Sanatorium; Anapa; in Anapa (Russia)

Sanatorium; Anapa; in Anapa (Russia)

People go to Anapa not only for entertainment, but also to improve their health. City sanatoriums are waiting for their patients all year round.

The beautiful resort town of Anapa is a place not only for recreation and entertainment, but also for health improvement. The local climate and the proximity of the Black Sea have a good effect on well-being, and numerous sanatoriums are ready to receive thousands of tourists for treatment year-round.

Sanatoriums of Anapa are large medical institutions of a wide profile that carry out diagnostics of the disease and subsequent wellness procedures. They are available to people with different financial incomes and work all year round. Here, problems with the ENT organs, muscular and motor apparatus, problems with the digestive system and the heart are treated with the help of mud baths and mineral water.

Sanatorium "Aquamarine"

In the village of Vityazevo, the Aquamarine sanatorium works for the delight of vacationers. It is practically a fashionable SPA-hotel, where vacationers are offered accommodation in superior rooms and wellness procedures according to the latest developments. "Aquamarine" has its own swimming pools, a retail outlet, a cafe and a restaurant, a children's playground. Access to the sea through its own beach. 150 people can rest in the sanatorium at the same time. Children from 4 years old are accepted here. Medical services are provided by certified doctors. The sanatorium treats problems with the nervous system, respiratory organs, heart and circulatory system. The institution has its own clinical and biochemical laboratory, an ultrasound office, an inhaler, massage rooms. Experienced gynecologists, ophthalmologists, urologists and other professionals in their field work at Aquamarine. For an additional fee, the institution will issue a health resort card, if the patient does not have one.

Sanatorium "Parus"

The doors of the Parus sanatorium are open on the second coastline. At the same time, it can receive 947 people who have decided to improve their health in the best medical and health institution in Anapa. This place is suitable not only for adults but also for children of different ages. The natural and climatic conditions of the resort town are used for medical intervention. In combination with modern high quality equipment, it is possible to achieve the maximum effect in the treatment. Parus provides preliminary diagnostics and subsequent treatment of problems with breathing and ENT organs, allergies, skin rashes, diseases of the heart, nervous and digestive systems. Experienced doctors use mineral waters "Anapskaya" and "Semigorskaya" for health purposes, as well as mud therapy and balneotherapy.

Motylek Sanatorium

A hundred meters from the sea in Anapa is the sanatorium "Motylek". After passing from the buildings through a shady park, vacationers find themselves on a sandy beach, clean and well-groomed. The institution practices multidisciplinary family treatment. Vacationers are welcome here all year round. The medical and diagnostic base of the sanatorium is modern, equipped with excellent quality equipment. This allows for qualified and effective treatment, as well as taking measures to prevent the development of many serious diseases. Guests of the "Motyl" have the opportunity to eat in the dining room 3 times a day according to the chosen menu or according to the diet prescribed by the doctor. The specialists of the sanatorium have developed new treatment programs, which they use successfully. In "Motyl" they diagnose and treat diseases of the endocrine system, mucous membranes, nervous disorders, problems with the motor and musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases. Here, the main emphasis is on mud and algae wraps, massages, and antioxidant therapy sessions to improve the condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Perhaps one of the most favorite vacation spots on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory is Anapa bathing in the sun. White sands, green meadows and a subtropical climate - this is one of the best places for children and families.

The uniqueness of Anapa is that it is located in three climatic zones at once: sea, steppe and mountain. It is this combination, together with the use of mineral water and therapeutic mud, which gives a special healing effect to the climate of the resort. It should be noted that Anapa is considered one of the few resort cities that are popular with tourists all year round. Diving or a tour of historical sites - interesting routes and unique sights will appeal to fans of a varied vacation.

As for transport accessibility, there is a railway station, an airport and a sea terminal in Anapa - it is from there that you can go for a walk around other interesting places in the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimean Peninsula.

Pension "Ural" in Anapa is a four-star sanatorium complex, which is appreciated by guests for a homely atmosphere and decent service. The health resort operates on an “all inclusive” basis.

Address: Anapa, Pionersky prospect, 24

Coordinates: 44.34038, 37. 19870

Phone: 8-800-200-0553 (toll-free)

E-mail: anapa-ural @ mail. u

Healing natural factors guarding beauty and health

Pension "Ural" in Anapa is a modern sanatorium, where vacationers can undergo treatment and prevention of a number of diseases: skin, spine and joints, heart and blood vessels, nervous system, respiratory system, as well as in the area gynecology and urology (including chronic and non-infectious diseases).

The boarding house offers rehabilitation and rehabilitation treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders, occupational diseases, as well as in the field of endocrinology.

Each guest receives an individual program of consultations and procedures, taking into account complaints and the current state of health, as well as the time spent in the spa treatment.

Patients can get advice from highly qualified doctors of various specializations: pediatrician, neurologist, therapist, cardiologist, urologist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist, dermatovenerologist, physiotherapist, therapeutic dentist, cosmetologist, pulmonologist-endologist. Also at the service of vacationers are instructors of exercise therapy and ultrasound examinations. And the psychologist will teach the skills to resist stress.

Anapa is a Black Sea resort famous for its long sandy beaches, clean air filled with microelements, and good ecology. All conditions have been created here to strengthen and improve your health.

Anapa sanatoriums offer a large number of health courses designed not only for adults, but also for children.

Equipped with the latest medical equipment and use modern methods of treatment: electrophoresis, laser therapy, low-frequency magnetic radiation, aromatherapy, therapeutic baths.


