The best sanatoriums for children in Crimea

Children's camps in Crimea

In most of the Crimean sanatoriums, the entertainment infrastructure is well developed: animators, educators, sports coaches work, there are play and sports grounds for children, and in some they do not forget about their studies - in a number of year-round sanatoriums there are schools.

Before choosing a sanatorium for a child, it is worth deciding on the profile of the disease. For example, in Crimea there are institutions that treat allergies, the musculoskeletal system, eye diseases, respiratory and digestive organs, and the cardiovascular system. Next, decide if your baby needs mud and mineral water treatment. Finally, decide for yourself what you expect from the service.

I must say that there are plenty of economy-class sanatoriums in Crimea, but there are fewer standard and comfort facilities. We will try to tell you about some of them.


There are many sanatoriums for children in Evpatoria. It was not in vain that this city received the name of the All-Union Children's Health Resort in Soviet times, which it proudly continues to this day. Boarding houses, sanatoriums, children's health camps - there are more than a dozen of them in Evpatoria. One of the most famous and popular is the Dnepr sanatorium.

Sanatorium "Dnepr"

The sanatorium is located right on the seashore, the territory is large, a lot of greenery. In "Dnepr" it is proposed to improve the gastrointestinal tract, skin, respiratory system, etc. As methods of treatment - electro-mud therapy, balneotherapy, aerofitotherapy, massage, physiotherapy procedures; medical offices work according to the profile. Treatment is provided for children from 4 years old. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a playground, table tennis, a tennis court, a chess club, a volleyball court; in the off-season there is an indoor pool. The beach is sandy, wide, equipped with awnings, sun loungers, dressing rooms. Not far from the sanatorium there is a dolphinarium and an aquarium.

Sanatorium "Dream"

  • in a quiet season from 800 rubles
  • in a high season from 1560 rubles

Many visitors are also satisfied with the Dream sanatorium. The package "Mother and Child" includes, in addition to food and accommodation, a basic course of treatment, the opportunity to use the swimming pool. A number of other treatments can be purchased at an additional cost. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, ENT organs, musculoskeletal system, respiratory diseases. Improvement occurs on the basis of brine, sulphide mud, mineral water, among the methods of treatment - hardware physiotherapy, mud therapy, balneotherapy. The attending physician carefully selects the appropriate program.

The Dream Sanatorium is famous for its picturesque territory, where plants brought from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden grow, the buildings are connected by shady alleys. There is a playground for children, a children's playroom, a cinema, sports grounds. The beach is sandy with awnings and sun loungers. On the basis of the sanatorium, there is a children's health camp, the voucher to which includes five meals a day, entertainment events, contests, concerts.

Boarding house "Planet"

Official site: . et. a/

The warm Black Sea, mild climate and varied terrain make Crimea an ideal place for children's recreation. Traditionally, a children's resort is the western coast of Crimea with its center in Evpatoria - in this area there is a shallow sea, sandy beaches, so a large number of children's camps, boarding houses and recreation centers are concentrated here. There is something to offer children and the southern coast of Crimea - the famous "Artek" is located here. This article will discuss "Artek" and other children's camps in Crimea.

International Children's Center "Artek"

ICC "Artek" is located in the village of Gurzuf (Big Yalta) and covers an area of ​​218 hectares.

In 2014, the international children's center received a second life - almost complete reconstruction of Artek began. All buildings and grounds, canteens, a sports hall, a swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds, and campfire grounds were rebuilt.

For children in Artek there are 16 studios of children's creativity, three libraries, children's television and the studio "Artekfilm". Upon arrival in Artek, children can enroll in the specialized teams of "Young sailors", "Young journalists", "Young animators", a tourist team, and become a member of the children's excursion bureau.

The Artek Museum and Exhibition Complex includes 5 studio-museums. Among them is the Cosmos Museum, founded in 1967 by the first cosmonaut of the planet, Yuri Gagarin. Here are presented unique exhibits that have been in space and were donated to the Artek people by cosmonauts from different countries.

