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Sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk with treatment: 5 reasons to come to the famous resort right now

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Caucasian Mineral Waters is one of the oldest resort regions of the Russian Federation. Over 130 mineral springs, silt deposits of Tambukan and Lysogorskoye lakes and a healing mountain climate make the region a unique balneological resort.

The resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters have no analogues on the entire Euro-Asian continent in terms of chemical wealth and diversity. More than 300 sanatoriums and boarding houses are concentrated in the region, the main specialization of which is the provision of medical and health services. The main resort towns - Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk and Nalchik - have their own specialization in the treatment of certain diseases.

Resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters

It is from Pyatigorsk that the history of Russian balneology begins. In 1863, the first balneological society was organized here. More than 40 springs of healing water, different in chemical composition and temperature, make up its medicinal base. Medicinal mud is also widely used. In addition to wellness treatments, the city offers its guests a rich excursion program.

10 things to do in Pyatigorsk

  • Take a ride around the city on a tram that has been operating here for over a hundred years.
  • Go to Lermontov's grotto.
  • Climb Mount Mashuk by cable car and look at the Caucasian ridge from above.
  • Visit the Failure, famous thanks to the film "12 Chairs", at the bottom of which there is a lake with healing warm mineral water.
  • To see the place of the duel of M. Yu. Lermontov, where he was mortally wounded.
  • Take a walk in the Park "Flower Garden", admiring the sculptures, looking into the grottoes and marveling at the magnificent views from the observation platforms.
  • Relax in the Aeolian Harp gazebo.
  • Visit the Academic Gallery with baths and pump rooms.
  • Walk through the Pyatigorsk necropolis, which is the oldest cemetery in the Caucasus and an architectural monument.
  • Almost all vacationers take away memories of Pyatigorsk ice cream from the resort. The local refrigeration plant makes it from natural ingredients of "Soviet" quality - real ice cream and popsicle can be tasted only here.

Kislovodsk is a federal resort with modern infrastructure: shops, brand boutiques and supermarkets. Evergreen flower beds, alleys and the Kislovodsk park give the city a special beauty.

The city is surrounded on all sides by mountains that protect the resort from the winds, and the dense forest and fragrant herbs purify and fill the air with freshness. All this creates a unique microclimatic zone.

10 things to do in Kislovodsk

  • Go up the cable car to the Olympic complex, from where an incredibly beautiful panorama of the entire city and its surroundings opens.
  • Meet the sunrise on the Red Sun Mountain.
  • Visit the Kislovodsk Fortress Museum.
  • Relax in the Valley of Roses, where everything is fragrant.
  • Visit the "Ring-Mountain", a natural monument of nature.
  • Take a picture with the Kislovodsk Flower Calendar.
  • Visit Lermontov's grotto.
  • Visit the castle "Treachery and Love".
  • Climb the 300 steps to the Upper Park. Drink fresh narzan straight from the well and visit the "October Narzan Baths" complex.
  • Visit the main and most beautiful temple of the city - St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Essentuki is an intelligent resort with its own interesting history. Green since early spring, solemnly bright in autumn, the city has a beautiful architecture. In this place, life flows calmly and measuredly, without the buzzing crowds of tourists, business activity and industrial bustle. But despite the provinciality, Essentuki is called the "pearl of the Caucasus".

In the very center of the North Caucasus, almost at the same distance between the Black and Caspian Seas, there is a unique area - the Caucasian Mineral Waters. "Little Switzerland", "archipelago of rocky islands", "sultry border of Asia" - as soon as the travelers did not call these places, conquered by their charm and beauty.

Scientists say that about twenty million years ago the volcanic activity of Elbrus raged here, which resulted in the formation of seventeen laccolithic mountains. Listen to their names: Beshtau, Mashuk, Sleeping Lion, Dagger, Snake ... They are fanned with legends and traditions, the traditions of the ancient tribe of Narts - heroes.

How can the majestic chain of mountain peaks on the horizon leave anyone indifferent? Being here on the Waters, A. Ushkin wrote to his brother Levushka: “I regret, my friend, that you and I did not see the magnificent chain of these mountains, their icy peaks, which from afar at a clear dawn, seem to be strange clouds, multi-colored and motionless; I regret that I did not climb with me to the sharp top of the five-hill Beshta, Mashuk, Iron Mountain ... The Caucasus region - the sultry border of Asia - is curious in all respects. "

The Caucasian land is surprisingly rich and generous: a huge amount of mineral springs from its bowels beats out. Millions of people enjoy these invaluable gifts. We are proud to say that nowhere in the world is there a place where such a concentration of mineral springs can be observed, as in the Kavminvody. In a relatively small area, there are more than 100 mineral water springs of 13 different types and the unique healing mud of Lake Tambukan.

