will love it. There are several good ski resorts here where you can have a very good time. These are, for example, the highest mountain in the country Bovec, the picturesque Kranjska Gora and the great Mariborsko Pohorje.

In the minds of many travelers, Slovakia is associated with ski resorts and a large number of medieval castles. Also in Slovakia there are famous mineral and thermal springs, which makes it a popular resort and healing country.

Healing mineral and thermal springs are found in almost every settlement in Slovakia, although the local resorts are not as famous as similar facilities in the Czech Republic, Hungary and other nearby countries.

Consider the main thermal spas in Slovakia, their focus, features, as well as reviews of tourists who received medical care in this country.

Leading clinics abroad

Leading specialists of clinics abroad

Professor Ulf Landmesser

Thermal springs in Slovakia

Water from popular sources in Slovakia has been studied by the best doctors and scientists for several centuries, who have proven its beneficial effects on the human body. According to statistics, there are now more than 1000 sources in Slovakia and more than 20 equipped resort areas.

The healing properties of water contribute to the relaxation of the body, eliminate stress, restore energy and strength, therefore its use is useful in the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases:

  • the musculoskeletal system,
  • the digestive system,
  • the respiratory system,
  • heart disease,
  • problems in the field of urology and gynecology, etc.

It is worth noting that each resort is aimed at treating a certain range of diseases, so it is advisable to clarify the information before going to local sanatoriums and resort areas.

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Fasting programs in Austria at the thermal resort of Bad Hall: Hotel Miraverde **** - prices from € 969 per person. per package

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