Teplice is a popular health resort in the Czech Republic

Teplice is a popular health resort in the Czech Republic

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Perhaps there is no other country in the world as unique for orthopedic patients as the Czech Republic. Here, highly qualified doctors work in state-of-the-art clinics to effectively restore mobility and health to people.

The second component of successful treatment is a rehabilitation program in local health resorts. In the Czech Republic, there are a huge number of thermal springs of various compositions, deposits of healing mud and carbon dioxide. All this together gives really amazing results. Patients are very satisfied, considering that prices are significantly lower than Israeli or German prices.

At all the numerous resorts, you can take a rehabilitation course, but each has its own "zest" added to the standard program, due to the peculiarities of natural resources. All institutions are equipped for a comfortable stay of disabled people, there is a specially trained staff. Treatment is carried out under the supervision of specialists, if necessary, communication with the clinic where the operation was performed is provided.

The Teplice sanatoriums focus on the treatment of joint diseases and are excellent for the recovery period after endoprosthetics surgery.

  • diseases of the joints of an inflammatory, degenerative nature;
  • damage to muscles and ligaments;
  • vertebral disorders;
  • orthopedic defects (congenital, acquired);
  • arthritis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • vascular lesions.

Podebrady is famous for its healing mud, which, when applied, have a global effect on the joints:

  • activate blood circulation;
  • promote the absorption of effusions;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • accelerate regeneration.

Thanks to this effect, the condition of arthritis and arthrosis is significantly alleviated, as well as the integration of the installed implants takes place faster.

There are also deposits of carbonated mineral waters that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and digestive systems.

The “hobbyhorse” of this resort is hydrogen sulfide baths, which normalize metabolic processes and the acid-base balance of the body.

  • sour cold springs (40 in the city, 100 in the suburbs);
  • medicinal mud;
  • medicinal peat;
  • Mariin Gas.

High quality, affordable price and excellent service are what foreign guests are interested in in treatment and rehabilitation in the Czech Republic. The services of local centers and health resorts are used by patients not only from Europe, but also from more distant corners of our continent. The range of diseases that Czech doctors successfully treat is extremely wide, and natural resources and a favorable climate contribute to the rapid recovery of the body after heavy operations and therapeutic procedures.

Why choose treatment in the Czech Republic

The country's medical institutions are in the greatest demand among residents of Eastern and Central Europe, the CIS countries. People come here from Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and other nearby states.

There are several reasons for this:

  • better service;
  • competitive prices;
  • implementation of innovative discoveries;
  • a solid research base;
  • a well-developed network of spa treatment.

Representatives of the Western European part of the continent are also encountered quite often here. They are attracted by prices, which are an order of magnitude lower than in Germany, Austria, Italy with a relatively small gap in quality.

Switzerland still needs to “grow” to the level of leading clinics, for example, but medicine in the republic has made great strides forward. The country's accession to the EU had a positive impact on this issue, which entailed "pulling up" to European standards.

Czechs themselves often go to work to their more prosperous and developed neighbors, and foreign guests feel more protected here thanks to a stable system of social guarantees that exists not only on paper, but also in practice.

The healthcare system includes two types of clinics:

  • public ,
  • private.

When a specialist's help is required, the patient turns to a therapist who collects an anamnesis and refers to a doctor of a narrow specialty, if necessary.

The main requirement for the provision of medical services is the availability of insurance. On its basis, you can use the services of hospitals and clinics free of charge.

Peculiarities of medical insurance in the Czech Republic

Both citizens of the country and foreigners must have insurance. All types of policies can be divided into two groups:

  • state ,
  • contractual.

The first is intended for Czech citizens, residents with a residence permit (residence permit) and refugees. It covers an almost full range of types of care, including annual preventive examinations, therapeutic dentistry (but the service of an orthodontist, for example, will already be paid), vaccinations, physiotherapy.

Treatment in the Czech Republic has long been popular among Russians, because the quality of the provided medical care is quite high and can be compared with the world famous Israeli medicine. In this article I will tell you which spa towns in the Czech Republic are the most popular among our compatriots and what diseases they specialize in treating. In addition, I will give approximate prices for a complex of package treatment procedures in the cities of the Czech Republic and tell you how you can save a lot.

To begin with, if you want to go to the Czech Republic for treatment, then first you need to choose a suitable resort. Medical spas in the Czech Republic are not limited to Karlovy Vary, Czech spas have a clear specialization. You can choose a resort that suits your specific needs on the website of the Association of Medical Spa of the Czech Republic It lists the main resorts and indications for treatment in them in Russian.

How can you save money on treatment in the Czech Republic?

What is included in the price of a ticket to a spa complex in the Czech Republic?

Depending on the sanatorium, vouchers are purchased for a period of at least 7 days. Usually people choose vouchers for 2 weeks. In addition to traditional medical procedures, Czech health resorts offer spa and wellness programs, beauty programs, and aesthetic procedures. The procedures can be ordered in advance or purchased locally.

And now I would like to tell you in detail about the most popular Czech resorts among tourists from Russia and about their specialization.

Karlovy Vary

The Karlovy Vary spa specializes in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders and the functioning of the endocrine glands, diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, and oncological diseases. The resort has 12 mineral springs with warm water, the temperature of which ranges from 30 to 72 ° C.

