Resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

Resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

For residents of Russia who want to relax and improve their health, sanatoriums and health resorts are opening in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. What are the requirements for visitors and prices in sanatoriums - in the help.

Guest Requirements

In the sanatorium on the Caucasian Mineral Waters, you can rest only if you have a negative test for Covid-19. The result must be received no later than two days before the date of the trip to the sanatorium. Also, vacationers must have with them a certificate of the absence of contact with infected people for a period of at least 14 days before the date of arrival at the sanatorium.

In the region, the mask regime, introduced before July 1, continues to operate. It is also required to maintain social distance.

Risk of infection on the way to the resort

Inquiries cannot guarantee safety, since "transport is now a potentially dangerous place for the spread of coronavirus," and "neighbors on a trip should be treated as potentially infected," says disinfectant doctor Nikolai Dubinin. He noted that now only "an extremely frivolous person" can go on a journey.

If you still decide to travel, then you should choose a mode of transport in which communication with fellow travelers will be minimal, and throughout the trip you need to wear a respirator of the required level of protection, insists Dubinin.

Stavropol health resorts

As of July 31, 2020, 103 sanatoriums for tourists from other regions were opened on the territory of the region. This list includes health resorts that have followed the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

12 of them have been working for 1.5-2 months.

The Sanatorium "Main Narzan Baths" dates back to the end of the 19th century, when bathrooms were arranged next to the Narzan Gallery (mid-19th century). In 2015-2018, the complex was restored anew. The sanatorium is located in the historical center of the city of Kislovodsk on Kurortny Boulevard, near the intersection with Vokzalnaya Street.

The cost of a single room with treatment according to the "Light" medical program will be 7,000 rubles per day. The price also includes three meals a day, transfer, visit to the pool and hamam. There are also additional paid services - cosmetology and spa.

Caucasian Mineral Waters: tourist season against the backdrop of a pandemic

Balneological resorts in Russia are, first of all, Caucasian Mineral Waters (KMV). Mineral springs, healing mud and clean mountain air are the basis of the region's medical base. And the tourist base is the picturesque views of the Elbrus region and natural attractions, fanned by colorful Caucasian legends. What is the difference between MinVod resorts? What are their medical specializations and what can you see in the KMV region in your free time?

How to get to the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

Map of Caucasian Mineral Water Resorts

To get to the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, you need to buy an air ticket to the city of Mineralnye Vody. The flight from Moscow will take about two hours. Directly in the city, despite its name, there are no sources, but literally within an hour and a half you can get to the balneological resorts:

  • to Pyatigorsk in 50 minutes;
  • to Kislovodsk in 1.5 hours;
  • to Essentuki in 1 hour;
  • to Zheleznovodsk in 30 minutes.

These four cities are the main resorts of KavMinVod.

Flights to Mineralnye Vody


There are more than 150 architectural monuments in Pyatigorsk

The largest of the MinVod resorts is the noisiest and most urbanistic. Pyatigorsk is located at an altitude of 510-630 m, sanatoriums occupy the upper part of the city. There are almost 50 springs here, and Pyatigorsk is the world leader in the variety of mineral waters. At the service of vacationers are hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, radon springs and Lake Tambukan with healing mud, which is located 12 km from the city.

Pyatigorsk is, first of all, Lermontov. The house where the poet lived, Lermontov's grotto, a park, a gallery named after him, a place of a deadly duel. You can walk along the memorable Lermontov places on your own or with a thematic excursion.

What is being treated in Pyatigorsk

For residents of Russia who want to relax and improve their health, sanatoriums and health resorts are opening on the Caucasian Mineral Waters. What are the requirements for

Caucasian hospitality is already a brand that does not need advertising. Caucasian Mineral Waters (KMV), namely the multinational cities and villages that are part of them, are no exception. The attitude towards vacationers was always at least respectful. But now the situation in sanatoriums and in general domestic tourism in the North Caucasus, even in comparison with the past, is beyond praise. All employees, doctors, specialists, service personnel are tuned in to one thing: to make the guests' rest as comfortable as possible. Although it must be admitted, to some extent it influenced the work of medical and recreational institutions, the notorious coronavirus will be remembered by nightfall. All unanimously declare that if the "second wave" happens, the resort towns will not survive it.

Sorry for the banality, but having arrived at the resort it is better, at least for a while, to forget about politics, the coronavirus, oh God forbid, its second wave and the activation of supporters of the "glove-and-mask mode".

Once I already offered site visitors an article about the history, sights, interesting places of Kislovodsk.

I think that the interested, and even more enlightened fellow tourists, agreed with me on something, but didn’t like something in this article. 5 years have passed and we decided to rest in Kislovodsk again.

Caucasian mineral waters - what's new in the resort town

There are many new things, although not everything is interesting, beautiful and harmonious. I think that people who have been here will show interest in the information offered.

