Spanish recipe - SPA tours to Spain

Spanish recipe - SPA tours to Spain

Spanish recipe - SPA tours to Spain

The resorts and health centers of Spain are located in different natural zones of the country: in the coastal regions, on the islands, in the mountains ... The balneo traditions of Spain go back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The National Association of Balneological Resorts (Asociacion Nacional de Balnearios/ANBAL) has existed in the country for over a hundred years. More than two thousand medicinal mineral and thermal springs are registered in the country; specialized treatment and treatment by the sea is offered on all resort coasts of Spain.

Profitable SPA-tour to Spain, Hotel Suitopia Sol Y Mar *

Calpe, Costa Blanca

A comfortable hotel with excellent service in a quiet location by the sea in Calpe. For guests - large rooms with functional interesting design and views of the coast. Among the services - spa treatments, a gym. A great place for a romantic getaway, a relaxing beach holiday with health benefits.

From 80339 p. (2 adults, 7 nights)

Spanish health centers attract tourists all year round, because here, in addition to purely medical procedures, health-improving general health programs are also offered, which also include outdoor recreation, sports, acquaintance with gastronomy, art, history ... According to Spaincares - a strategic union of the tourism business and the health sector - Spain ranks third in the world in terms of life expectancy, is the world leader in organ donation and transplantation. The country's healthcare system has received worldwide recognition due to the high level of specialists and the excellent quality of services provided at competitive prices.

The Spaincares brand represents the Spanish Bureau of Medical Tourism, which includes representatives of the most famous travel companies and medical institutions in the country: · Federation of Private Clinics of Spain (FNCP); · National Association of Medical Spas (ANBAL); · Association of hotels and tourist centers of Spain (CEHAT); · Association of Spanish Travel Agents (CEAV). Spaincares also has regional medical tourism projects in Spain: · Barcelona Medical Agency (BMA); Mediterranean Healthcare; · Tourism & Health Costa del Sol; Turismo de Sevilla Tenerife Select; Extremadura Health Quality; as well as other business associations related to medical tourism. For example, the Association of Large Enterprises of Medical Transport (AGETRANS). Health tourism. Here, definitions such as balneological (thermal), thalassotherapy and other health institutions are used, which are: sanatoriums, health centers and wellness hotels. In the understanding of the Spaniards, balneario * is a wellness center with the possibility of accommodation. For Russian citizens, the closest concept to it, perhaps, will be a sanatorium. There are also about 20 wellness centers that do not have a hotel base.

But, as a rule, there are hotels near them. Wellness tourism. The term is more commonly used to refer to health tourism, which is generally aimed at creating well-being. Its programs include the best, most enjoyable spa and thalassotherapy treatments, yoga and Ayurveda, sound and aromatherapy, hiking and cycling, beauty and bioenergy treatments, special diets and so on. Programs based on the use of natural, natural products and ancient healing methods are especially attractive in health tourism. Spa thalassotherapy. The spa technique is usually based on the use of water with the addition of essential oils, wine, salts and more. Related services are also expected. For example, spa massage with hot basalt stones, when the main reflexogenic zones are activated, thereby improving metabolic processes in the body. In Spain, popular anti-cellulite treatments, chocolate therapy, Swedish massage, Vichy shower, beauty treatments using volcanic rocks, body massage with oils and essences. Sea water can also be used in spa treatments, but in general, thalassotherapy (the use of sea water and related components for medicinal and recreational purposes) is considered a separate area. Thermal water. Thermal water treatment is also common in Spain. This is usually called nature.

East Coast

The first historical thermal center of Catalonia is located near Barcelona in the Broquetas resort in Caldes de Montbui. This is a kind of museum. Roman baths have been preserved on its territory to this day. The water temperature here reaches 70 ° C. Almost all balneological centers in Catalonia are open all year round. On the territory of the region there are about 50 mineral springs, on which about 20 balneological resorts have been built. Slightly less than half of them are located on the coasts of the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costadel Maresme, the rest are in the vicinity of Barcelona, ​​in Central Catalonia and in the Pyrenees. In general, Catalan spa resorts can simultaneously accommodate up to two thousand guests. Usually resorts are named by the name of the area. In Valencia, thermal stations, built in the 19th century. (for example, Monlleo en Villavieja in Castellón or Fuentecaliente en Chulilla in Valencia), side by side with modern thalassotherapy centers and sophisticated spa treatments.

All health centers and hotels provide quality medical care, interesting leisure, comfortable accommodation. In the Valencian Community, the health tourism sector comprises 28 centers: 15 of them are in Alicante, five in Castellón and seven in the province of Valencia. Almost 500 km from Gandia through Denia, Benidorm and Alicante south to Pilar de la Horadada, the picturesque beaches of the Costa Blanca stretch. There are about 120 mineral springs here, famous for their healing properties and forming the infrastructure for the active development of health tourism. Thalassotherapy centers began to develop in Valencia in 1970. The sea water of the coastal areas of Valencia is famous for its rich composition. The combination with the favorable local climate gives an excellent effect. In addition to sea water, the procedures use sea products, such as algae, mud. The peculiarity of the Valencian thermal centers is that, in addition to general procedures, many of them offer exclusive therapeutic programs, depending on the composition of the water. For example, the waters of the Verche thermal station in Calles (Valencia) are especially effective for skin care and treatment. In addition to thermal centers and thalassotherapy centers, guests of the Valencian Community can visit the resort-

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