Sanatoriums of Anapa with treatment and swimming pool

Sanatoriums of Anapa with treatment and swimming pool

Anapa is one of the best resorts for health and family vacations. The climate here is gorgeous: it's sunny all the time, calm sea, sandy beaches. Moreover, the ecology is very good. If you are planning a vacation in Anapa, pay attention to the popular tourist resorts.

"Malaya Bukhta" is the business card of Anapa

The three-star sanatorium is located 2 km from the center of Anapa. Around - a beautiful park with fountains, gazebos and walking areas. A pebble beach is 60 m away, and the famous Vysokiy Bereg beach is a 10-minute walk away.

Malaya Bukhta offers you:

  • Indoor and outdoor pools, sea water;
  • A unique facility for year-round recreation - a winter beach. These are heated pools with a transparent dome. The dome allows UV rays to pass through, so you can sunbathe even in winter;
  • Entertainment for every taste: concerts, library, dance floor, billiards;
  • For sports lovers - a gym, exercise therapy, water aerobics ... In winter, an ice rink is open;
  • Plenty of fun for kids. There are playgrounds, towns, board games, animators work. According to reviews, "Malaya Bukhta" is one of the best sanatoriums in Anapa, where you can relax with children;
  • Three times a day buffet.

The Malaya Bukhta sanatorium deals with problems with the heart, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system. There are also patients with gynecological problems waiting there.

The cost of rest depends on the time of the year, the availability of holidays, etc. The minimum is about 1,450 rubles/person per day, the maximum is a little more than 6,000 rubles/person.

Nadezhda is one of the largest sanatoriums in Anapa

The three-star sanatorium is located just 200m from Anapa. This means that city amenities are just a stone's throw away. Nadezhda has 5 buildings with rooms of different categories.

  • Three times a day buffet - standard or premium;
  • Complex of pools with mineral water and hydromassage. Outdoor pools are heated;
  • Jacuzzi, sauna, Russian bath and hammam;
  • Sports activities: fitness, exercise therapy, team games, water aerobics, etc.;
  • Cultural rest: library, excursions, cinema, karaoke;
  • For children - playroom, tabletop, children's water park;
  • The beach of the sanatorium is just 600 m away, the city one is 650 m.

Nadezhda treats diseases of the skin, heart, respiratory system, nervous system, etc. They also solve hormonal and gynecological problems.

The sanatorium is located on the historical coast of the city - the resort of Anapa on the high picturesque coast of the Black Sea and is surrounded on three sides by the sea, which creates a special microclimate. The air is saturated with oxygen, the smallest ionized particles of sodium chloride, bromine.

The sanatorium is located in the center of the resort area of ​​the city of Anapa, next to a sandy equipped beach. This place is perfect for families with children, as well as for health improvement, because the infrastructure of the sanatorium offers a wide range of medical procedures, and there is a mud volcano on the territory and there is a lake with hydrogen sulfide water.

The Rodnik sanatorium is equipped with a modern medical base, has an updated number of rooms and a green area (5 hectares) of a coniferous-deciduous park. On the territory of the sanatorium there are 3 natural sources of mineral waters, similar in composition to the water of the Dead Sea. Within walking distance there is a dolphinarium, an oceanarium and a water park.

The BFO sanatorium is located in the central part of Anapa, 150 meters from the sea and is one of the oldest sanatoriums in the city with the largest water and mud baths on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

Rest in "Old Anapa" is chosen by those who are accustomed to a comfortable and refined pastime on vacation. Here you will not only improve your health, surrounded by landscape beauties and unique interiors of the sanatorium, but thanks to local spa treatments, preserve your youth and beauty. Located right by the sea, the sanatorium is perfect for families with children, because excellent animators work here, and the developed infrastructure offers funny attractions and developing children's playrooms. In addition, "Old Anapa" is positioned as an ideal place for a "honeymoon".

The boarding house is located on a landscaped area in the resort village of Vityazevo, has its own beach, medical department and comfortable rooms. All conditions have been created for the recreation of parents with children, including a children's menu, a playground, swimming pools and animation.

