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Medicinally; wellness rest in Sochi

Hello. Traditionally, Sochi has been one of the main health resorts in Russia. This is the best place for rehabilitation, especially between October and April. For more than a century, Sochi health resorts have accumulated unique experience in the treatment of various diseases. Here is the largest sanatorium base: sanatoriums, boarding houses with treatment, health centers and recreation centers. In general, medical and recreational rest in Sochi is at the highest level.

Convenient location of the resort

The geographical location of Sochi, which is the only corner of the humid subtropics in the country, has determined its recreational opportunities. Here even the air, filled with sea and mountain freshness, warmed by the rays of the southern sun, has valuable healing properties. The mild climate of the resort, with an almost imperceptible transition from one season to another, does not require long adaptation.

In any weather in Sochi, you can take walks along the sea, breathe a healing air cocktail enriched with iodine, hydroaerosols and air ions. The Black Sea, with its unique composition and special physical, chemical and biological properties of water, is another important healing factor. Swimming in the sea, taking air baths on the coast, treatment with Matsesta can heal not only the body, but also the soul.

It is not for nothing that the term “thalassotherapy” has become widespread in the world, literally meaning “treatment by the sea” or “treatment with water”. The healthy properties of sea water and coastal breezes effectively affect the results of spa treatment in Sochi.

The Magic Waters of Matsesta

The sanatoriums are truly famous for the presence on its territory of the richest sources of hydromineral resources, as well as deposits of hydrogen sulfide springs Matsesta. The discovery of the famous Matsesta waters was of great importance for the development of the entire resort of Sochi. The healing properties of "fire water" were known to the highlanders, who considered the Matsesta springs almost a panacea for all ailments.

The medicinal value is based on the presence of free hydrogen sulfide, iodine, bromine, fluorine and colloidal sulfur in its composition. Their optimal combination has a general strengthening and healing effect on the body, helps to cure many chronic diseases. Therefore, almost all sanatoriums and boarding houses of the resort offer their vacationers the opportunity to undergo treatment with Matsesta baths.

Matsesta's treatment has established itself as an effective remedy for diseases of various kinds, be it diseases of the musculoskeletal system or diseases of the central nervous system. A huge amount of sulfide, iodine-bromine, chloride, hydrocarbonate, alkaline waters are found everywhere here.

Mud cure

Today Sochi is one of the best Russian resorts, where all conditions are created for a comfortable stay for guests. In Sochi, both traditional beach holidays and more active ones, including skiing, are popular. Sanatorium-resort recreation is considered a special direction, because it allows you to combine business with pleasure: breathe in the fresh sea air and improve your health. Many sanatoriums in Sochi have now become far from the Soviet service and have significantly transformed. The advantages of staying in a sanatorium are obvious: in fact, it is an all-inclusive resort with a buffet and a private beach. However, there are also differences, first of all, it concerns the documents required for rest in the sanatorium and the rules of entry (you can read about them in our articles). In this review, we will consider the rating of Sochi resorts with a private beach, good treatment and high-level service.

Sanatorium "Chernomorye"

The first on our list is a small but very cozy sanatorium "Chernomorye". There are only 50 rooms, but there is a choice for any need, from one-room "standards" to luxurious apartments with an area of ​​442 square meters! The sanatorium has its own beach, consisting of two levels (the infrastructure is free for guests). Animators will help you enjoy your vacation if you are traveling with children - there are exciting activities and master classes for them both on the territory of the hotel and on the beach.

The sanatorium is located 700 meters from the Winter Theater - the main stage of the city, where performances and concerts are held. The distance to the center of Sochi is about 1.5 kilometers, so it is quite possible to get there both on foot and by public transport. However, there is a possibility that you will not want to go beyond the territory: a spacious green area with benches and gazebos, an outdoor pool with a relaxation area, a children's pool, an indoor pool with panoramic windows and an excellent restaurant await you. Meals are organized according to the "buffet" system, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and fish dishes are always available. For younger guests, there is a children's menu. Chernomorye specializes in the treatment of diseases of the endocrine system, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, nutritional and metabolic disorders, as well as the nervous system and circulatory system. For this, the sanatorium has a full-fledged diagnostic and treatment center, where a variety of methods are used: there is both classic therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, and balneology, healing showers and baths (including Matsesta).

Read more about the Chernomorye sanatorium in our article.

