Sanatoriums of the Omsk region

Omsk people began to massively get involved in ecological tourism

Sanatoriums of the Omsk region on the map:

Prices for a year with treatment

The main medical directions in the sanatoriums of the Omsk region:

  • General therapeutic profile
  • Gynecology
  • Endocrine system
  • Nervous system
  • Support- locomotor apparatus

Omsk region is located in the south-west of Siberia, and borders on the Republic of Kazakhstan. Included in the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation. The region has a developed tourist base, as well as an oil refining industry.

Plains are the dominant landscape in the region. In the south, they are mainly represented by steppes, but closer to the north, wooded areas and swampy lowlands prevail. On the banks of the rivers, the vegetation is much more luxuriant, due to the excess moisture.

There are no hills and mountains in the region, the relief is absolutely flat. The main waterway of the Omsk region is the Irtysh river and its numerous tributaries. There are also many lakes of various sizes, for example, Tenis, Ik and Saltaim. Unusual names of local water bodies have Kazakh and Mongolian roots.


The climate of the region is very heterogeneous, in the north there will be a sufficient amount of moisture that allows flora and fauna to survive. In the south, there is much less rainfall, and these areas suffer from a lack of moisture, so the flora is represented by steppe plants.

Summer in the region is hot and dry, the average temperature is around + 20 ° C. The hottest month of the year is July. In the north, there will be much more rainfall, so the summer here is colder and wetter.

The Omsk sanatorium is located in the center of the city of Omsk, in a forest-park area. The resort is far from industrial zones, and is a departmental institution of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. The resort has its own mineral and thermal spring.

The convenient location of the medical center allows for various excursions to historical sites not only in the city of Omsk, but throughout the entire region. For lovers of active recreation, there are walking paths, alleys and gazebos along the paths. There is a tennis court, a gym and sports grounds such as volleyball and football fields. After treatment procedures, you can visit the billiards room, or an aerobics workout. There is also an indoor swimming pool. For a comfortable stay, all the necessary infrastructure has been created - solariums, beauty parlors and shaping. The resort's cinema is really big, with 260 seats, and modern films are shown there every day. The sanatorium accepts adults and parents with children, for whom there is a playroom, and entertainment events are held.


The hospital is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, moreover, convenient ramps are installed on the territory for the convenience of people with disabilities. The entire course of treatment is based on unique mineral waters from our own source, and mud therapy. Healing sulphide mud is delivered from the Uldzhai Lake. The main profile of the sanatorium is diseases of the nervous system, problems with the musculoskeletal system, gynecology and diseases of the circulatory system. For children from 5 years old, there is a separate treatment course. In order to effectively use all the healing properties of local water and mud, the medical center has built many baths, showers and a swimming pool. Various options for water therapy and mud baths have been developed. An additional effect is created by several types of massage, from non-contact to the traditional manual method. The complex also has a dental office where dental prosthetics are performed. The highlight of the sanatorium is various baths and saunas based on mineral water.

Accommodation and meals

The dining area in the health resort consists of several restaurant halls. Meals are served according to the menu-order system; all preferences of the guests are taken into account when preparing the table. You can create a vegetarian, diet or banquet order. The restaurant employs a chef, and if there are no restrictions, it is worth trying the chef's signature dish.

The health resort has one dormitory building with single or double rooms. Rooms are divided into categories - standard, suite and apartments. All premises have free internet, necessary furniture and plumbing. Apart from the bedroom, the apartments have a meeting room. back to content ↑

How to get there

You can get to Omsk by any type of transport, and then change to a city bus and follow to the city center, you need to get to the final address of the sanatorium, Berezovaya street, building 1.

At the end of the 70s of the last century, many European countries started talking about such a form of recreation as ecotourism. This direction is based on the desire of a person to communicate with nature, to enjoy its benefits, without causing damage to the environment. “How far we are from this,” some of you will say and will be wrong. Today, the Omsk region confidently steps on the path of ecotourism, offering its residents excursion products designed to take a vacationer away from a consumer attitude to nature - to a careful one.

Anna Statva, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Omsk Region:

- Ecological tourism in the Omsk region is now one of the most promising areas. Next year we are planning the development of ecological tourist trails, that is, equipped routes for the movement of the visitor in such protected natural areas as "Bird's Gavan", the Chersky coast, Lake Ebeity and Linevo. I would advise every Omsk resident to visit these places.

Traditionally, places of ecological tourism are national parks and nature reserves. In Omsk there are no such, but there are specially protected natural areas that can interest, first of all, with their special landscape, vegetation or the presence of rare animals.

