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Turkey in winter and off-season: the best thermal spring hotels of 2020

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Antalya is a large resort town full of shops, markets, cafes and restaurants, discos and nightclubs. The hotels here are mainly of urban type with small territories and municipal beaches. 10 kilometers from the airport, in the Lara and Kundu districts, there are expensive luxury hotels of the 5 * and De Luxe level, offering wide sandy beaches, large areas and all the possibilities for a discerning public to relax.

Antalya resort is located on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey. The city is conveniently located between the mountains of the Western Taurus and the Gulf of Antalya, 12 kilometers from the airport of the same name.

The resort area includes the districts of Incekum, Konakli, Avsallar, Okurcalar and Mahmutlar and others.

The beaches in Antalya are diverse - from platform beaches in the rocky part of the coast, in the city center, to municipal pebble beaches in the Konyaalti region and wide sandy beaches in the villages of Lara and Kundu. In addition to a beach holiday in Antalya, there are many opportunities for water sports - windsurfing, sailing, diving.

In the vicinity of Antalya there is a ski resort Saklikent and several rocky areas for rock climbing lovers - the famous Geyikbayiri area 40 km from the city and Akyarlar 15 km away.

For those who are planning a vacation in Antalya with children, there are several water parks, a dolphinarium, a zoo and an amusement park.

Be sure to visit the Archaeological Museum in the city of many cinemas, on occasion you can visit various festivals and exhibitions.

Antalya is known for opportunities for active nightlife, cafes, restaurants, pubs are scattered throughout the city. The city is considered one of the centers of youth recreation in Turkey due to its numerous open-air clubs and discos, where all musical styles and trends are represented.

The most famous sights of Antalya are Hadrian's Gate, Yivli Minaret, Hidirlik Tower and the picturesque Kaleici area, with many small shops and street cafes located right under the walls of ancient buildings. Not far from the city are the most beautiful Kursunlu waterfalls, Duden waterfalls and Karain caves.

For the past six years, starting in 2013, I have worked in 14 health resorts in Europe and have studied over 200 sanatoriums and spa hotels. I confess, I never thought about the fact that there are thermal resorts in Turkey. Moreover, I did not think that they could compete in the quality of treatment with European resorts.

And suddenly one of my business partners said that there was an offer to go to Turkish thermal resorts and explore their potential. Of course, I did not take Turkey seriously as a country where you can get quality spa treatment. The belief that such resorts as Piestany in Slovakia, Heviz in Hungary, Abano Terme in Italy, Jachymov in the Czech Republic, are the strongest in the world until the last moment remained unshakable.

Ankara Thermal Resort

And in June 2020, I fly to Ankara. On the outskirts of the city there are thermal springs, near which hotels have been built. They were erected on a traditional Turkish scale. Huge buildings, several indoor and outdoor pools, chic infrastructure for sports, a fantastic selection of dishes at the buffet. But…. there is no medical base in the sense that it is done in European sanatoriums. The hotels have thermal pools, and private areas with thermal jacuzzis. I called this the concept of "thermal relaxation". Nobody limits you in visiting the thermal spa and it's free. The thermal waters of Ankara are 42-44 degrees Celsius and I assure you that you will not sit in the pool for 15 minutes. But what an incredible feeling it is to wake up in the morning and sit in hot thermal water for 5-7 minutes. Despite the fact that the outside temperature was +32 ° C, the hotel was well air-conditioned and bathing in the thermal pool did not cause any discomfort.

You, of course, ask: where is the treatment here? And bathing in thermal water is the treatment. Yes, I know, you are used to visiting a doctor in a sanatorium to give appropriate instructions. But you have to pay money for this, and not every doctor working in a resort hotel will give sensible recommendations. In some spas in the Czech Republic, doctors do not even consider visiting thermal pools as a procedure. Because it is profitable for them to sell you other procedures and from this they will receive their commission. And in the thermal hotels of Ankara there are information stands indicating which diseases the water treats and how much time you need to spend in it. No unnecessary formalities. I judge the healing potential of the local thermal water by myself: after 4 days the knee stopped hurting (there was an injury) and the lower back (pinching of the intervertebral nerve).

And this is all despite the fact that the thermal waters of Ankara are among the weakest in Turkey in terms of the degree of mineralization (the amount of dissolved trace elements). Of the accompanying procedures, we offer massages and mud applications. The short conclusion is this: I really liked the thermal hotels in Ankara. They are of a family type, there is entertainment for adults and children. It will not be boring. And you will have treatment free of charge.


The temperature of the water in the pools of Balchova is from 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. It fills in the snow-white recesses and looks bright blue from above.

  • sulfur
  • calcium bicarbonate
  • sodium chloride

The degree of mineralization is quite high. The healing properties of the springs have been known since the time of King Agamemnon. The oracle advised him to send the wounded warriors to a natural pool in the mountains. After 2 days, all the wounds healed, and the Greeks got stronger and were able to continue to fight the Trojans.

Healing baths were forgotten, they began to be used only in 1763. Today, the resort offers guests not only spa treatments, bathing and therapeutic massage, but also full-fledged spa treatment: 10 medical laboratories work here. There is also a room for psychological relief.