Cascade staircase in the Kislovodsky park

Everyone who has vacationed in Kislovodsk at least once knows that this is the city's trademark, the most beautiful entrance to the Kislovodsk resort park. The staircase is located on the slope of the mountain, at the end of Dzerzhinsky Avenue. Established in 1935, the complex has undergone several major restoration activities (last 2015-2018). This decoration of the city looks very impressive. Although the fountains could be more powerful. Later it turned out that higher jets would interfere with the perception of this architectural masterpiece.

It is possible that the definition of "large" or "main" will soon be added to the name of the staircase. A small cascade staircase, located on the opposite descent along the avenue, is already at the completion stage.

Singing fountain in the shopping center "Passage"

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with this achievement of scientific and technological progress. The more important it is for the authors and the more interesting for the audience is even the insignificant features with which one fountain may differ from another. On the square in front of the shopping center "Passage", on the site of the once existing, later abandoned hydraulic structure, a new, largest fountain in the North Caucasus region was built in 2016.

His bowl is 400 sq. ... occupied a significant part of the territory that has been empty for more than 20 years. The height of the jets reaches 15 m. Cafes and restaurants have harmoniously blended around, which are not empty, especially after 19.0 (the musical and color show starts at 20.0). This is where that zest appears. The light and water effects accompanying the performance of the musical composition are still complemented by flashes of fire. As a rule, this happens on the final chords and causes a lively delight among hundreds of spectators surrounding the fountain.

By country or city:

Enter a city or country and select the appropriate location from the drop-down list.

Stories on the regions of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

New Year Kislovodsk

The trip to Kavminvody was chosen by the method of exclusion: where there will be fewer tourists on holidays and where the epidemiological situation is stable. And I wanted as much sun as possible. Kislovodsk was chosen between Sochi, Yalta and Kislovodsk. Stayed in sanato. Next

Pyatigorsk, House with a fireplace

Rest time: August 15-17, 2018

Pyatigorsk. In the wake of nostalgia and Lermontov. Instead of the epigraph "This city is only famous for the fact that Lermontov was killed in it" I love Pyatigorsk dearly, but I really like this epigram, which gets to the point - in the city a lot rests on the name by. Next

Our rest and treatment during the pandemic Zheleznovodsk September Through thorns to recovery

Rest time: September 2020

Part 1 . tzyv. u/review/217689/Part 2 . tzyv. u/review/217697/Part 3 Zheleznovodsk_recreation, trips and cooking Rich, our cultural program, this time, you can not name, but still we managed to see something. In the lane. Next

Our rest and treatment during the pandemic Zheleznovodsk September Through thorns to recovery

Rest time: September 2020

The favorite resort of Russian classics is known for its healing springs, mountain parks and cozy old towns with a southern flavor and Caucasian cuisine.

A small resort region located in the south of Russia, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, numerous lakes with therapeutic mud and mineral springs. It includes several resort towns, each of which has mineral springs of different composition. The healing properties of these waters were known at the beginning of the 19th century: Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Pushkin and Lev Tolstoy loved to spend their summer here, moving from one resort to another. The most inspiring places of Mineralnye Vody are in our gallery.

The peak of Mashuk mountain in Pyatigorsk

The resort town of Pyatigorsk, the capital of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, is located at the foot of the Mashuk and Beshtau mountains. It is not only the main tourist and cultural center of the region, but also the oldest balneological resort in Russia with numerous sanatoriums. In the central park “Tsvetnik” you can stroll along the old galleries with mineral springs, look into the coffee shop of the early 20th century and see the blue waters of the underground karst lake Proval. There is also a cable car that leads to the top of Mashuk Mountain, which offers the most breathtaking views of the city.

Kislovodsk National Park

The main pride of Kislovodsk is a huge park located right within the city. Here you can easily walk for a week without repeating the route. The lower part of the park is a resort area with a pedestrian boulevard, many cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and fountains. A little higher is the Valley of Roses, surrounded by coniferous trees, from where you can climb the highest part of the park - the Olympic stadium (about 1200 meters). There are many paths and terrainks of various difficulty levels in the park, including a special trail where you need to walk barefoot - so you won't be bored!

In the center of Kislovodsk there are preserved old summer cottages of the late 19th century, a cascade staircase from 1930 that leads to an observation deck in the middle of the park, the building of the main narzan baths of the early 20th century with Moorish-style stucco moldings.

The largest drinking gallery in Yessentuki

In the Spa Park of this city, you can taste different types of mineral waters: there is the largest drinking gallery in Europe, designed for five thousand visits a day. Impossible a stone's throw from the central entrance to the park

do not pay attention to the mud baths, built at the beginning of the 20th century in the style of antique public baths.

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