Sanatorium "Sochi" of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation

It is difficult to find a better location than the Sochi sanatorium of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation: just a few steps away is the well-known amusement park “Riviera” and the Dolphinarium. However, getting to the territory of the sanatorium, instantly from the city center you find yourself in an amazing subtropical park with alleys, flowers, fountains and gazebos. The territory is very spacious and well-groomed, it is nice to just walk and breathe in the aromas of roses and fresh sea air.

The Sochi Sanatorium has its own 500-meter long beach, which is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, a first-aid post, rescue towers and drinking fountains. In terms of the comfort of its accommodation, the Sochi sanatorium can compete with five-star hotels. Here are presented not only budget options, but also spacious apartments, suites and suites, as well as individual cottages - summer cottages, each of which is made in a specific theme. For maximum proximity to the sea, you should choose the Primorsky building - it is here that the sea will splash almost under your windows, and you can fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the surf. In the main building of the sanatorium of the same name "Sochi" there are presidential suites. Meals are organized in several restaurants of the sanatorium on a buffet basis, and in the summer there is an open veranda overlooking the sea. The medical equipment in the sanatorium is one of the best in Sochi, the best specialists work here, and the profile of the sanatorium is the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, gynecological and skin diseases. For those who prefer active rest, the sanatorium has several outdoor tennis courts, a gym with Technogym equipment, and you can also visit a Finnish sauna, steam bath or hammam.

In our review, you can read about the sanatorium "Sochi UDP RF" in more detail.

Mys Vidniy sanatorium of Russian Railways

The Mys Vidny sanatorium, located on the slope of Mount Akhun, is perfect for a quiet and secluded holiday on the seashore. The Khosta area, where the sanatorium is located, assumes absolute unity with nature, silence and incredibly beautiful nature. One of the main advantages of Cape Vidnoye is the ability to choose a suitable room, depending on the budget and needs. In 2014, a new Olympus building was built here, located literally 100 meters from the sea, and the Arena building, which is located more distantly, on the bank of a mountain river, was completely renovated to modern standards.

The resort city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast is very popular among Russians for recreation, improving well-being and improving the body. Sochi has everything you need - sea air filled with ions, the healing climate of the subtropics, mountain air coupled with exotic trees emitting phytancides, clear sea and much more. All these factors of the resort have a positive effect on the effectiveness of rehabilitation and treatment.

If you are looking for a spa vacation with treatment in the Krasnodar Territory, then this rating of sanatoriums will help you with this. The selection includes the best sanatoriums in Sochi with treatment and a swimming pool, of different price categories, but with a high rating and positive reviews from guests (according to the site Putevka. Om). Check availability and current voucher prices for 2021 using the links below.

Sanatorium Metallurg

The Metallurg sanatorium is located in the central part of the city of Sochi, on Kurortny prospect and covers an area of ​​5.2 hectares. Just 400 meters from the sanatorium there is a pebble beach with showers, sun loungers, awnings. During the day, the delivery of vacationers to the beach by bus is organized. You can buy a ticket to the Metallurg sanatorium including Matsesta with a transfer to the Matsesta balneological institution and back.

It offers its own picturesque arboretum, indoor heated pool 25x10 meters with sea water and hydromassage. The territory has its own drinking pump room with Plastunskaya mineral water.

To issue a ticket to the Metallurg Sanatorium online: om Sanatory. u

Sanatorium Akter

The Akter sanatorium is located in Sochi, surrounded by an arboretum with conifers and subtropical plants, on the Black Sea coast. The beach is just 50 meters away. The sanatorium's own pebble beach is equipped with everything you need: showers, umbrellas, changing cabins, sun loungers, awnings, etc. To descend and ascend to the beach, an elevator operates daily.

A wide range of spa and medical services, as well as an indoor pool 24x14 meters with heated sea water (+26 degrees) are at the service of vacationers. Excellent location with well-developed infrastructure, animators work during the season and on holidays.

Issue a ticket to the Sanatorium Actor online: Pass. om Sanatory. u

Sanatorium Svetlana

Sanatorium "Svetlana" is located in Sochi, a 10-minute walk from the beach on the Black Sea coast, 150 meters from the park. Frunze. The medical base of the sanatorium includes hydrotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, mechanotherapy, diet therapy, exercise therapy.

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