In Artek there are 8 equipped sports grounds and courts, 3 outdoor swimming pools with slides, the Sports Palace with an indoor pool, gymnastics, tennis and gyms. Artek has its own school for 1224 students. Artek members of grades 5-11 study there. The school has modern technical means, in accordance with new methods and educational technologies, which makes it possible to solve educational problems of any complexity.

Winners and prize-winners of Olympiads, contests, shows, festivals, championships, sports events can get a free ticket to Artek. Vouchers are awarded to leaders and activists of children's and youth organizations, authors of socially significant projects, volunteers, etc.

Shift duration: 21 days. Tour price: 65 thousand rubles. Address: Yalta, st. Leningradskaya, 41. Phone: + 7-978-733-80-80 Website: artek. rg

Camp "Mandarin" (Sandy, Bakhchisarai district)

Many times are still fresh in the memory when the Crimean sanatoriums were called the All-Union Health Resort, when people flocked here from all over the country: some on a voucher, and some just a “savage”, setting up tent camps right on the beaches. All this has already become a thing of the past, but as before, many tourists in the Crimean sanatoriums are attracted by the beautiful nature, the sea and affordable prices.

Rest in the health resorts of Crimea is a great opportunity to improve your health! After all, Crimea's sanatoriums were created by nature for relaxation and treatment: the unique climate has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, helping it to recover, strengthening the immune system and improving blood circulation, and mineral waters and mud procedures treat allergies, cardiovascular diseases and many other diseases. ... Therefore, numerous health resorts of the Crimea annually meet tens of thousands of guests.

Crimean sanatoriums are unique institutions aimed at prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of adults and children. A variety of treatment areas are suitable for patients with all types of diseases. Experienced specialists will offer you treatment methods of excellent quality, which are unmatched anywhere in the world, and the prices for treatment in the Crimean health centers are much cheaper than in the European health centers.

There are indeed many sanatoriums in Crimea, but few sanatoriums develop their own sanatorium base and provide full-fledged treatment and recovery. Where a vacationer receives a full range of procedures every day.

Pro. With the assistance of the tour operator company "Tour Ethno", he singled out the five best sanatoriums of the Crimea, where people come for treatment, and only then for rest.

Sanatorium "POLTAVA-CRIMEA" in the resort of Saki

Clinical sanatorium Poltava-Crimea is located on the western coast of the Crimean peninsula at the mud treatment resort of Saki (near the city of Evpatoria). The sanatorium is located on the Black Sea coast in the town of Saki, on the spit separating the sea and the Saki medicinal lake, 50 km from Simferopol. The local climate, which combines steppe and seaside, deserves a separate topic. This combination is extremely favorable for the full treatment and recovery of the human body. Annually, about 12 thousand vacationers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus and other regions, both near and far abroad, come to the sanatorium. This is one of the largest Crimean sanatoriums, it operates all year round. According to the results of the independent consumer rating "Leader of Crimean Resorts 2014", the linic sanatorium Poltava-Crimea took first place in the nomination "The Best Sanatorium 2014".

A distinctive feature of the sanatorium is that any treatment here is based on the use of natural factors and methods of alternative medicine. In the course of treatment, medicines are used in exceptional cases. This avoids the harmful effects of drugs on the body. The sanatorium is equipped with a fairly powerful medical base. The cost of a spa stay includes treatment for one type of disease. Treatment in several profiles is possible (multidisciplinary treatment - treatment of the second and other diseases) - the appointment of procedures for which will be carried out only after consultation with the specialists of the sanatorium.

