Switzerland resorts: an alpine country in the center of Europe

Health tourism in switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most fashionable countries, holidays in Switzerland in 2021, as usual, are expensive, but for this money tourists receive the highest quality service. Therefore, top models, show business stars and wealthy businessmen come here every year. For some, the country may seem a little boring, but for those who already live in a frantic rhythm of tours and business meetings, this is just what you need. There are luxurious mountain hotels, fantastic beauty castles, magnificent ski slopes, gourmet cuisine, expensive boutiques and elite health resorts - in general, everything that is required for a comfortable life.

Leisure activities in Switzerland

If you want to visit Switzerland, get ready immediately for big expenses and for the fact that in this country it is difficult to force yourself to save. Almost all the main attractions are concentrated in the capital, Bern, and here there are quite modern ones that deserve attention.

There are health resorts with mineral springs along the banks of the "Swiss Riviera". The "golden" youth hang out in Lausanne. And the Engelberg ski resort welcomes those wishing to master alpine skiing every winter.

Sightseeing Switzerland

Fans of sightseeing holidays will not be bored here. Switzerland carefully preserves the architecture of past centuries, the alleys of old cities are kept clean and tidy, and the doors of museums are always open for curious tourists.

Major attractions are scattered across three major cities. So, in the capital of particular interest are:

Late Gothic cathedral. Its 100-meter spire rises above the streets of the old town. The cathedral is decorated with bas-reliefs on the theme of the Last Judgment.

The 13th century clock tower is a symbol of Bern with a beautiful clockwork. When the clock strikes the next time interval, the rooster begins to crow, the cuckoo crows, the jester rings the bells, and the god Chronos turns over his hourglass.

The most eerie attraction is the "Child Eater" fountain, which is cast in bronze and depicts a giant holding a naked baby to his mouth.

In Zurich, you should definitely visit:

The 9th century Grossmünster Cathedral, built at the behest of Charlemagne on the burial site of two saints. Church music concerts are held here every Wednesday.

The Opera Building, built in the last century, looks like a work of art, but inside the cultural life is constantly boiling, costumes and props are created, performances are held several times a week.

Switzerland is the world center for ski tourism. The neutral state, located in the very "heart" of Europe, is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. Travelers from different parts of the world come here every year to enjoy the amazing nature, the cleanest air, to have active rest in the best ski resorts in the Alps, to admire the ancient cities and castles.

Country overview

Switzerland is located in Western Europe. The state's neighbors are Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Liechtenstein. The country was founded at the end of the 13th century, but gained independence from the Holy Roman Empire only in 1648. The peculiarity of Switzerland is that during both world wars it was occupied by armed neutrality.

The modern republic is one of the richest on the planet. Swiss banks and watches are known all over the world for their reputation and reliability. A separate conversation should be conducted regarding gastronomy. The country is home to eminent chefs and owners of elite establishments who have Michelin stars. As for ordinary eateries, here you can enjoy the delights of German, French and Italian cuisine.

Local weather is formed by a temperate continental, alpine climate. The southern regions are located in the mild Mediterranean climate zone. Alpine mountains protect the country from cold arctic and warm subtropical winds, there are practically no severe frosts and sultry heat. The ski season lasts from November to April, while the bathing season lasts from June to September.

How to get to Switzerland from different CIS countries

Both direct flights and flights with a transfer in Minsk depart from Moscow to Geneva every day. The average duration of a direct flight is about four hours. There are regular flights from St. Petersburg to Geneva with connections in Moscow, Minsk and Paris.

Airplanes fly to Zurich from Moscow directly, via Riga or Istanbul. From St. Petersburg to Zurich there are direct flights and flights with a transfer in Riga, Warsaw or Stockholm. Fans of long journeys in 50 hours from the capital of Russia to Zurich or Bern can be reached by bus.

Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus travel from Kiev and Minsk to Switzerland both by plane and by bus. From the capitals to Geneva or Zurich, there are daily direct flights and flights with a transfer in Warsaw, Istanbul, Paris or Vienna.

Swiss health resorts and ski resorts

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