The best sanatoriums of Crimea

The best sanatoriums of Crimea

The Oren-Crimea sanatorium was opened in 1987 right on the central square of the famous Crimean resort town of Evpatoria. Currently, it is surrounded by incredible urban splendor: green alleys, the azure coast of the Black Sea, a huge shopping center and a dolphinarium.

Video tour of the Oren-Crimea sanatorium in Evpatoria

All rooms of the sanatorium "Oren-Crimea" in Evpatoria are divided according to the degree of comfort and convenience into seven subgroups in ascending order: Standard A (single), Standard B (from two to four places), Standard C (two - four places), Standard D (two rooms for two or three vacationers), one-room suites with balconies and a gorgeous view, two-room suite with air conditioning and a balcony, and the most luxurious rooms - the so-called "apartments", consisting of three four rooms with a kitchen and two plumbing units.

The first thing that catches your eye on the way to the Oren-Crimea sanatorium is its main hall, decorated with a huge panel depicting the city, the brightly lit sun, large marble tiles, a fountain, three large beautiful clocks , cozy armchairs and powerful columns, it creates the feeling of ancient Greek antiquity.

Above, on an elevation above the hall, there is an equally colorful balustrade, the doors of which lead directly to the rooms for accommodating patients and spa guests.

Meals in the sanatorium-resort complex "Oren-Crimea"

One can often hear great reviews about the Oren-Crimea sanatorium in Yevpatoria, relying on local food. And, it is true, the catering workers who serve for the benefit of this sanatorium do their best and provide tourists with an excellent tasty and healthy diet. The catering system “customized menu” operates here, thanks to which the holiday-makers living in “Oren-Crimea” can freely order their favorite dishes for themselves. Another advantage of local catering is that it provides table service by waiters.

In addition, the management of the sanatorium "Oren-Crimea" also took care of the nutrition of young vacationers - it is not for nothing that Evpatoria is considered to be a Ukrainian center for children's health improvement. Every day, especially for babies, an environmentally friendly and fundamentally beneficial diet for the body is developed, which helps the healing processes and contributes to the full growth and development of the child.

Well-developed infrastructure of the Oren-Crimea sanatorium

On the territory of the health center in Evpatoria, there are two outdoor swimming pools with the purest water that has passed several rounds of purification. Not far from them there are local cafes and a bar with an inexpensive but good menu.

Many people know about Crimea only that it is a peninsula located in the Black Sea, which means it is intended for summer holidays - swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing tours. Not everyone already remembers that some 25 years ago it was called the “All-Union Health Resort”. People from all 15 republics of the Soviet Union came here for health improvement. How did the peninsula gain such fame? In this article, we will talk about the uniqueness of the resort, its healing air and see the best resorts in Crimea.

Healing air of Crimea

The peninsula is conditionally divided into climatic zones, which differ in both the average annual temperature and the length of the beach season. The most unique region in this regard is the South Coast. According to Crimean scientists, there is only one more place on the planet with similar climatic conditions. We are talking about the French Riviera.

Mountain forests and the sea are the secret of the curative air of the South Coast.

The peculiarity of these two resort areas is that they are surrounded by mountains overgrown with coniferous forest. At the same time, facing south, towards the sea, the mountains contribute to the formation of a special temperature regime, at which there is an intensive release of medicinal phytoncides by trees. The formation of air masses over the South Coast occurs over various objects, and are somewhat different, but when mixed, they form an exceptionally healing mixture:

  • The air formed over the sea contains special ions, which are negatively charged, and is rich in ozone. And phytoncides of algae and particles of salts of various chemical elements make it a wonderful natural inhaler that cleans the bronchi and blood vessels.
  • The air of juniper groves has long been renowned for its antibacterial properties. Under its influence, there is an intensive healing from all diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, including chronic asthma and tuberculosis. It also has beneficial effects on wound healing and the treatment of skin infections.
  • The air that forms over the mountain forests contains a wide range of phytoncides and essential oils. Thanks to the warm sun, they are generously allocated with laurel, Crimean pine, lavender and other plants. These conditions contributed to the placement of a large number of sanatoriums on the South Coast. But not only this region of Crimea is famous for its health resorts.
Mountain forests of Crimea

Crimean sanatoriums

I would like to draw the attention of site visitors to the peculiarities of such an institution as a sanatorium. Its main purpose is the treatment and prevention of various diseases. And entertainment, which is customary to generously saturate summer holidays, are in the background. This must be remembered when choosing a place to spend your vacation. If your main goal is to improve your health, the sanatorium is just what you need.

In addition to the aforementioned Southern Crimean coast, the air on Mount Agarmysh, which is located in the eastern part of the Crimean Mountains, near the city of Stary Krym, has excellent healing properties.

Mount Agarmysh. Old Crimea

And the sanatoriums, which are located in the area of ​​the cities of Evpatoria and Saki, specialize in the treatment of diseases in the process of which the musculoskeletal and nervous system suffers. In addition, gynecological and skin diseases are treated here.

We tried to determine the best resorts in Crimea and make a rating by analyzing the reviews about them shared by people who had a rest there in 2017.


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