The sanatorium, located in the resort village of Dzhemete, at 76 Pionersky Prospect, is only 200 meters away from the sea. Seven buildings of the sanatorium offer 428 rooms.

The new medical building is equipped with modern medical equipment designed to treat diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, skin and cardiovascular diseases.

Three meals a day in the sanatorium are represented by the "buffet" system.

The beach is equipped with a medical and rescue post, changing cabins, awnings, sun loungers.

On the territory of the sanatorium there is a mini-water park, tables for billiards, table tennis, two children's playgrounds, where animators work with children.

The price for accommodation in a standard room, including meals and treatment, will be from 1800 to 2800 rubles per person per day, depending on the season. Phone for room reservation: +7 (918) 645-91-31.

You can get from the Anapa railway station, first by minibus taxi No. 100 to the bus station, then to No. 114,128 to the stop “sanatorium“ Ryabinushka ”or by taxi for 250-300 rubles.

Visiting Anapa sanatoriums with a European level of service is a great opportunity to cure many diseases. A beautiful city, a gentle climate and boat trips will help you cope with both physical and emotional problems.

Natural healing factors of Anapa

Anapa has won the love of Russians thanks to a large number of health resorts. The unique air of this region includes mountain, sea and steppe air masses: in diseases of the ENT organs and the respiratory system, this factor is fundamental for recovery. Therapy with curative mud, sand and swimming in the pleasant Black Sea water is also popular.

External factors that benefit the body include the warm southern sun, which delights visitors 280 days a year, and golden sand. It has a unique natural composition.

Quartz and Kamka (seaweed, which consists of a large amount of minerals), as well as crushed shells of molluscs make sand a useful tool for getting rid of joint diseases, spine and rickets. Kamka is added to various medical masks, compresses, balms. In the conditions of the sanatorium, applications are made of them on the joints.

It is undesirable to use them independently without a doctor's prescription.

There are also many legends about the benefits of sea water. There is information that during the war it was used for blood transfusion, since they are very similar in composition. Many local residents practice the treatment of various injuries to the skin and soft tissues: bruises, cuts, bruises.

Another type of healing salt water - brine, which is rich in local estuaries, is widely known to most guests of the resort and residents. It is used to correct metabolism and is used to treat chronic infections. It is also known for its pain-blocking properties.

There are 8 types of healing mineral waters enriched with bromine, hydrogen sulfide and iodine in this resort town. For medicinal purposes, they are used internally and externally. And what kind of water should be used for a particular disease, the doctor will explain. At the same time, water is sold in stores and on the street in great abundance.

There are many points in the city where water can be drawn free of charge, the same devices are in the territories of most sanatoriums all year round. Baths and pools with mineral waters and volcanic mud are organized by the sanatoriums throughout the spa season.

Anapa sanatoriums are visited by many Russians and residents of neighboring countries. Having recovered their health and gaining strength, many feel great, are less likely to get sick and perceive less the negative impact of the ecology of megacities.

Sanatorium "Anapa" in Anapa (Russia) - photos of rooms, descriptions and reviews of visitors

Sanatorium "Anapa" is located 500 meters from the business and cultural center of the city, 200 meters from the Anapa park, 70 meters from the healing sandy beach. In the immediate vicinity of the health resort there is the famous Anapa embankment, the Golden Beach water park, the Gorgippia Museum of Archeology, the World of Cinema cinema, the central market, numerous shops, restaurants and cafes.

As the largest sanatorium for family and children's treatment, "Anapa" is especially attractive for this contingent of vacationers.

The sanatorium specializes in the preventive treatment of allergic, endocrine, nervous, skin and gynecological diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal system and other ailments. In medical procedures, mainly local natural remedies are used: mineral waters, mud and algae. Some technologies of using seaweed in the treatment of polyarthrosis are unique and are practiced only in this sanatorium. Children can be accepted for accommodation in "Anapa" from 3 years old, and for treatment - from 4 years old.

The sanatorium is located on its own landscaped and well-groomed territory, with an area of ​​9 hectares. It is protected from the penetration of strangers by a fence and reliable security. The health resort complex has a medical building equipped with modern technology, a canteen and other services buildings, 5 residential buildings that can simultaneously accommodate about 900 people.

The housing stock of the sanatorium offers guests rooms of different categories in 1 and 2 rooms, provided with comfortable furniture and the necessary household appliances: air conditioning, refrigerator, TV. Wi-Fi is available in the lobby of the main building. Most of the rooms have a bath or shower in an autonomous bathroom.

At the disposal of the guests of the sanatorium is a whole complex of indoor and outdoor pools with mineral water of considerable size for adults and children. They work seasonally. In the open-air pool there are several bowls with cascades and devices: "waterfall", "underwater geyser", "fungus", "counterflow". Next to it there is a comfortable relaxation area with a solarium and awnings, sun loungers and umbrellas. There is a spa center and a beauty parlor.

Among the greenery and flowers there are playgrounds for sports and children's games. There are indoor halls and a tour desk.

The sanatorium has the opportunity to use the library and the cinema and concert hall for 200 seats. Animation events are regularly held for viewers of all ages.

The territory has its own ATMs and free parking.

Meals for the guests of the sanatorium are carried out according to the principle of "menu-order" for seven days and includes diets recommended by doctors. The dining room of the sanatorium has three spacious dining rooms.

Well-equipped sandy beach 70 meters from "Anapa" - the best in the city. It provides excellent conditions for swimming for children and adults: easy access to the sea in shallow water, children's mini-rides, protective sheds and other amenities, including a rescue and medical posts.

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