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Pyatigorsk health-improving tourism

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Many tourists, going on a medical vacation in Pyatigorsk, ask themselves the question: "Is it possible to save money?" The answer is simple - you can. The main thing to know is one simple rule: housing and treatment are separate. The resort is versatile. People with various diseases come there. Including the nervous and cardiovascular systems, ODA, skin, gastrointestinal tract. Doctors themselves often say: there is no such problem that would not be solved in Pyatigorsk.

We buy the course

Arriving in Pyatigorsk by train, some vacationers buy cursors right at the railway station. There is a branch of the large resort bureau "Solnyshko". The choice is large enough. The service center staff will be happy to help you choose the right option. Ask additional questions by phone: 8793 331836.

Accommodation: in the private sector or apartment. In any case, vacationers are initially referred to a doctor. The specialist determines the direction of treatment. Conventionally, all courses are divided into two categories: "Treatment + accommodation + food" and "Wellness + food" (without housing). The first option will naturally be more expensive. About 900 rubles per day per person. The second one is 300 rubles cheaper.

A variant of the "Treatment" course (without food and accommodation) can be purchased at the Kurortnaya Polyclinic located on Kirov, 19. Medical staff have prepared several programs of different directions:

  • “Nervous system”;
  • “Healthy woman”;
  • “Treatment program for men”;
  • "Digestive organs";
  • "Musculoskeletal system";
  • "General health".

Please note: the first program is the most expensive, over 6 thousand rubles. The latter is almost half the price. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can stay (subject to availability) at the Iskra boarding house. The cost of living is only 250 rubles/day.

Affordable housing in Pyatigorsk

Not all hotels in Pyatigorsk can boast of affordable prices. But, if you wish, it will not be difficult to find a suitable option. Below is a list of the best inexpensive apartments, guest houses.

One-room apartment in the center

On 40 Let Oktyabrya Street there is a great option for a company of 4 people. There are all the necessary amenities. Including internet, TV, private bathroom with barrier-free shower. Washer. The kitchen has the necessary equipment, dishes. Ironing facilities are available. Tour desk services are available if necessary. For a fee - transfer. Nearby there is a good, inexpensive dining room "Satiy Elephant". Supermarket. Parking on site.

Sanatorium "Pyatigorye" in Pyatigorsk (Russia) - photos of rooms, descriptions and reviews of visitors

The health-improving complex of the sanatorium "Pyatigorye" is located in a forest, not far from the historical center of Pyatigorsk and its famous sights, far from the city noise, busy highways and city bustle. Vacationers in the sanatorium can walk at the foot of Mount Mashuk, get acquainted with the "Lermontov places" - a house-museum, a grotto, a place of a duel. Not far from the sanatorium is the famous Proval and the Flower Gallery, the Aeolian harp and the sculpture of an eagle tormenting a snake - the symbol of the city of Pyatigorsk

The territory of the sanatorium occupies 6 hectares in the zone of the Mashuk reserve and is a well-groomed park and an extensive network of terrenkurs.

The complex includes a medical facility, a dining room, two dormitories, leisure facilities and a club. The first (main) building is 4-storey with an elevator, the second building has 2 floors. The medical building is located in the basement of the main building. From it, through a covered walkway, you can get to the dining room building. The second building is located in the immediate vicinity of the pump room of the mineral spring No. 24.

The sanatorium can accommodate up to 200 guests at a time

The living rooms of the sanatorium are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in cozy conditions: air conditioning, TV, tea set, etc. Vacation on vouchers is designed for people with different incomes. To services of vacationers are offered rooms of eleven categories: from economy class (without amenities) to superior double and family rooms in separate cottages on the territory of the sanatorium

The dining room offers medical (dietary) 3 meals a day according to a customized menu. Particular attention is paid to the diet of our little guests. Children are provided with 5 balanced meals a day.

In their free time, there are sports grounds for those who like active pastime: basketball, volleyball, mini-football and badminton. In addition, an outdoor tennis court, sauna and outdoor dance floor. There are free wi-fi zones on the territory of the sanatorium. There is a rental of sports equipment and bicycles for walking in the park of the sanatorium

There is a playroom for children. A game entertainment program with contests and prizes is held three times a week. There are excursion family programs with a visit to the "Ostrich Farm" and "Dolphinarium"

Free parking is available for car owners on the territory of the complex.