For Russians, the resort is interesting not only for its treatment, but also for its rich cultural program, because Russian theaters often come here on tour. Most of the tourists at the resort are Russians, although their number dropped significantly last year. In addition, from Karlovy Vary, located a few kilometers from the border with Germany, it is convenient to visit German cities with excursions.

The cost of the package of medical procedures and accommodation in the Iris sanatorium is 924 Euro for 1 week. The package includes accommodation for 2 adults for 7 nights, three meals a day and a drinking cure, 18 medical procedures for 2 people, doctor's examination and tests.

We present to your attention the world famous Czech resorts. They are known mainly for the characteristics of the healing resources and thermal water sources. The Czech spa industry experienced a boom in the 19th and 20th centuries, and in recent years has been further developed with the construction of new infrastructure and the expansion of the range of services. There are a total of about 80 spa facilities in the Czech Republic, 17 of which are state-owned. Each spa complex specializes in the treatment and prevention of specific diseases and health problems.

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The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of the urinary system, digestive organs and women's diseases. This beautiful spa was founded in 1793 by Emperor Franz I. It is also the first mud spa in the world.

The Konstantinovy ​​Lazne sanatorium complex has the following specialization: Treatment of diseases of the lymphatic system, vascular system, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, improvement of condition after myocardial infarction, heart, aorta and vein operations.

This resort specializes in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders, kidney diseases, urological diseases, allergic diseases. Rehabilitation after oncology is also carried out. Additionally, you can visit the mud baths, Roman baths and use the services of a laser center.

This luxurious resort town is the most famous and favorite destination for tourists from Russia and the CIS countries. His specialization is the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, metabolism and endocrine glands. There is also a longevity clinic and spa treatments at your service.

Karlsbad, Marienbad and trips to the water ... The Czech spa resorts have enjoyed the love of our compatriots for several centuries. I must say, deserved love. Today, the balneological properties of the Czech baths are perfectly complemented by the opportunity to see the bewitching beauty of architecture, the luxury of landscapes, gardens, forests, lakes and hills, an abundance of restaurants and taverns with delicious and hearty cuisine. Therefore, the resorts of this country - Frantiskovy Lazne, Marianske Lazne, Jachymov, Karlovy Vary, Teplice, Klimkovice, Velké Losine, Podebrady, Lazne-Belograd and others - are never empty.

Specialization of Czech spa resorts

Each resort can offer treatment and prevention for certain diseases. For example, oncology is treated in Karlovy Vary, Karlova Studanka spa, Marianske and Frantiskovy Lazne, Luhacovice. Gynecological diseases are best treated in Klimkovice, Jesenik, Marianske and Frantiskovy Lazne.

Almost all resorts in the Czech Republic are able to offer treatment for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If you need to improve the health of the kidneys and urinary tract, then you need to go to Bludov or Marianske Lazne. Bludov will help to cure respiratory diseases and metabolic disorders. Mental illnesses are treated in Jesenik and Libverda Spa. Skin diseases will yield in Bechin, Darkov, Jesenik, Kostelec u Zlín, in Janske Lazne.

Teplice (Czech Republic) is a large resort town in the northwestern part of the state, in the stí nad Labem Region. The town of Teplice is located in the valley of the Bilina river, on one side it is surrounded by the Bohemian Central Mountains, on the other - the Ore Mountains. Teplice is only 90 km away from Prague, and 40 km from Dresden in Germany.

The area of ​​Teplice is almost 24 km², and the population is about 50,000 people.

The infrastructure in Teplice is approximately the same as in large cities of the Czech Republic: paved with paving stones and tiles, many paths for cyclists, a railway and bus station, parks and squares. Buses and trolleybuses run around the city, but there are no metro and trams, but they are not needed: it is quite possible to walk from one end of this small town to the other in 30-45 minutes on foot.

The town of Teplice was founded in the 11th century, in the 15th century many already knew its mineral springs. And in the 16th century, it gained fame as a resort where the European elite gathered. Since the 1990s, Teplice began to establish itself as a balneological resort of the European level; the spa industry continues to develop actively today. Nevertheless, Teplice is a much less popular resort than Karlovy Vary, and this has its positive aspects: the city streets are not drowned in Russian-language advertisements and are not teeming with tourists who have come for treatment.

Important! It is not allowed to smoke in public places at the resort, for which you can be fined 1000 CZK. The same punishment is provided for those who throw garbage on the street.

The main assets of the resort are springs with warm mineral water, teplitskie thermae. By the way, "Teplice" is "warm water".

Peculiarities of treatment in Teplice

The treatment in local health resorts is based on the use of mineral waters from the springs of Pravřídlo and Ginie. These thermal springs contain medium-mineralized water of the sulphate-hydrocarbonate-sodium type with an increased amount of fluorine, while:

  • in Pravřidlo, the total salinity of water is 1026 mg/l, and the temperature is 38.5 ° С.
  • in Guinia, the mineralization of water is 1319 mg/l, and the temperature is 44.5 ° C.

Every month they take water from the sources, check its chemical and bacteriological composition. Every 5 years, deeper studies of mineral waters are carried out, and all work is controlled by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Indications for treatment at the Teplice resort in the Czech Republic:

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