  • Musculoskeletal system (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis deformans, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal osteochondrosis, polyarthritis of various etiologies), vibration disease
  • Peripheral nervous system (neurological manifestations osteochondrosis of the spine, consequences of trauma to the roots of the spinal cord, trauma of peripheral nerves)
  • Gynecology (infertility, inflammatory diseases of the genital area, etc.)
  • Urology (treatment of the genitourinary system in men)
  • Skin diseases (eczema, chronic urticaria, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, focal scleroderma)
  • ENT organs and bronchopulmonary system

Sanatorium "SACROPOL" in the resort of Saki

The Sakropol sanatorium is located on the shore of the Saki medicinal lake, 3 km from the sea. The sanatorium is located in a closed park area with a total area of ​​6.18 hectares, immersed in greenery and flowers, with numerous alpine slides, flowering flower beds, antique sculptures, fountain complexes, small architectural forms create a unique microclimate that has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Sanatorium "Sakropol" is the best multidisciplinary mud therapy center that cooperates with leading research institutes in the field of infertility, which has its own new mud bath with modern technologies and equipment.

The gentle southern sun, ionized air and warm sea, which are abundant in Crimea, give a good mood, strengthen immunity and help fight diseases. In addition, the peninsula is famous for its lakes and estuaries with brine and curative mud. Therefore, there are so many health resorts in Crimea that offer medical and preventive procedures for the whole family. To help you choose among this variety, we have compiled a list of Crimean resorts for families with children, indicating the current prices for 2021, based on real feedback from visitors.

Health, Feodosia

The name of this boarding house speaks for itself. It offers personalized treatment programs with massage, mud therapy, inhalation and many other treatments. There are special complexes for children, as well as programs for losing weight, relieving stress and for general strengthening of the immune system.

Even in "Health" you can not only get medical treatment, but also just have a good time. Particular attention is paid to family recreation in the health resort, on the official website you can read the slogan of the boarding house - "The child is having fun, the parents are resting!". For young visitors, there is animation, educational games, a children's room and a playground.

"Health" is located 1 kilometer from the beach, but a comfortable sanatorium bus runs to it every hour.

Ai-Petri, Yalta

Ai-Petri is located in a very picturesque place at the foot of the mountain of the same name. The sanatorium has a private pebble beach, which is considered one of the best and cleanest in Yalta.

The boarding house conducts programs for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • diabetes ;
  • arthrosis, arthritis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • atopic dermatitis and more.

Most of the programs are designed for adults and children from 4 years old. For kids, Ai-Petri also has a modern playground and a children's room. For families, there is an opportunity to rent bicycles or book a tour of the city and the surrounding area.

Poltava-Crimea, Saki

Crimea has always been among the main health resorts of the country. There are still many sanatoriums and camps for schoolchildren here. Healthy air and healing mud, walks in the fresh air and proper nutrition - all this will benefit any child. The sea and mountains will leave a special impression.

But you can choose not just a health camp, but something much more fun for a child - learning a hiking skill, communicating in English, creative studios, football, robotics or construction.

We have compiled for you a list of the most interesting camps in Crimea, highly appreciated by children and parents, where children can relax. Below is a map of all the places mentioned:

Theme and Sports Camps

Camp of the Path in Crimea skill

Camp program - motivational and career guidance course. During the shift, children go hiking, exercise, learn to interact with people. The main focus is sports tourism.

  • Path: a program about how, interacting with the world, acquiring skills, overcoming weaknesses, find yourself in this world, find your Path.
  • Assault: This is a program where boys learn to stand up for themselves, for their families, for their Motherland. On the program, through the prism of applied military disciplines under the guidance of real men, the guys study themselves and the team, determine the boundaries of their capabilities, become stronger, more confident, more decisive, and bolder.

Children 8-18 years old are accepted. In total, 11 shifts are planned for the summer season of 2019.

City of Achievements

Every vacation the children will have a new program. Daily: swimming pool, sports games, quests, discos. All day from 8 in the morning until lights out, children are waiting for sports games, tourism, eco-trails, archaeological trails; press center; quest technologies; art studios: drawing and graphics, theater, floristry, dancing, music studio and other new skills and interests.

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