Pyatigorsk is the main resort of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Not just a beautiful city - a city with a history stretching back centuries. At the same time, Pyatigorsk is young at heart and very handsome - and is also invariably popular with travelers of any age. People go here for health improvement, outdoor recreation, active and relaxed tourism. And also for inspiration - Pyatigorsk will forever remain in the works of famous poets, writers, artists.

All-season and highly demanded, Pyatigorsk will appeal to all categories of tourists. Active travelers come here with a backpack on their shoulders - there are plenty of high and not very mountains in the area. Young couples looking for romance, families with children - Pyatigorsk is a very cozy and lovely resort. Older guests will find a quiet rest here, and gourmets will appreciate the local cuisine: Caucasian gastronomic wonders are known far beyond Pyatigorsk.

You need to start your walk in the city center, where centuries of history have intertwined. Here, side by side "live" palaces of the times of the Empire, wooden houses of the beginning of the last century, pompous sanatoriums from the era of the USSR.

The architecture of Pyatigorsk will appeal to the most picky tourist - it's easy to travel back in time on its streets. Take a look at the oldest park in the city, the famous Flower Garden, among its admirers are Pushkin and Lermontov, as well as Ilf and Petrov.

Fans of M. Yu. Lermontov's talent in Pyatigorsk will definitely not be bored. The museum-reserve of the great poet has been preserved here, you can inspect the place of his death, as well as see with your own eyes the streets that inspired the masters.

But urban architecture is great, but most travelers come to the Caucasian Mineral Waters region for another. The nature here is completely unique: Pyatigorsk got its name for a reason, it is surrounded by many peaks.

The most popular among tourists, Mount Mashuk, you can climb - on foot or using the cable car. However, both Mashuk and the legendary Beshtau are entangled in a network of eco-routes - terrenkurs, walking along them is a pleasure.

Long walks here are elevated to the degree of healing procedures - just like the pure mountain air of Pyatigorsk itself. They perfectly complement the "diet" of the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk.

Another bonus of the resort is its convenient location. From here, it is close to other resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters: Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki. A little further - to the mountain resorts of Dombai and Arkhyz, the sights of the republics of the Caucasus.

Experienced travelers recommend coming to Pyatigorsk for at least two weeks - in less time you will not have time to see the most interesting.

Thus, you can have a great rest, improve your health, and replenish your "tourist piggy bank" with the most vivid impressions. Pyatigorsk is glad to all guests - come and see for yourself!

How to get there

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Many travelers, going on a medical vacation in Pyatigorsk, consider not only the options for health improvement in a sanatorium. But also the possibility of swimming in thermal springs. To get the most out of the procedure, you must first acquire the necessary knowledge. In this article I have tried to give as much information as possible.

Thermal springs of Pyatigorsk

The nature and benefits of thermal springs

Experts confidently declare: in terms of the composition and quantity of thermal springs, Pyatigorsk can be considered a full-fledged museum of mineral water. Only in one mountain Mashuk, which appeared as a result of volcanic activity, there are more than 40 healing springs. Perhaps, it is because of this that the southern side of the hill is called "Hot".

Water rises to the surface from a depth of more than a kilometer, the temperature ranges from +26 - 42 °. The cascades with which it rushes downward, forming a kind of natural baths in the cavities of the rock formation, look very impressive.

These sources were described by P. Pallas in 1793 (!). It was he who first conducted a chemical analysis of water and enlightened the people about all its beneficial properties. At one time, soldiers lived near the thermal springs. Successful baths for gout, rheumatism and skin problems.

Thermal springs of Pyatigorsk

Mineral baths (warm) have the most beneficial effect on the body:

  • Relieve fatigue;
  • Normalize the activity of the central nervous system;
  • Promote weight normalization.

Warm mineral waters are shown to people with neuroses, chronic overwork, and insomnia. At the initial stage of some diseases of the cardiovascular system. And also in case of malfunctions in the respiratory tract, skin problems, the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to take hydrogen sulfide baths.

As for radon baths, you cannot do without the advice of a specialist. Only a doctor can decide how much and when you should take these specific baths. First of all, the level of benefit is determined in comparison with the negative effects of radiation. Radon waters are mainly used by patients with diseases of gynecology, ODA, metabolism. In addition, they are able to strengthen the immune system, significantly reduce the need for insulin.

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