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The themes of the holiday season and the development of the tourism industry in general have been popular in Abkhazia lately, which is not surprising. March is outside, a month and a half later, the first check-in for the May holidays, and there it is a stone's throw before the opening of the season. In general, this year may become special for Abkhazia. First year with new leadership. The first year after the signing of a new treaty between Russia and Abkhazia. The first year of real reforms. The first year after the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation and the collapse of the ruble, which created a fundamentally different perspective for the economy of Abkhazia.

"Abkhazian projects" have repeatedly written about the situation in the tourism industry. Publications can be read both on this site and in the Live Journal "Abkhaz Projects"

Tourism is one of the main sectors of the economy of Abkhazia, along with agriculture. The well-being of thousands of residents of the republic depends on how successful the tourist season will be. With the arrival of the new leadership of Abkhazia, and taking into account the situation in the Russian economy, the prospects for the 2015 tourist season in Abkhazia can be regarded as quite optimistic. Obviously, there will be much more people wishing to visit Abkhazia, located in the ruble zone, this summer than in previous years. On the other hand, it is perfectly clear that the most difficult thing will not be to disappoint those Russians who come to Abkhazia for the first time, to create a reserve for the coming years. Unfortunately, weak infrastructure and not always a high level of service are a kind of brake on the development of the tourism industry and a threat to the image of Abkhazia as a place where it is comfortable to relax.

It seems that the leadership of Abkhazia sees and understands these problems. According to the President of the country, neither the local authorities, nor the ministries and departments are ready for the influx of tourists. It is not for nothing that the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy of Abkhazia was reformatted into a separate ministry, and Raul Khadzhimba set serious tasks for the responsible persons related to the preparation of the holiday season.

The newly minted Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, together with the Ministry of Economy, are obliged to provide a detailed analysis of the tourism industry of Abkhazia this year, taking into account all statistical data, objective and subjective factors and using modern methods. By next spring, a comprehensive program for the development of tourism in Abkhazia for 2016-2025 should be developed. Nothing of the kind has ever been done in Abkhazia, and official statistics all the time diverged from alternative data obtained from other sources. It is difficult to say whether it will be possible to complete this work efficiently and on time, but the very formulation of the tasks inspires some optimism.

Abkhazia has incredible tourism potential. There are many natural and historical attractions here, striking in their diversity. Resort cities with amazing gardens and beaches, majestic mountain landscapes and numerous gorges, valleys of waterfalls and lakes, monasteries and fortresses are just a small part of what to see in Abkhazia by car.

Advantages of car rental

Many tourists prefer to use the car rental service during their trip. This type of recreation has a number of undeniable advantages, among which it is worth highlighting unlimited freedom of movement. This allows you to independently and calmly explore places of interest and attractions, regardless of the schedule of public transport and excursion routes programs.

Car rental makes a trip around Abkhazia more comfortable and meaningful, since you can make stops in any natural corners or resort towns you like. Vacationers have as much time at their disposal as they need to contemplate the fascinating beauty of the republic, which is a special pleasure.


The small village of Tsandripsh surrounds its guests with an atmosphere of calmness, silence and tranquility in the midst of pristine scenic nature. The resort corner of the Gagra region of Abkhazia is located in a small bay washed by the waters of the radiant Black Sea. This place attracts lovers of both measured beach rest and lovers of active pastime.

Cozy streets are buried in thickets of outlandish southern plants that saturate the air with a special healing aroma. Eucalyptus, cypress and pine trees grow here. From anywhere in the village you can admire stunning views of the mountain ranges. Tsandripsh invites car travelers to stroll through the parks or soak up the sun on the wide pebble coastal strips. The beaches are equipped with all the necessary spa attributes: sun loungers, showers and changing rooms.

Guest houses, shops, cafes and restaurants are concentrated in the immediate vicinity of the coast. The natural treasure of the resort is white cliffs descending onto a strip of beach pebbles. Their whimsical silhouettes are reminiscent of some animals. The beauty and splendor of ancient monasteries, fortresses and churches will not leave anyone indifferent.


In the Soviet years, vacationing in Abkhazia was very fashionable: luxurious nature, clean beaches and the sea, ancient monasteries and delicious food. Military conflicts with Georgia did not pass without leaving a trace for these places, but Abkhazia is gradually recovering and is already ready to receive guests on the same scale.

New modern hotels are being built here, restaurants are opening, interesting tours and excursions are being created, well, chic nature, Caucasian hospitality on the verge of fantasy, lamb kebabs and strong cherry plum chacha have always been here and have not gone anywhere. "Subtleties" have chosen for you 9 good reasons why you should choose Abkhazia for your summer vacation.

