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Hotels in Kislovodsk

Sanatoriums in Kislovodsk

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Sanatorium/dispensary, Kislovodsk, Russia

Rest in Kislovodsk: photo, description

Kislovodsk is a popular holiday destination among tourists. All information about Kislovodsk is presented here: photos, weather, interesting places and facts.

Kislovodsk is located in the valley of the same name, covered by the Dzhinal and Bogustan ridges. Pyatigorsk is 38 km to the west, Essentuki is a little closer, and the city is separated from the Mineralnye Vody station by 64 km. Height above sea level varies from 750 to 1409 meters.

Population: about 140 thousand people.

Rest in Kislovodsk fell in love with many also thanks to the picturesque landscape of the city. Kislovodsk is surrounded by sandy and chalk mountains, in which many grottoes and caves have formed. Often there are red-brown sandstones of bizarre shape, which they acquired under the influence of centuries of winds. The terrain is mountainous, indented by ravines, as well as gullies, because of which the city's districts "jump" from one height above sea level to another. The lowest point is on the outskirts of the city - 750 m above sea level. m., and the highest is in the Kislovodsk park on the Bolshoye saddle mountain (1409 m)

The surrounding ridges protect the Kislovodsk Valley from winds, fogs and bad weather, so the climate here is continental, characterized by low atmospheric pressure and the appearance of water vapor. The air at the resort is clear and clean. The sun is incredibly active, there will be a maximum of forty cloudy days for the whole year! Winters are clear and dry, snow falls literally for 1.5 months. Even in the cold season, subzero temperatures only occur at night (-8 ° C in January). The bulk of precipitation falls in the period from May to July (from 70 to 100 mm.).

Kislovodsk is a popular resort town located in the south-west of the Stavropol Territory, practically on the border with Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria, 65 km from Mount Elbrus. Located in a small and cozy picturesque valley.

The climate is moderately continental with a lot of sunny days. In terms of the number of sunny days, Kislovodsk is not inferior to the best resorts in the world. The air in Kislovodsk is always clean, mostly dry and invigorating.

To simplify the choice of a place for rest and recreation - we bring to your attention the rating of sanatoriums in Kislovodsk with treatment. This selection includes the best Kislovodsk sanatoriums with a swimming pool, which have a large number of positive reviews according to the Putevka website. om. Check availability and current prices for 2021 using the links below.

Sanatorium Moscow

The Moscow sanatorium in Kislovodsk is located on the territory of its own park with an area of ​​9 hectares, consisting of a forest-park zone with an equipped internal sanatorium sanatorium (1,500 meters long). The sanatorium was awarded the highest category as one of the best medical and health-improving institutions in Russia. It features an indoor freshwater pool with hydromassage jets. On the territory of the pump room with mineral waters "Essentuki No. 2" and "Slavyanovskaya". There is an open secure parking.

To issue a ticket to the Sanatorium Moscow online: Putevka. ohm

Sanatorium Solnechny

The Solnechny Sanatorium in Kislovodsk is an ultra-modern clinic with all the necessary technologies and equipment for high-quality treatment. Stunningly beautiful parkland with rose gardens and fountains, accessible only to guests. Excellent specialists work in the sanatorium - doctors of the highest qualification and more than 200 medical and health-improving procedures are dispensed.

Issue a ticket to the Solnechny Sanatorium online: Putevka. ohm

Victoria Sanatorium

The Victoria Sanatorium in Kislovodsk is located just a few steps from the Central Narzan Gallery. The private pump room provides guests with the healing mineral waters "Essentuki-4" and "Slavyanovskaya", and 150 meters from the sanatorium there is the famous Zhelyabovsky source of Narzan. On the territory there is an indoor pool (20x8 m) with fresh water and a waterfall.

Hoteliers of Kavminvod sent an open letter to the governor of the region. They hoped to resume work on July 1, but so far only sanatoriums and hotels licensed to provide medical services have been able to do so. And the hotel business is still suffering colossal losses. What restrictions tourists and representatives of the resort business face, learned "AiF-SK".

The private sector is full, hotels are empty

“Since March 28, our hotel has been completely closed, since May we only accept business travelers. In June, up to 10 people stayed with us, now the maximum is 20. Besides, there are 182 rooms in the hotel. Summer is not the highest season for our hotel, but the usual occupancy at this time is 60-70%. Now it is less than 7%, ”said Polina Litvinova, head of the Beshtau hotel in Pyatigorsk.

“Over the past month, requests for accommodation have increased several times. People want to come on good terms, with families, with companies, but we cannot provide them with accommodation. As a result, many choose other regions for recreation. Hotels operate in Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, KBR, Kaliningrad Region and Altai, ”says Polina Litvinova.

A similar situation is in other hotels and hotels of the resort, while there are enough tourists on the KMV.

“The private sector is packed, we see that there are a lot of vacationers in the city. There are parks, summer verandas, excursion bureaus. We have a load of 5-7% of the room stock instead of the usual 70% for this time, - says the head of the reception and accommodation service at the Musk hotel in Zheleznovodsk. - The worst thing is that we do not know when we will open. When they call and ask for what period it is possible to book places, we cannot answer anything: according to the governor's decree, the opening of hotels has been postponed for an indefinite period - until further notice. " Due to this uncertainty, hotels are also losing orders for large business events. Many companies that traditionally held them at KMV are moving to other regions. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is extremely difficult to obtain soft loans at 2% per annum. Many applications have been pending with banks since early June. We have to take loans on general terms at higher interest rates.

At the same time, the hotels are ready to comply with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

“We have purchased everything necessary to measure the temperature of all employees and guests, quartz the premises, provide masks, sanitizers and disinfectants,” the hoteliers say.

There are 465 hotels in the region. They are designed for 16.5 thousand guests.

You can go to the sanatorium and park, but wearing a mask

According to the Ministry of Tourism of the region, as of July 10, out of 124 sanatoriums in the region, 85 opened and received 5320 people. For the second summer month, 10.5 thousand vouchers have been booked in KMV health resorts. According to the forecast, from September to the end of the year, the load of the sanatoriums will exceed the figures for the same period in 2019 due to tourists who previously planned foreign trips, and those who paid for vouchers and moved their vacation time to the autumn and winter seasons.

At the resorts, as well as throughout the Stavropol Territory, there is a regime of mandatory wearing of masks and observance of social distance. Few people follow these rules. Tourists can walk in the resort parks and terrenkurs, play sports in the open air, visit the summer verandas of cafes and restaurants, go on excursions in groups of no more than 10 people. Parks of culture and recreation, concert halls, cinemas, swimming pools (including in sanatoriums), fitness centers and water parks are still closed.

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