Resorts of Hungary

Resorts of Hungary

The history of Hungary goes back over 1000 years, but every year this country becomes more and more attractive for people from all over the world. Famous thermal springs and interesting architecture must be seen with your own eyes.

On August 20, Hungary celebrates the country's main public holiday, which is considered the founding day of the Hungarian state. On this day, magnificent celebrations are traditionally held here: music sounds in the streets, the Esztergom cardinal celebrates mass in the Budapest Cathedral, and the holiday ends with bright fireworks over the Danube at night.

However, Hungary is beautiful not only during the holiday - this country wins the hearts of its guests 365 days a year.

What do you know about Hungary?

Hungary ... This is more than 1000 years of culture, virgin nature, healing baths of Europe, musical power, Balaton, Heviz, excellent wines, unique cuisine, hospitable people and much more. More than a thousand thermal springs in the depths of the Hungarian land make it possible to call the country a European health resort without understatement. Unique monuments and beautiful cities make Hungary one of the most visited countries in the world.

Eight sights of Hungary have the status of World Cultural Heritage: 3 national parks, an ancient Christian necropolis in Pecs, an abbey in Pannonhalm, the village of Hollokö. And in the foreground is the irresistible Budapest with its Citadel, Palace and avenues.

Hungary is a European health resort

If you drill wells in Hungary, you can find a source with thermal waters almost anywhere. On the basis of these waters, many hydropathic centers, baths, beaches with thermal pools and balneological hotels have been built here.

Hungarian health resorts have a modern medical base, but the cost of the procedures here is very humane.


The most famous health resort in Hungary is Heviz with the world's largest natural thermal lake of volcanic origin. Its area is 4.4 hectares, the depth is up to 38 meters. Every three days there is a complete water exchange, and the water temperature does not drop below 22 degrees even in winter.

Hungary is often called the most famous European thermal spa. The vast majority of regions of the country have their own healing springs, the water of which is the main healing factor of Hungarian spa complexes and programs of local balneological resorts. The uniqueness of the wellness treatments offered by the best spas in Hungary lies in the off-season treatment options. Lovers of balneological procedures can relax in Hungarian spa resorts both in summer and in winter. More than 1,100 of the country's 60,000 springs provide hot water to the surface, which is why baths built in such places are popular with fans of thermal health programs in January and July.

The best health resorts in Hungary

The statistics on the Hungarian spa industry are staggering in scope and variety of opportunities for health seekers. There are more than fifty hydropathic centers open in the country, as many wellness hotels and about seventy thermal hotels. Therapeutic procedures in the Hungarian baths are unique for patients with dozens of different pathologies, from dermatological to neurological. Balneotherapy in Hungary is a national brand, and highly professional specialists are engaged in the healing of patients in local sanatoriums and hospitals.

The medical profile of different resorts may differ, and therefore, when choosing a medical tour to Hungary, carefully study the features and specialization of spa centers:

  • Tapolca occupies a special place among other medical resorts in the country. The reason is the existence of a health-improving underground cave at the resort, the microclimate of which is a powerful healing factor. The constant air temperature and its minimum humidity, the absence of any allergenic factors and dust create unique conditions for the treatment of diseases of the lungs, bronchi and autoimmune pathologies of the respiratory system. In the center of the resort is the Malom thermal lake, which is fed by the waters of eighteen healing springs. On the banks of the Malom, there are hospitals with thermal pools.
  • Would you like to go to Hungary for treatment with the whole family? Choose the resort Buk, the infrastructure of which is suitable for families with children of any age. The healing bath of one of the largest resorts in the country is located in a tourist center that ideally meets modern requirements. In the complex you will find swimming pools for children and adults, some of which are medicinal, filled with thermal water. For kids, there is a "splash pool" and a water slide. There are many medical indications for treatment in Buck: diseases of bones, joints and ligaments, metabolic disorders, urological and gynecological pathologies. At the Bük Baths, you can undergo rehabilitation after a sports injury or orthopedic surgery.
  • Lake Heviz and the resort of the same name on its shore are a real paradise for those who care about their health and dream of spending a vacation enjoying useful and pleasant procedures. The lake is constantly fed by the waters of mineral springs, which completely renew the contents of its bowl every two days. The composition of Heviz water is unique! Dozens of useful elements of the periodic system of Mendeleev are dissolved in it in the proportion necessary for the healing of the body. Almost any pathology of the musculoskeletal system and musculoskeletal system is successfully treated in the sanatoriums of Heviz. Complexes of medical procedures, consisting of mud applications, mineral baths, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, heal patients with gout and scoliosis, neuralgia and lumbago, osteochondrosis and muscle tissue dystrophies. Heviz treats gynecological patients and offers rehabilitation to injured athletes.
  • Each square meter of the 25 hectares of the territory occupied by the medical complex in Hajdúszoboszló is used strictly for its intended purpose: at the resort, thousands of patients with dozens of pathologies of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, as well as guests with gynecological and dermatological diseases. In the medical complex you can swim in several indoor and outdoor pools, take a pearl bath, undergo a course of mud wraps, massage and physiotherapy procedures. Doctors in Hajdúszoboszló help patients with degenerative changes in bones and joints, inflammatory pathologies of the spine and ligaments, and ailments associated with dysfunction of the peripheral nervous system feel better. Wellness programs developed in the resort's medical centers help eliminate the causes of female infertility and introduce patients with autoimmune dermatological processes into permanent remission.