Nature and ecology

The ecological situation in Abkhazia is almost ideal. There are no large industrial enterprises, everything you need is imported here from Russia, and the winery and other 5-6 medium-sized factories and factories are not capable of harming the environment.

A unique healing microclimate has developed in Abkhazia, and all this is thanks to eucalyptus trees. 250 years ago, these places were a gloomy swamp where malaria mosquitoes lived, then it was decided to plant eucalyptus trees here, which work as a natural pump. Eucalyptus dried up the soil, mosquitoes have nowhere to live, but people, on the contrary, benefit from it: the air saturated with phytoncides of eucalyptus oil has a beneficial effect on the immune system and helps to cure respiratory diseases, thanks to the effect of natural natural inhalation

There are several natural zones on the territory of Abkhazia, so even for a short trip you can have time to visit the mountains, to the sea, walk through alpine meadows and a relict forest. Tourists go to Abkhazia to see the high-mountainous lake Ritsa, which shimmers in all shades of blue - from blue to emerald, and the Ritsa National Park, where you can meet a bear or wild boar in their natural habitat, the alpine meadows of the Caucasus and the mountain village of Pskhu, the path to which lies through the relic forest and much more. You can visit all these beautiful places both independently and as part of an excursion group, and for lovers of outdoor activities, trekking routes, both hiking and cycling, have been invented.


From Abkhazia, you can easily bring four kg of excess weight on the sides and not regret any of them. Abkhazian cuisine, like all Caucasian cuisine, is very tasty, there is a lot of meat with spices, fresh vegetables and fruits, and homemade wine.

You should definitely try achash (cheese pie), akud and achala (bean dishes, served with vegetables and fresh herbs), mamalyga (corn porridge, which is eaten here with hands instead of bread), acurma (lamb stew with herbs and spices) and always barbecue, and for dessert churchkhela, eucalyptus and blackberry honey are served.

Abkhazian hotels have fallen in price to the level of 2016.

In Sukhum there is a winery "Wines and Waters of Abkhazia", ​​which produces wine on an industrial scale, but almost every owner considers it his duty to prepare his own homemade wine and chacha (local vodka, which is most often made from grapes, but in general from everything that grows here - cherry plums, figs, etc.) to treat guests. Grapes are usually harvested by the whole village - it is customary to help neighbors here, they also press it for wine all together. Almost every farm has a special press for wine, but sometimes grapes are crushed in the old fashioned way - it's more fun. The grape harvest season in Abkhazia begins in October, so you can watch this process live and even participate - the Abkhaz are very hospitable people and are unlikely to refuse help.

Visa-free regime

Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter Abkhazia, moreover, you can enter with a Russian passport (if your passport contains Georgian stamps, you need to enter it with a Russian passport, otherwise they can deploy). To cross the border, you need to get out of the transport to the Russian post, walk through the control zone, presenting your documents and luggage, then go through the control on the Abkhaz side and get back into the transport. It rarely takes more than 10-15 minutes per person for duty questions and baggage inspection.

Abkhazia is a flourishing subtropical land on the Black Sea coast and one of the most popular summer vacation destinations among Russians. In general, Apsny, the “Country of the Soul,” as the Abkhazians call their beautiful homeland, is waiting for guests all year round, but summer vacations by the sea are most in demand. This Caucasian republic attracts guests with its traditionally clean sea, long vacation season, gorgeous subtropical nature, proximity to mountains and literally overwhelming number of attractions. Add to all of the above transport accessibility, an abundance of fruits, interesting local cuisine and no visa or border delays, and you have an almost perfect resort.

Geographically, this small country is also surprisingly diverse. Fans of the sea and sunbathing will have a great vacation here, climbers and fans of long hikes in the mountains will conquer the next heights.

Gorgeous landscapes will interest photographers, and fascinating stories and ancient legends will appeal to romantics and poets.

Gourmets will be delighted with the delights of local cuisine in beautiful restaurants, and wine lovers will go through tastings and learn all the toasts.

Families with young children will appreciate the excellent sandy beaches with a gentle coastline, and extreme lovers and daredevils will enjoy bungee and paragliding flights. The picture of Abkhazia is almost idyllic, but the resort republic has as many admirers as there are ill-wishers.

However, like any popular destination, Abkhazia has its pluses and minuses.

The disadvantages include the unpredictable quality of service and room stock - even in expensive hotels and restaurants, you can face the effect of inflated expectations, weak infrastructure, especially far from tourist locations, and some nuances of the Caucasian mentality.

