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In recent years, treatment in Slovenia has become popular both among Russians and residents of European countries - prices for treatment here are often lower, while the level of medical services corresponds to developed European clinics. After a visit to Slovenia, the Director of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization Suzanne Jacab called the Slovenian health system one of the best in Europe.

Treatment in Slovenia can be obtained in public or private medical centers and clinics equipped with the most modern equipment, and rehabilitation centers offer rehabilitation programs for those who have undergone complex surgeries or injuries. Slovenian clinics specialize in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, orthopedic and urological diseases, as well as the areas of pulmonology, rheumatology and gynecology. Rehabilitation centers in Slovenia accept patients with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for rehabilitation after cardiovascular diseases, chemotherapy and sports injuries.

Slovenian doctors actively cooperate with the world's leading clinics and use advanced treatment methods, and medical centers are equipped with the latest technology. Low prices, highly qualified staff and an individual approach will make treatment in Slovenia pleasant and effective for you.

Treatment at the University Center of Ljubljana

One of the oldest medical centers in the country, the University Clinical Center of Ljubljana, was founded in 1786 and is not only the largest medical center in Slovenia, but also one of the largest medical institutions in Europe. The center is equipped with the most modern equipment, uses advanced technologies and methods of treatment. More than 7,700 people work at the University Clinical Center of Ljubljana every day, more than 100,000 people undergo inpatient treatment here every year and 750,000 people are treated on an outpatient basis.

The University Clinical Center of Ljubljana is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of almost all diseases, as well as scientific and medical research. Among the key divisions: the clinic for internal medicine, surgical, gynecological, neurological, pediatric, orthopedic, dermatological clinics, as well as the clinic for infectious diseases and the clinic for nuclear medicine. The center also includes the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Institute of Radiology and the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation. In addition, the University Clinical Center of Ljubljana is the only medical center in Slovenia dedicated to organ transplantation.

Treatment at the Rogaška Medical Center

One of the largest and most popular treatment centers in Slovenia is the Rogaška Medical Center. He specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. It also provides treatment and surgical operations on veins and blood vessels. The Rogaška center team includes gastroenterologists, vascular surgeons, cardiologists and urologists. In addition, the area of ​​aesthetic medicine is developed here - competent dermatologists and plastic surgeons work in Rogaška. The medical center is located in the thermal resort Rogaška Slatina, which allows combining treatment with rehabilitation procedures, wellness and detox programs using Donat Mg mineral water. In addition, the Rogaška Slatina spa is famous for its wellness and relaxation programs - here you will be offered a variety of massages, peels, body wraps, aromatherapy and other procedures for the beauty of the face and body.

Thermana Laško Health Resort

It is worth driving away from the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana towards the border with Croatia for some 100 km, as a beautiful sight opens up to your eyes. Among the forest-covered Kozjanske Hills rise the light-colored facades of the Rogaška Slatina resort, which is one of the five most beautiful and famous on the continent.

There are several reasons for this popularity:

  • The first of them is Donat Mg mineral water with unique healing power. Its springs flow from a depth of 1700 m, and the mineralization indicators - over 13 grams of mineral substances per liter - have no analogues in Europe. In addition to its medicinal properties, Donat Mg water boasts a pleasant taste and natural carbonation.
  • The second reason is wonderful weather all year round. Mild winters and moderately hot summers.
  • The third reason is the level of professional training of the staff of Rogaška Slatina. Clients are offered a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment programs, the widest range of procedures.

Interesting historical facts about Rogaška Slatina

The first written mention of healing water in Rogaška dates back to 1141. There is also an immutable archaeological proof that in the Middle Ages patients actively used the healing properties of water from Rogaška Slatina - a kind landowner carved an inscription about this on a stone well.

Alchemical studies of the sources were carried out already in 1572. And after, in the 17th century, Count Peter Zrinsky, who was practically hopelessly ill, recovered thanks to the use of water with a stagger, they began to study it seriously. In 1685, Doctor of Physics Johan B. Grundel published his monograph on healing springs. From that moment on, the development of the Rogaška Slatina resort received a scientific background.

In the 19th century, Count Ferdinand Attems bought up the surrounding land, built a hospital and invited the medical staff for permanent residence. Bottled water from the springs began to be exported to a number of countries.

And in 1908, a geologist from Karlovy Vary, Dr. D. Knett, discovered the Donat Mg water source.

Rogaška Slatina is called the royal resort of Slovenia. And indeed it is. Representatives of the most titled families - Bourbons, Habsburgs, Bonaparte, Obrenovichi - improved their health here. People of art did not bypass the resort with their attention either. At one time, the chosen society came to entertain the genius composer Franz Liszt himself.

Where to stay?

Today Rogaška Slatina is a modern resort with a worldwide reputation. He managed to preserve all the charm of antiquity, while offering progressive methods of diagnosis, treatment and recovery based on natural influences.

