Rest in Borjomi in Georgia

Resorts of Georgia

Georgia is a unique and distinctive country, which you definitely need to visit more than once in your life.

The best resorts of Georgia on the sea today are considered:

  • Tbilisi is the capital and main city of the country;
  • Batumi is the most modern and equipped seaside resort in Georgia;
  • Kobuleti is the pearl of the Adjara coast ;
  • Magnetiti is a unique place with healing black sands;
  • Gonio is a secluded place for family rest and recreation;
  • Kvariati is a resort with the only diving in the country. center;
  • Sarpi is a resort on the very border with Turkey.

Be sure to visit the Black Sea resorts of Georgia and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the sea and hot sun.


Although there is no sea in Tbilisi as such, the city is recognized as the most popular resort in Sakartvelo, as Georgia is also called. This is the capital and that says it all, because Georgia made Tbilisi the main city by no coincidence. This is a city of unique beauty that you can talk about for hours.

Let's dwell on the most interesting places in Tbilisi. First of all, it is worth mentioning the "Tbilisi Sea" - this is how everyone calls the huge local reservoir.

In length, it stretches as much as 9 km. On the shores of the reservoir, there are rocky beaches for relaxation, as well as a modern water park with various Spa zones, an arboretum, a pine forest and the famous monument of the History of Georgia are nearby.

The capital has several lakes with beaches for relaxation. These are Turtle Lake, White Lake, Bazaleti and Lisi Lake. Vacationers here have the opportunity not only to swim and soak up the sun, but also go on an exciting fishing trip.

History lovers will be interested in visiting the Narikala Fortress on the Holy Mountain, which in ancient times was considered the most impregnable, because no one managed to storm it and seize power. From the observation deck of the tower you will have the best view of the capital, Tbilisi will be in the palm of your hand.

Health Resorts in Georgia with Treatment by the Sea - Health Resorts in GEORGIA with Treatment - OFFICIAL PRICES for a year

Where to improve your health in Georgia? | Medical sanatoriums in Georgia

It has long been no secret for everyone that Georgia is the richest country in terms of the abundance of natural sources. Thanks to this wealth, there are many different balneological resorts on the territory of the country. Below we will present the main resorts, sanatoriums, and spa hotels.

The name of the city comes from the word "Tbilisi", which in translation from Georgian means - warm. And this is not casual, since Tbilisi is located at the location of warm sulfur springs. Natural sulfuric water with a temperature of +37 C and above is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, various gastrointestinal and skin diseases, etc.

Tbilisi, st. orgasali, 9. Tel: +995 322 72 25 51

In addition to procedures with mineral water, Tbilisi Balneological Resort also offers therapeutic mud baths, therapeutic massage, exercises, etc. A whole department of medical tourism operates on the basis of this institution. Recently, we began to work with children who are sick with authenticity. The consultations are provided by the leading experts in this field from Italy. More information about this institution can be found here: Tbilisi Balneological Resort

Kojori, st. Bioli 1, Tel. +995 322 322 322

The peculiarity of this place is that with the help of innovative diagnostic methods, each guest is individually developed a health program. A scientifically grounded algorithm for his stay in the center is being built, and upon completion of treatment, a second diagnosis is carried out with a clear example of the results before and after. detailed information on this establishment can be found here: Medical Wellness Resort

Probably one of the most famous balneological resorts not only in Georgia, but all over the world. It is located in an incredibly beautiful place, in the Borjomi Gorge. But besides its picturesque location, Borjomi is famous for its unique healing waters. The healing properties of these waters cover a wide range of diseases, such as: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; diseases of the genitourinary system; respiratory diseases; metabolic diseases, diabetes, thyroid and obesity; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; chronic fatigue syndrome; diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular system, joints, etc.

Borjomi hotels with wellness centers:

Borjomi, st. Meskheti, 16 Tel: +995 322 29 22 92

The name of this Georgian resort is familiar to all residents of the CIS thanks to the healing mineral water "Borjomi".

The Borjomi resort in Georgia is located in the picturesque gorge of the same name, which was formed by two ridges: Vakhan and Trialeti. This advantageous location provides city dwellers with reliable protection from temperature surges and gusty winds.

The Viva-Georgia company is engaged in the organization of recreation in the resorts of Georgia.