Afyon Thermal Resort

Spend 2 unforgettable weeks at the health resort in Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia at a great price: from 83 euros per day.

Specialization of the resort: treatment of diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, antistress.

Accommodation in hotels GrandHotelSava 4 * s & HotelZagreb 4 * with a treatment program in the medical center "ROI MEDICAL" Show in full. Therapeutic procedures using Donat Mg and ROI mineral waters, balneotherapy, carboxytherapy, physiotherapy Restoring energy balance in the ROI SPA wellness center. Pools, spa treatments for beauty and wellness, outdoor activities, cycling and horseback riding. Healthy eating according to Dr. Giefing's method without counting calories. Entertainment program, excursions to natural mineral water springs, wineries.

REHABILITATION Hand rehabilitation, rehabilitation of neurological diseases, rehabilitation after sports injuries, individual sports programs and program exercises Isokinetic therapy unit Isokinetic therapy unit CSMI, HUMAC NORM TESTING AND REHABILITATION SYSTEM - within a few minutes identifies and heals a site with a weakened muscle Isokinetic exercise machine Electromassage Lenfodermic massage Pressotherapy Thermal water is used for spa centers, thermal pools, swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, jacuzzis, steam baths, hairdressers, massage rooms, herbal and mud baths and wraps, for facial skin care and in the sections on healthy weight loss.

There are many different balneological centers on the territory of Turkey, in which the course of treatment is based on the use of mineral waters. It has been proven that each of them contains truly unique biologically active compounds in its composition. Thanks to this, the course of treatment at the balneological resort of Turkey has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Kangal Resort

Located in the north of Turkey, near the city of Sivas, Kangal resort is widely known throughout the world as a leading medical center in the field of psoriasis treatment. The mineral springs located on its territory arose quite a long time ago on the site of a huge lake, which disappeared due to a strong earthquake. After their appearance, only small fish were able to adapt to life in water with a higher temperature. They began to feed on dead skin particles of sheep that came to the watering place and people bathed in the spring. After a while, local shepherds noticed that such water promotes healing of wounds on the skin, and also generally has a very positive effect on the state of the body.

Today, fish help to cure a huge number of various dermatological diseases. For example, to cope with psoriasis, you need to swim in the spring every day for at least 8 hours for three weeks and take about 2 liters of mineral water inside. Such treatment always gives a long-term result, therefore, remission of the disease does not occur earlier than three years after the course, and in some cases it does not even occur at all. In addition, mineral water is unusually rich in zinc and selenium, its use perfectly normalizes digestive processes, as well as metabolism. Moreover, regular intake of the healing liquid helps to significantly strengthen the body's immunity.

Pamukkale Resort

Pamukkale is often called a geological miracle of nature. This resort in Turkey attracts vacationers not only with the delightful beauty of the white-colored limestone rocks, but also, of course, with the healing mineral springs, the properties of which have been known since ancient times. In general, there are 17 springs on the territory of Pamukkale with different chemical compositions of water. Some of the sources are located on the territory of hotels. Here, patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, kidneys, as well as the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems are treated with amazing success. Local rocks have natural depressions filled with thermal waters. Bathing in such reservoirs has a beneficial relaxing effect on the skin and a noticeable rejuvenating effect.

Bolu Resort

Bolu is a balneological resort in Turkey, located at an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level, surrounded by forests at the foot of Mount Seben. Bathing here brings people quick relief from a wide variety of diseases for over 17 centuries. The water from the Great Geothermal Spring is characterized by increased radioactivity, and it is also rich in salts of sulfuric acid, calcium carbonate and magnesium. It is used exclusively for drinking to heal people from digestive and skin diseases. A small spring is best suited for bathing; its chemical composition includes iron, carbon dioxide and calcium sulfate. Taking a hot bath perfectly relieves stress in stressful conditions, normalizes blood circulation, helps with gynecological diseases and rheumatism. Drinking water from this source is recommended in the presence of any kind of inflammatory processes in the urinary tract or kidneys.

Yalova Resort

Yalova is located in a mountain gorge near Istanbul and has been famous all over the world for its hot springs since ancient times. The water temperature in them is approximately 57-60 degrees. The healing liquid contains fluorides, sodium chloride and calcium sulfate. At the disposal of clients on the territory of this balneological resort in Turkey, there are two modern hotels, individual baths and swimming pools. Vacationers come here to fight a variety of diseases, including metabolic disorders, allergies, obesity, as well as diseases of the genitourinary and digestive systems. The complex of wellness procedures includes not only useful hot baths, but also the intake of mineral water inside, rather long sessions of underwater and traditional massage, a visit to the sauna and Turkish bath.

Dalyan Resort

The village of Dalyan can be confidently called a wonderful place both for a beach holiday, and in order to improve and restore your health. Several thermal springs are located next to it. The most famous of all is located on Lake Koycegiz and is called Sultanie. Its water has a very high level of radioactivity and is unusually rich in sulfur and calcium compounds. Hot baths here effectively help to cure such serious diseases as rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, as well as all kinds of gynecological and dermatological diseases.

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