Resorts of Primorsky Krai

Primorsky Krai

The recreational resources of Primorye are created by a combination of a mild climate, the attractiveness of mountain-taiga and sea landscapes, the presence of sources of curative mud and mineral waters. Due to this, most of the Far Eastern sanatoriums (more than 40) are concentrated in the Primorsky Territory. At the same time, they can accommodate more than 6.5 thousand vacationers.

One large summer seaside resort in Primorye is the Khasansky District (Vityaz, Slavyanka, Andreevka, etc.), which contains numerous picturesque islands, beaches, bays and bays with warm sea water. It is no coincidence that it was here in 1997 (in the Bay of Expedition) that the first health-improving area of ​​the Primorsky Territory was allocated. The bay contains the most valuable deposits of silt sulphide mud, superior in its medicinal properties to many others.

Lake Khanka mud is also known, and most of the sanatoriums in the suburbs of Vladivostok operate on the basis of sea therapeutic muds of the Uglovoe Bay: Amur Bay, Okeansky Voenny, Sadgorod, Primorye, Moryak, "Ocean", "Builder", etc.

More than a hundred sources of medicinal mineral waters are registered in the region. They are most developed in the Kirovsky region - at the Shmakovsky spring.

The Shmakovka resort is located in the picturesque valley of the Ussuri River. The healing factors of the resort: warm and dry summers, sunny and calm winters, rich taiga vegetation and Shmakov's "Narzan". In Shmakovka today there are sanatoriums: "Zhemchuzhina" (for 400 beds), "Emerald" (for 500 beds), Shmakovsky Military Far East Military District (for 500 beds) and a sanatorium named after 50th anniversary of October (400 beds).

Medicinal mud was also found in the Amur Bay near Nakhodka. On their basis there is a sanatorium-preventorium "Pearl".

Sanatoriums and resorts of Primorsky Krai


Rest on Lake Khanka

Lake Khanka is the largest lake in Primorsky Krai, located in the center of the Khanka lowland in Russia and China. The wider northern part of the lake belongs to China. The lake area is not constant and depends on climatic conditions: maximum 5010 km², minimum 3940 km². The lake is 90 km long and 67 km wide.

Primorsky Krai is an amazingly picturesque and simply unique place in the Russian Far East. Nature lovers will find here beautiful hills, the coast of the ice-free Sea of ​​Japan, a fascinating underwater world, the unique Ussuri taiga, the mountain slopes of the Sikhote-Alin, and nature reserves. And extreme lovers will surely like river rafting and comfortable ski slopes, sailing and windsurfing.

Primorye occupies the most extreme part of the southeast of Russia. By land it borders on the Khabarovsk Territory, China and North Korea, and in the east and south it is washed by the Sea of ​​Japan. In addition to the mainland, the Primorsky Territory includes numerous islands.

Among all the variety of ecotourism in Primorye, the most developed is marine. These are sea cruises, active holidays on the coast and islands, and, of course, diving. In addition, here you can do adventure, sports and hunting, fishing (amateur underwater fishing, fishing and photography), recreational, as well as extreme (equestrian, speleotourism, surfing, parachuting, paragliding, kiting, skiing, snowboarding) tourism.

Large cities of the region - Nakhodka, Ussuriisk, Artem, Arsenyev, Spassk-Dalny, Partizansk, Dalnegorsk, Lesozavodsk, Bolshoy Kamen, Dalnerechensk, Fokino.

Population - about 2.1 million people. Time difference with Moscow: ahead of Moscow by 7 hours.

Winter: pristine nature, downhill skiing.

Weather in Primorsky Krai

Winter in the Primorsky Territory is long, with low temperatures. In the central and northern regions of the region it lasts 4-5 months, in the southwest 3-3.5 months. The weather in winter is mostly clear and sunny. The first snow appears on the Sikhote-Alin peaks in early October. The average January temperature is from + 12.5 ° С to -23.9 ° С.

Spring in Primorye is cold, lasts 2-3 months. The average temperature in April is +3. +5 ° C. Frosts in the foothills and mountains of the Sikhote-Alin can be until mid-June, and on the Khankayskaya plain - until the first half of May.

Summers are warm, and in areas remote from the sea, even hot, but damp. The warmest month in the continental regions is July, on the coast - August. Autumn is warm and dry. The air temperature drops slowly. The warmth remains especially long in coastal areas, where autumn is the best time of the year.

The Primorsky Territory has a number of specific features of the climate: monsoon character associated with frequent typhoons; high air humidity; a large number of days with strong winds, fogs; short duration of stable snow cover in the southern and foothill regions.

Tourist Safety

In Primorye, blood-sucking insects are widespread, as well as carriers of a number of dangerous natural focal diseases.

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