Prices in Georgia for holidays in Borjomi per year

The cost of rest here is about the same as in other resorts of this beautiful country.

You can get to Borjomi from Tbilisi by train or shuttle/private taxi. Travel time by train - 4.5 hours (2 GEL), by minibus - 2 hours (18 GEL).

In addition, there are several modern SPA clinics and hotels of a high European level for connoisseurs of a comfortable stay.

Depending on the conditions you choose, accommodation will cost you from 10 to 40 dollars per day per person, which is a very reasonable cost for such a picturesque place.

When did Borjomi resort in Georgia become popular?

Borjomi became popular at the beginning of the 19th century, when soldiers randomly found a source of healing mineral water.

After drinking the water from the source, the soldier commander recovered from an ailment of the gastrointestinal tract. The fame of the healing effect quickly spread around the neighborhood, after which people from different countries of the world began to come to the place of the source in the hope of recovering from various diseases.

I would like to spend a long-awaited vacation not only in an excellent atmosphere on the seaside, but also with tangible benefits for my health. Moreover, it is best that such a vacation does not become a blow to the wallet and is remembered later with great warmth. If you want to combine all these nuances, then feel free to go to Georgia. Here you can get the most unforgettable experience and improve your health. However, judge everything for yourself.

Healing holidays in Ureki: why tourists come here?

Georgia has long been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But those who wish not only to bask on the soft sand choose the sanatoriums of the Black Sea coast. Quite often, travelers choose Ureki, a magnetic region located on the very coast of the Black Sea.

Decades ago, Ureki was a small settlement in the swamps. Years later, almost the entire area was drained, and black magnetic sand was exposed under a layer of swamp slurry. As it turned out, it has medicinal properties and helps with many diseases. Since then, sanatoriums and hospitals began to be built in Ureki, where vacationers from all over the Soviet Union came.

The years of desolation have affected the resort town not in the best way. Many buildings are now in a dilapidated state, but in recent years the sanatoriums and health resorts of Ureki are beginning to acquire a second life. Naturally, tourists began to increasingly turn their gaze to the black sands of this amazing land.

Holidays in Ureki per year: treatment

Black sand, which is located almost under your feet in Ureki, is called magnetite. It really does contain a certain amount of magnetic substance, which can even ruin equipment left unattended on the sand.

Thanks to this magnetic sand, a very wide range of diseases can be treated:

  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • diseases of bones and joints;
  • diseases of the respiratory organs;
  • diseases of the heart vascular system.

Ureki's climate is very good for the health of children of all ages. In Soviet times, the coast was built up with a large number of children's sanatoriums.

If you want to combine rest on the Black Sea coast or in nature with wellness balneological procedures, then the best solution is a vacation in a sunny country.

The mineral waters of Georgia are famous all over the world for their medicinal properties. Therefore, most resorts provide a full range of services for the treatment of various complex diseases.

Our company organizes recreation in the resorts of Georgia.

What is rich in Georgian mineral waters?

The main advantage of mineral water is its medicinal properties. It has a beneficial effect on the body, helps to provide it with macro - and micro elements.

Throughout Georgia, there are thousands of springs with medicinal water, including almost all of its types known to science. You can feel all the healing properties of mineral water by visiting your favorite water resort in Georgia. Their main components are clean mountain air, warm mild climate, thermal and mineral springs, magnetic sand of the Black Sea beaches.

Where can I find mineral springs in Georgia?

If you want to understand if the resort you are going to have such sources, you need to know some nuances and Viva-Georgia will help you with this.

You can choose a mineral resort in Georgia with a spring based on the following typification:

  • balneological resorts are located at no higher than 700 meters.
  • balneoclimatic resorts are located at an altitude of 700 to 1000 meters, surrounded by coniferous forests, for example, Borjomi.
  • mountain climatic at an altitude of 1000 to 1500 meters. These are the curative mineral resorts of Georgia, such as Kiketi or Jama.
  • alpine are located at an altitude of 1600 to 2000 meters. This arrangement allows, in addition to the main healing factor of mineral water, to use climatotherapy created by the Caucasian nature. Alpine resorts include Shovi, Bakhmaro, Bakuriani.

The mineral springs of Georgia are located in the coastal and mountainous zones.

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