The peculiarities of the organization of treatment in Hungary allow you to take a course of recreational activities in any sanatorium or bath. At the same time, you can stay both in a hotel and in private apartments or a family guesthouse, and you can order and undergo procedures in any medical institution you like.

Hungarian Beach Resorts

Once in Hungary in the summer, do not miss the opportunity to sunbathe on its beautiful beaches. The country has no outlet to the sea, but the shores of Lake Balaton completely replace tropical resorts for Hungarians and guests of the country.

On the beaches of Siofok, active tourists, young people and party-goers of all ages feel great. The resort offers opportunities for any kind of recreation: discos and concert venues are open, festivals and exhibitions are held, dozens of cafes and restaurants work, folklore performances are held and rock parties gather. The beaches of Siofok, stretching for a dozen kilometers, are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. On the sandy shores of Lake Balaton, you can rent sun loungers and parasols, rent a boat and catamaran, play beach volleyball or football. There are hiking and cycling trails in the vicinity of the resort. The poster of summer events at one of the best resorts in Hungary is pleasantly diverse: Siofok hosts operetta festivals and organ concerts, ballet performances and circus festivals.

Fonyod is ideal for families with young children - one of the oldest beach resorts in Hungary on the shore of Lake Balaton. Fonyod offers a variety of opportunities to make your vacation interesting and rewarding. At the disposal of the guests of the resort are quiet private guesthouses, campings, beaches with a sandy gentle entrance to the water and infrastructure designed for families with children of all ages. The coastal strip at the resort and in the surrounding area is replete with cafes and restaurants, sports equipment rentals and playgrounds with attractions. All the beaches of Fonyoda are monitored by rescue teams.

TOP-best resorts in Hungary

Joint pathologies are a fairly extensive group of disorders that are accompanied by a decrease in the mobility of the joints of the bones. Diseases of this group are becoming the most common cause of loss of working capacity, complete or partial disability. Sad statistics indicate that they are increasingly found today in young people, but they are still more common among the elderly. Problems are observed in athletes and people leading an active lifestyle, as well as in patients with diabetes, obesity and hormonal disorders. Articular pathologies lead to a violation of the symmetry of the gait, cause uneven loads on the vertebrae and limit mobility. At the same time, the treatment of such diseases requires long-term rehabilitation, for which the best solution would be to use natural balneological factors, for example, treatment of joints in health resorts in Hungary.

Principles of Joint Spa Treatment in Hungary

Treatment of joint diseases in health resorts in Hungary allows you to eliminate painful symptoms and prevent the development of repeated inflammatory processes. The variety of balneological resorts with natural and thermal springs makes it possible to select therapy based on individual indications. Elimination of dystrophic and inflammatory processes is carried out here using the unique properties of alkaline and hydrosulfite waters, special baths and applications.

Balneological procedures are part of a comprehensive joint treatment in Hungary, which, in combination with manual therapy, diet and medication, provides a pronounced effect.

