Seluyanov Victor Nikolaevich

Seluyanov Victor Nikolaevich

The origin of the Isoton system

We are used to the fact that Western coaches are the authors of many effective workouts, but we completely forgot about one wonderful development of Russian coaches and scientists. In 1992, on the basis of the Institute of Physical Culture of Russia, which is now known under the abbreviation GTsOLIFK, a unique training system was created. The author of the development was the Russian scientist Viktor Seluyanov.

This system is based on isotonic training. This becomes obvious already from the name of the set of exercises. Recall that isotonic exercises are exercises, as a result of which the same tension is created in the muscles. In fact, these are strength exercises performed in dynamics. During these exercises, it is important to constantly keep the muscles in tension. Therefore, the system of such training is built on the 30/30 principle, that is, for 30 seconds the exercise is performed at a slow pace, and the next 30 seconds are set aside for rest. The basis of Isoton training is static and static-dynamic exercises that do not allow muscles to relax.

This system of exercises was used to train students of sports universities, as well as professional athletes. Since 2001, the Isoton training system has become commercial and has been subject to constant criticism, although in fact it has proven its effectiveness.

The goal of the Isotone exercises is not only to improve a person's physical condition, but also his morale. Not many workouts can boast of this double benefit. The simultaneous strengthening of morale and physical fitness is inherent only in yoga. For 2-3 months of regular exercises with "Isoton" the weight of the trainee is normalized, the subcutaneous fat layer is reduced.

The set of exercises "Isotone" is performed according to the 30/30 scheme with alternating 30 seconds of maximum muscle tension and subsequent 30 seconds of relaxation. If such a load seems to you large, you can adjust the time interval in a ratio of 20/40. Each exercise is performed according to this scheme with a three-fold approach.

When you reach a more advanced level of physical fitness, you can proceed to circuit training "Isoton", when each exercise is performed for 40 seconds and follows one after one without rest breaks. After completing the circle, you can allow yourself to rest for 2 minutes. In just 1 workout, 4 circles of exercises are performed.

For optimal results, it is necessary to work out according to the Isoton system 4 times a week, evenly distributing the load on cardio and strength. If you are unable to train as often, then you can slightly increase the training time, but reduce their number to two. At the beginning of each workout, do extended cardio, spending at least 40-50 minutes on it. As a cardio workout, a workout on a stepper, stationary bike, ellipse is suitable. The main thing is to monitor the heart rate. It should fluctuate in the range of 110-130 beats per minute.

Exercises "Isotone" are grouped into various complexes. So, "Isoton Intro" is an introductory lesson for beginners. During the lesson, the basic technique is taught, as well as the acquaintance with the peculiarities of the "Isoton" method. The purpose of such a lesson is informational and health improvement.

The "Isoton" or "Isoton Base level" basic lesson is a combination of strength exercises, a special type of breathing and stretching. The exercises of the complex are aimed at general strengthening of the muscle frame and getting rid of stress. The implementation of this complex does not lead to an increase in blood pressure, therefore it is suitable for a wide range of trainees. Also, this type of "Isotone" helps to restore neuromuscular connections in the body, eliminate sensory-motor amnesia and general strengthening of the body.

Isoton or Isoton Power Stretch workout enhances the body's defenses, strengthens muscles, helps reduce body fat, and promotes muscle relaxation after exercise.

In "Isoton" there is a training program designed for local fat burning - "Isoton minus fat". In such a workout, the muscles of the most problematic areas in the human body are used as much as possible - the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, the area of ​​the armpits, the back of the thigh. The core of the program is interval training with maximum impact on the listed zones. Thanks to the combination of cardio and power load, various modes of muscle fiber contraction, a quick and high-quality result is achieved.

Seluyanov Viktor Nikolaevich - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, specialist in the field of biomechanics, anthropology, physiology, sports theory and health-improving physical culture, sports adaptology, author of a number of scientific inventions and innovative technologies, creator health improving system isotone.


Isoton is a health-improving system that was created by Professor V. Seluyanov in the mid-90s of the last century.

The name itself - isotone comes from the Greek - isos tonos, which means tone, tension, and if we talk about isotonic exercises, then the word isotonic can be translated as equal muscle tension during movement. as it happens with a simple raise of the hand. It is already becoming clear that the exercises must be done with the same muscle tension.

Purpose of the system

The goal is very simple - to make a person healthy, to improve his health and performance, to change the body composition, that is, to normalize the ratio of adipose and muscle tissue, to increase the activity of men and women of a wide age range, to increase immunity, to normalize work internal organs.

This system was developed on a scientific basis, that is, first scientists studied how strength exercises affect the human body, then all Western training methods were subjected to deep analysis, this is bodybuilding, aerobics, callanetics, sports games. Eastern health systems were also studied, this is yoga, qigong, something was taken from our physiotherapy exercises. That is, all the most popular systems have undergone research from the point of view of improving the body.

Then, using computer modeling, it was studied how and what kind of load has a beneficial effect on our body, how the physiological systems of the body react to the load, what biochemical processes occur in the body during bodybuilding and aerobics. callanetics and other activities.

After the research and acquaintance with scientific publications, I convinced scientists that none of the systems listed above has a significant theoretical basis. In addition, publications were found in which the very low effectiveness of the most popular health improvement systems, such as various types of aerobics, was experimentally proved.

As a result, the isotone health system was created or developed, which is based on the concept according to which the basis of a person's biological well-being (as a decisive health condition) is, first of all, the normal state of the endocrine and immune systems, as well as others physiological systems of the body (cardiovascular, muscular, etc.), which, however, play a subordinate role in solving health problems.

Basic principles of the isotone wellness system

The concept of "ISOTON" has two ideas in its origin:

The first is that the main means of physical education of the bulk of practically healthy people, which have the highest health-improving efficiency, are power static-dynamic, or isotonic exercises.

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