The sanatorium is located in the best resort area of ​​Anapa - Dzhemete. This place is famous for its long wide beaches with sand dunes and clean warm sea. The health resort is located near its own equipped beach. This place is ideal for families and children. On the basis of the sanatorium, you can also get a comprehensive improvement of the body. In addition, the number of rooms in the sanatorium offers accommodation for people with disabilities.

The sanatorium is located in the resort area of ​​the city of Anapa, within walking distance from the main recreation and entertainment facilities and 150 meters from the city embankment.

On the territory of the complex are the buildings of the Ryabinushka sanatorium and the new hotel building. Due to its convenient location in the resort village of Dzhemete in the very center of Pionersky Prospekt, this is a great option for families with children. Just 200 meters from the boarding house there are wide sandy beaches of the resort. A cozy territory with an area of ​​3 hectares has a mini-water park, a medical department and the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable stay.

The renovated hotel and sanatorium complex, located in the village of Vityazevo, near Anapa, is in a hurry to offer its guests a comfortable stay and medical procedures. On the vast territory of the SPA-hotel there are several buildings with a number of rooms for every taste, as well as a swimming pool, a concert venue and entertainment for children. Not so long ago, the cottage complex "Aquamarine Sukko", which is located in the picturesque suburb of Anapa, was opened as a branch of the hotel. All conditions have been created here so that vacationers can feel all the delights of resort privacy.

The DiLUCH sanatorium is located in the center of Anapa. Within walking distance there are: the central embankment, an amusement park, theater square, restaurants and cafes. The sanatorium accepts adults and parents with children and is open all year round.

The resort town of Anapa is located in the south of Russia on the very coast of the Black Sea. Here, wooded Caucasian foothills give way to flowering valleys, and the Taman plains are interspersed with sea estuaries. The summer heat is softened by the cool wind from the sea. The sandy beach in a smooth arc borders the sea, forming a comfortable and beautiful bay. The shallow water in the Anapa area warms up well.

In the warm season, a large number of Russians come to the Krasnodar Territory to relax and receive spa treatment. We present to your attention the rating of the sanatoriums of Anapa. The selection includes the best sanatoriums in Anapa with treatment and a swimming pool, with a high rating and positive reviews, according to the Putevka website. om. To clarify the availability of seats for your dates and the current prices of vouchers in 2021, please follow the links below.

Sanatorium Malaya Bukhta

The Malaya Bukhta sanatorium is located in Anapa on the high picturesque coast of the Anapa Cape, 13 km from the railway station and 14 km from the airport. The building of the sanatorium in the form of a snow-white sailing ship is the hallmark of Anapa. The territory has its own pump-room with medical-table mineral water "Anapskaya". There is a private pebble beach just 100 meters away, equipped with sun loungers and tents. A staircase (119 steps) and an elevator lead to the beach.

Indoor heated swimming pools with seawater 120 sq. m, 65 sq. m, and 40 sq. m, with depths of 180 cm, 150 cm and 60 cm. Outdoor pool 200 sq. m with sea water and a children's section.

Excellent location - near the promenade of Anapa, a water park and an amusement park.

To issue a voucher to the Malaya Bukhta Sanatorium online: om Sanatory. u

Sanatorium Rus

The Rus sanatorium is located in Anapa on the picturesque rocky coast of Malaya Bay, 50 meters from the sea. There is a shady park and flower beds on the territory. The children's playground, sports ground and promenade paths create a truly resort atmosphere. A powerful medical base, equipped with modern medical equipment and specialized departments for the successful implementation of the necessary treatment. The sanatorium employs therapists, pediatricians, allergists, otolaryngologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists, pulmonologists and others.

There is a 23x8 meter indoor pool with heated sea water (28 °) and a children's section. The pool is equipped with a gentle slope. The city's pebble beach is just 50 meters away. Own equipped sandy beach 1000 meters away.

To issue a ticket to the Sanatorium Rus online: Putevka. ohm

Rodnik Sanatorium

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