The peoples of the North Caucasus have known about the healing power of mineral springs for a long time. This is evidenced by the ancient stone baths, carved out on the slopes of Goryachaya Gora in Pyatigorsk, and a stone bath in Kislovodsk. Information about the amazing area, rich in healing springs, is found more than once in the notes of travelers and researchers. Moreover, the first written mention is dated 1334 (notes of the famous Arab traveler Ibn Batuta). But the official history of Kavminvod has been reporting since April 24, 1803, when the famous Rescript of Alexander 1 "On the recognition of the state significance of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the need for their arrangement" was signed.

The pearls of Kavminvod are the picturesque resort cities: Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk. Recently, the city of Mineralnye Vody, which has excellent opportunities for spa treatment, has been increasingly added to this list. Each of the cities has its own charm and charm. The southernmost, Kislovodsk, surpasses the best resorts in the world in terms of the number of sunny days. The foothill location of the Essentuki resort creates in it an amazing combination of mountain and steppe climates. The smallest. But the most captivating in its natural beauty is the quiet and cozy Zheleznovodsk. And finally, the central part of Kavminvod is occupied by the largest resort town, Pyatigorsk, which has a well-developed medical and recreational base.

Caucasian Mineral Waters are also unique in their excursion opportunities. More than a hundred interesting routes are offered by local travel companies. Sightseeing tours of resort cities will allow you to get to know these unique places, with historical and cultural monuments.


Numerous sculptures, mainly on antique themes, also gave the park a unique character. Not all of them have survived, but those that remain are still pleasing to the eye, recalling the brilliant era in the life of the resort park. For ninety years now, it has been decorated with the sculptural group "Frolicking Cupids", surrounded by colorful blooming plants. It seems to emphasize the strict forms of the well-room of the source No. 4. It is one of the most popular in Essentuki.

This alkaline source was discovered and described by Professor A. elyubin in 1823. At the place of its exit to the surface, a large pit was dug, a wooden frame with a lid was built into it, and then, in the middle of the 19th century, a wooden gazebo was placed above it. The accumulated mineral water was pumped upstairs.

Later, the gazebo was replaced by a spacious and elegant wooden gallery-pavilion, in which one could shelter from the sun and rain. And in 1912 the architect N. Emenov developed a project for a new open stone pump room. The pavilion above it, which has survived to this day, is made in the neoclassical style popular at that time.


Having entered the building, vacationers enter the hall, the light enters into it from the windows located under the ceiling. The resort public is especially admired by the central recreation hall with an overhead skylight, decorated with sculptures of gods and frescoes. The building has two underground floors, where economic and technical services are located.

Pyatigorsk returns to the previous routine of life, interrupted by the pandemic. Thanks to subsidies from the budget of the Stavropol Territory, the sanatoriums started working at full capacity. Parks, squares and pump rooms were opened. In early September, the oldest resort in Russia will celebrate its 240th anniversary. People still come here to drink mineral water, enjoy nature and improve their health.

The sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk with treatment are also an opportunity to recover from self-isolation in 2021, to recover from the coronavirus.

The best sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk in the year

Sanatorium "Pyatigorsky Narzan"

Five reasons to choose a sanatorium in Pyatigorsk a year

Drink healthy mineral water

Each city of the Caucasian Mineral Waters has its own health-improving specialization in the type of mineral water. There are more than 40 active healing springs in Pyatigorsk - from those smelling of hydrogen sulfide to radon ones. The city has opened the Central Drinking Gallery on Kirov Avenue. There are pump rooms inside the sanatoriums, but they are available only to those who come with a voucher.

Mineral water heals, but it is better if it is prescribed by a doctor. He will tell you how and when to drink it, take baths, do inhalation and irrigation. For procedures with radon waters, special hospitals have been built at all.

Restore Health

The sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk with treatment in 2021 solve the problems of the musculoskeletal system.

- They come to us to cure diseases of the back and joints, for rehabilitation after operations. Our doctors use not only mineral water and therapeutic mud for treatment, but also modern rehabilitation simulators, - said Alexey Stolyarov, director and chief physician of one of the oldest sanatoriums in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

But many health resorts adhere to a wide profile and offer guests a variety of medical services:

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