Terme Zrece is a health resort in Slovenia with underground waters and curative mud springs, located in a small town, at an altitude of 395 meters. There are hotels for every taste and budget: from private cottages to famous sanatoriums of the highest category.

Terme Zrece is located a hundred kilometers from the capital of Ljubljana, not far from the ski and climatic resort Rogla, so many clients combine health, beauty and spa treatments with snowboarding, ice skating and skiing.

Leading clinics abroad

Therapeutic factors of the resort


Everything about holidays in Montecatini Terme is here. Reviews about the resort, prices for treatment.


Leading specialists of clinics abroad

Professor Ulf Landmesser

Health and wellness procedures

Where to stay?

Where to relax in Slovenia in 2021? We made a selection of popular sea and thermal resorts. Current prices for food, tours, accommodation, entertainment and transportation. Tips and reviews of tourists about holidays in Slovenia with and without children. Map of the resorts of Slovenia in Russian and with a description.

Slovenia is a small cozy country in the Balkans. Despite its modest territory, it has a rich history and entertainment for all tastes. In summer they swim in the sea and relax on clean beaches, in winter they ski in the mountains. And the famous thermal resorts with mineral springs welcome tourists all year round.

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Holiday seasons in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country where mountain peaks, clean lakes, seaside and dense forests coexist. This is not the hottest European resort and will appeal to those accustomed to the temperate climate. The average air temperature in the summer months is +23. + 25 ° C, but in July and August it sometimes rises to +27. + 29 ° C. The water warms up to +20. 22 ° C. Traditionally, the second half of summer is recommended for seaside holidays in Slovenia, when the water warms up as much as possible, especially if you are traveling with a child. Thanks to the numerous health resorts and thermal baths, holidays with children in Slovenia are very popular.

In winter the temperature is from −2. + 6 ° C, and tourists come to ski.

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To visit Slovenia, Russian citizens need a Schengen visa. To get it, you need to provide itinerary receipts confirming the flight in both directions, a reservation or confirmation from the hotel's website, medical insurance, as well as a statement of income and a bank statement. The visa is issued within 10 days, its cost is 35 €.

Map of Slovenia with resorts

The best resorts and beaches in Slovenia

Slovenia's beaches are rocky and pebbly, and there are also many beaches with concrete platforms. Sandy beaches are very rare, because they are all loose, and as a rule, there is a paid visit to them. The coastline is only 46 km long, and the sea in Slovenia is very clean and transparent. Some beaches belong to expensive hotels, but there are not many of them. Most of the beaches are municipal, with paid use of sun loungers and umbrellas (from € 3 to € 5).

The town of Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia) is a balneological health resort. The resort is located in a picturesque corner of the country - at an altitude of 228 meters above sea level. 110 km separate the capital of Slovenia from the hospitals of Rogaška Slatina.

The healing properties of the water in the resort have been known for a long time. In ancient Greek myths, it is said that the celestial - Apollo - ordered that the divine being - Pegasus - drink hearth from the healing springs of Rogaška Slatina. And today people are happy to come here again and again.

Unique features of the Rogaška Slatina resort

The Rogaška Slatina resort is a unique place that has earned popularity among Europeans. Not only residents of Slovenia come here, but also representatives of various nationalities. The thermal resort is only gaining popularity among our compatriots. However, the life-giving power of Donat Mg healing waters is already known to many.

Mineral water allows you to improve your health, replenish the supply of macro- and microelements (especially magnesium), and also forget about your ailments. In addition to healthy water, the healing air and mild climate deserve special praise. They have been coming to this resort area of ​​Slovenia for the sake of the healing waters for more than 400 years.

At the thermal resort it is pleasant to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The secret of the popularity of Rogaška Slatina is very simple - the mineral water has no analogues in terms of purity and percentage of magnesium, it is impossible to find such springs in Europe. But it is this mineral that is vital for the maintenance and normal functioning of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

Treatment at the Rogaska Slatina spa

Wellness and treatment in Rogaška Slatina is gaining popularity. The value of such a holiday is known to doctors. They refer people here who need treatment related to the following problems and systems of the human body:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • digestion;
  • skin diseases; <
  • postoperative rehabilitation;
  • obesity;
  • endocrine system;
  • rehabilitation after degenerative rheumatic diseases.

Treatment in Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia) is especially popular among overweight patients. Magnesium-rich water, as well as a developed dietary program, allow you to quickly get rid of extra pounds and gastrointestinal diseases. On average, the course of treatment can last from 7 to 14 days.

For a day of accommodation with meals and medical, diagnostics, consulting services, you will need to pay about 79–95 euros. Guests are offered spa and manual procedures, massages and wraps, therapeutic baths and magnesium therapy, gymnastics, etc. The cost of a daily stay at the resort will depend on the intensity of treatment, the characteristics and the number of procedures prescribed by the doctor.

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