Most of the 18 nature reserves operating in the region today are zoological. That is, they were created as zones of rest for animals (in particular, those that are of particular interest to hunters), where they could safely live, raise offspring and escape from hunger in the winter. Zoological reserves include "Zaozerny", "Kileiny", "Bairovsky", "Allapy", "Vysoky Uval", "Priboronny", "Nadezhdinsky", "Lesostepnoy". In them you can observe moose, roe deer, wild boars, bears, hares, foxes and many others. However, most of them are located in hard-to-reach places.

For an independent visit, we recommend the Luzinskaya Dacha reserve, located in the Lyubinsky district, within the rural settlements of Shalaevka, Alekseevka, Malaya Chernoostrovka. On a specially protected natural area with an area of ​​more than 30 thousand hectares, there are so-called eco-trails - winter and summer. This is not yet a full-fledged route with all the necessary attributes in the form of signs, information signs and other things, but at least an attempt to organize such.

Visitors to Luzinskaya Dacha have a chance to see wild boar, roe deer, hare, badger and other animals in their natural habitat at a safe distance. The sensations, it should be said, are amazing. In addition, the reserve is interesting for the plantations of the former forestry enterprise, in particular - oak and pine plantations, where you can arrange a picnic or a photo session.

Igor Vyatkin, Chairman of the Omsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society:

- First of all, ecological tourism is aimed at learning young people. But it cannot be said that it is only interesting for this category of people - there will always be a certain demand for such products. And if in our region there are those who are ready to offer such services, it would be logical to involve them in the arrangement of these places, the organization of eco-trails.

The opportunity to sit on the shore of the lake and observe its inhabitants is available to visitors to the Stepnoy reserve, located 25 km southeast of the Okoneshnikovo village. On Lake Gorkoye in the warm season, you can see a white-fronted goose, a red-nosed duck, a long-tailed duck, a taiga bean goose, a curlew, as well as some birds of prey. At the beginning of September, the Bird Watching ecological route was laid here, which implies observing the birds of the reserve. For an excursion, you can contact the staff of the Department for the Protection of Wildlife, which is responsible for the preservation of the unique flora and fauna in this area.

Omsk region has great potential for the development of educational, gastronomic, sports and health tourism.

Geographically, the region is located in several natural complexes: taiga, small-leaved forests, forest-steppe and steppe, with characteristic features of the landscape, flora and fauna. We have 34 specially protected natural areas of regional and local importance.

Undervalued wealth

And there is a place to visit. For example, swim in the holy spring of the Achair monastery, in Bolsherechye, visit the country's only rural zoo, travel along the edge of five lakes - Muromtsevsky district, go to the village of Serebryanoye, Gorkovsky district - it is there that the source of St. Panteleimon, "Ground failure" and "Devil's finger ”, Visit the relict lake Ulzhai with its curative mud or visit a place almost untouched by civilization - Lake Ebeity.

In dry years, the lake was greatly reduced in area, and it was possible to walk several kilometers along the former bottom, but never reach the water. The last three years have been rich in water - the lake has expanded.

By the way, Ebeity can compete in the degree of usefulness with the Israeli Dead Sea and bring a large income to the regional treasury as a balneological resort and an object of ecological tourism.

All these places are well known to Omsk people, but this knowledge has not gone beyond the borders of the region. What prevents tourists from relaxing in such picturesque places? The main limiting factor in the development of tourism is a low level of infrastructure or its absence, poor quality of roads, a small number of offers for tourists, as well as a low awareness of residents of Russia and other countries about the tourism opportunities of our region.

Lake Ebeyty is one of the largest of the saline closed lakes in the region. According to Omsk officials, this place has great prospects: there are medicinal mud, salt, and water. According to the Sverdlovsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy, which conducted research in 1953-1957 and 1963, the mud reserves were estimated at 5 million cubic meters. It is estimated that when working on Lake Ebeity of a balneological resort for 200 people, the reserves of curative mud from 1 hectare would be enough for 13-15 years, and from the whole lake - for 1000-1500 years.

This is a great place for recreation and educational tourism. The administration of the Moskalensky district also advocates the creation of a balneological institution on the Ebeitinsky mud.

The lake is located on the territory of three districts - Moskalensky, Isilkulsky and Poltava. It is a nature reserve, a specially protected area. The tourist recreation area is organized in only one place - in the Moskalensky district from the side of the Amrinskaya Balka. Only there you can swim in the lake without hindrance. By the way, Amrinskaya Balka is also a specially protected area, an extremely interesting place that can and should be developed.

Around the lake there are salt marshes, swampy terrain, which becomes completely impassable during the thaw period, so Ebeita can only be reached in dry weather, and the lack of infrastructure frightens many.

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