In specialized health centers, patients from all over the world receive decent care and a full range of procedures - from diagnostics and selection of health courses to mud therapy, balneotherapy, hydromassage and mineral baths. Also, methods of electrotherapy, oxygen therapy, cold treatment, various inhalations and massage are actively used here. Sports programs for health improvement are individually developed. After staying in a health resort in Hungary, the patient will get stronger, restore the function of the joints and get rid of pain.

The main joint health resorts in Hungary

The choice of one or another resort is carried out according to individual indications and the type of balneological effect. The springs in each health resort in Hungary for the treatment of joints have a unique composition - the presence of certain chemical elements, their concentration and activity, temperature and other properties.

In the resorts of Hungary, therapeutic measures are carried out as part of the orthopedic rehabilitation program.

The unique thermal waters are extremely rich in carbon dioxide. It also contains large quantities of potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, fluorine, iodine, iron and other elements, each of which has a healing effect on the body. For example, bicarbonates cleanse of toxins and toxins, magnesium improves protein synthesis, and potassium is responsible for water balance and heart activity. However, it is necessary to choose a sanatorium in Hungary for the treatment of joints only after a thorough examination, since balneotherapy has a number of contraindications. So, health improvement at the resort is not recommended for severe cardiovascular pathologies, malignant neoplasms, thrombosis, tuberculosis and acute inflammatory processes, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Judging by the reviews, joint treatment in Hungary is perfectly complemented by rest. In addition to medical care, most hotels and centers provide various entertainment, healthy and tasty food, sports grounds, exciting excursions and much more. In addition, numerous positive reviews about the treatment of joints in health resorts in Hungary also testify to the high level of service and comfortable accommodation of patients.

Treatment in Hungary is available with MedExpress:

Hungary has special water: almost the entire territory of the country is fed by underground sources, the water in which is saturated with useful minerals.

This is one of the countries where people go not so much for excursion programs or beach vacations, but in order to improve their health.

In addition to equipped sanatoriums and spa hotels, there are many public open-air baths throughout the country.

In the photo: Debrecen is one of the best thermal spas in Hungary

There is even a unique underground - the only one in Europe.

Benefits of thermal spas in Hungary

The first resorts on Hungarian waters appeared in the Middle Ages. Now such resorts occupy most of the country. Only in old Budapest there are about 130 thermal springs.

Tours to thermal resorts in Hungary are in great demand: local springs differ in water temperature and mineral composition, so they can be used to treat many diseases.

Some travel agencies offer their clients a unique service - a sightseeing tour of the thermal resorts of Hungary, so that after trying several, a person can choose the one that suits him best.

Balneological hospitals are not a strict medical institution with their own rules. On the territory of the hotels, in addition to healing procedures, vacationers are provided with a huge selection of entertainment: from excursion programs to beach holidays.

To undergo treatment in Hungary, it is advisable to consult a doctor in advance to make sure there are no contraindications.

Hungary is a country with a positive tourist image: travelers from different parts of the world love to come here on vacation.

Tourists from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia are especially fond of it. Low prices and thermal spas in Hungary, which are recognized as some of the best in the world, have played a significant role in this.

Thermal spas in Hungary

There are about 1000 thermal springs on the territory of relatively small Hungary - impressive, isn't it? The waters of each of them contain valuable minerals that nourish the tired body and restore health.

It is better to buy a ticket to local resorts in the low season, if, of course, you are interested in exactly the treatment: in Hungary, prices for thermal springs in 2020 are traditionally lower in late winter-early spring and late autumn-early winter. The peak of attendance of the country falls on the New Year holidays and summer months - then the cost of the tour is expected to increase.

On average, holidays and treatment in Hungary on thermal springs suggest the following prices for 2020:

  • Hotels and resorts 3 * - from 40 € per day;
  • Hotels and resorts 4 * - from 60 € per day;
  • Hotels and resorts 5 * - from 90 € per day.

As a rule, the price includes accommodation, treatment and meals. The list of the most interesting and popular places for recreation includes the following resorts in Hungary with thermal springs and beautiful surroundings.


The small resort town is located at the largest thermal lake of volcanic origin in Europe - Heviz - and has the same name with it. The main treasures of the resort:

  • mineral drinking water;
  • thermal bathing water;
  • medicinal mud.

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