To the merits - everything that is described above, and if the sea, the beauty of nature and interesting sights are paramount for you on vacation, you will like it in Abkhazia. Choose a resort, season and holiday destination to your liking, and our guide will help you to understand the peculiarities of the mysterious "Land of the Soul"!

How to get to Abkhazia

You can get to Abkhazia by all existing modes of transport - by rail, by air, and by car. Some options offer a direct route, otherwise you will need a transplant. The most convenient way to do it is in Sochi.

The geographical location of Abkhazia is so ideally combined with the climatic conditions of this region and the relief that the country can safely claim the title of a natural health resort. The mountains have given this land not only wonderful landscapes, but also sources of mineral waters and therapeutic mud valuable for the human body. Famous sanatoriums were built around them, dealing with the treatment of almost all systems of human organs, including the musculoskeletal system, lungs, heart, stomach and liver. A course of wellness procedures can save a patient from many chronic diseases. The mild, humid climate of the foothills, which is greatly influenced by the sea air, subtropical plants and mountains, is extremely beneficial for people of all ages. It is not necessary to undergo rigorous treatment for a long time. It is enough to stay for a couple of weeks in one of the popular sanatoriums of the country, imbued with the local atmosphere of measuredness and silence, visit several interesting excursions offered by the staff of the sanatorium - and a wonderful rest for yourself and your body is guaranteed! Quite a lot of good sanatoriums have been built on the coast of Abkhazia, offering a high level of service. To be convinced of this, it is enough just to learn about some of them, located in the region of Gagra and New Athos.

Sanatorium "Moskva" in Gagra

One of the best locations is the Moscow sanatorium. Drowning in an evergreen park, the slope of a mountain ridge approaching the sea itself has sheltered this small sanatorium. All of Gagra and the sea are visible from the windows of its rooms, especially the enchanting landscape here in the evening. An elevator takes guests to the beach in just a couple of minutes. The boarding house is easy enough to find: to the left of the Sukhum highway before entering Staraya Gagra. You can get from the sanatorium to the city in 10 minutes using a taxi or your own car, where vacationers will find many restaurants and cafes, shops and the city market.

"Moscow" has on its territory everything you need for an active, interesting holiday. You can go to the sports ground, play tennis on the court, and then go to the premiere at the nearby cinema. A bath and a sauna, a massage room are at the guests' service. Discos are organized in the evenings. You don't have to go far to have a delicious dinner. Meals and drinks can be ordered at a small local restaurant.

In the sanatorium there is an opportunity to go to the balneological hospital in Gagra and undergo a course of treatment and recovery there. Patients with appropriate medical indications are prescribed treatment with Avadhara mineral water. Several types of showers, including ascending and Charcot showers, massage and wellness baths with hydrogen sulfide provide general strengthening of the body and relaxation.

Sanatorium "Amra" in Gagra

The excellent sanatorium "Amra" offers a high level of service. Spread out on the territory of a tropical park in Staraya Gagra, the boarding house attracts vacationers with its proximity to the sea coast. The road to the sea takes no more than three minutes. Amry beach is comfortable and well-groomed. Here guests have everything they need: umbrellas, sun loungers, changing rooms and showers. An equipped gym, sports grounds and a large library operate on the basis of the sanatorium. A cafe and a bar are open for guests, and in the evening the fiery rhythms of a disco are heard. The entire territory of the boarding house is clean and beautifully decorated. Unauthorized entry into the boarding house is not allowed. Guests do not need to worry about their belongings and the car in the parking lot.

The proximity to the city center makes this boarding house extremely convenient for active tourists, because all the most interesting is just a couple of steps! Children should definitely visit the large water park, eat ice cream in one of the city cafes. There are many shops and restaurants for adults.

The sanatorium has a fairly good health center, where relaxation and recovery are provided by several types of massages, including underwater, baths and Charcot's showers.

Sanatorium named after Chelyuskintsev in Gagra

On the Black Sea coast, among the evergreen tropical palms and rhododendrons, the sanatorium is located. Chelyuskintsev. In the shade of trees, you can not be afraid of the sun and overheating even in the summer heat. A private beach and a small promenade are just a stone's throw away.

A number of highly qualified doctors work in the sanatorium. Neuropathologist, psychologist, urologist-sexopathologist conduct their appointments. Vacationers can experience the healing effect of massage, therapeutic baths and other water procedures. Respiratory system sufferers will greatly benefit from inhalation and long walks along the seaside.

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