Resorts of Armenia: a mountainous region with a rich culture

Tourism in Armenia

Armenia is famous for its hospitality, therefore, vacation in Armenia in 2021 is in demand among tourists in almost the same way as popular foreign resorts. It is good to come here with your family or in a friendly company. As for leisure, travelers have a lot to turn around.

What are the ancient monasteries with a thousand-year history, the inaccessible Mount Ararat, green forests and healing springs! And gastronomic tourism is a topic for a separate article. After all, the Armenian gastronomic traditions are more than 3 thousand years old! Therefore, when going on vacation to Armenia, get ready not only to see, but also to smell and taste this country in the literal sense.

Types of recreation in Armenia

Despite the fact that Armenia is a small country, it has a lot to offer tourists. So, in winter, skiers come here to ride the familiar tracks and lay new ones. And summer is the time for family holidays on the rocky beaches near Lake Sevan.

Many people choose excursion tours in order to have time to see as many sights as possible during their vacation - and there are many of them on this earth. And of course, we must not forget about health, especially since there are many healing springs in Armenia with miraculous crystal clear water.

Sightseeing Armenia

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity (it happened in 301). Therefore, it is not surprising that magnificent religious sights, which are up to 2 thousand years old, have been preserved here. If you are interested in the topic of ancient architecture, then we advise you to visit:

Yerevan is a city of incredible beauty, which tourists call "pink". Almost all of the buildings here are made of pink tuff. The city has preserved many ancient churches, but there are also many modern buildings that deserve attention.

Khor Virap is an ancient monastery near Yerevan. A stunning view of Mount Ararat opens from here.

Noravank is another mountain monastery built in the XII-XIV centuries and has become an important educational and cultural center of southern Armenia. The mountain gorge leading to the temple is a natural landmark.

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a big, if not a huge blow to the tourism industry in all countries of the world. How domestic tourism will be chosen from the "pandemic pit" - in the article by Sputnik Armenia.

Laura Sargsyan, Sputnik Armenia

Instead of luxurious rooms in luxury hotels, spacious rooms in hostels and rented houses, and instead of sea sand - the sultry summer sun of Tbilisi. This is how the tourist season summer-autumn 2020 is presented in Armenia.

And while everything remains banned, Armenian tour operators, guides, the tourism federation, the heads of hotels and hostels are developing their own mechanisms to attract a local audience, and in the future, a foreign audience.

What is outdated in tourism, and how the sphere will be developed in a pandemic, the correspondent of Sputnik Armenia found out.

Things won't be the same

President of the Armenian Tourism Federation Mekhak Apresyan predicts the absolute activity of domestic tourism. The population tired of inaction will rush for at least a couple of days to Karabakh, to the south of the country, or simply go to the mountains, he is sure.

"Therefore, the restoration of the tourism industry will begin with domestic tourism. We will be able to talk about external tourism when the movement of people becomes free in the world, air transportation and land transport start working," Apresyan said.

However, focusing on domestic tourism, we should not forget about the outside, starting to slowly prepare for the future, because sooner or later foreigners will return to us, he says.

Apresyan believes that this situation will allow the Armenian population to discover the country from the other side, to taste traditional Armenian dishes, to understand that our authentic cuisine is in no way inferior to foreign ones.

However, all this is only and only in compliance with safety rules and epidemiological standards: in hotels, hostels, outdoors, in the mountains and everywhere.

Aghveran Resort

The climatic resort of Aghveran is a very picturesque corner in Armenia. It attracts tourists with its mountain air and unique landscapes. The air here is crystal fresh and clean at any time of the year. Here you enjoy the silence, trills and singing of birds, the murmur of mountain rivers, beautiful landscapes of mountain slopes.

Tsaghkadzor Resort

Tsaghkadzor is a small resort town, for many years it has been a real center of attraction for extreme lovers. Among tourists Tsakhkadzor is called "the city of adrenaline". Tsaghkadzor has everything to tickle your nerves and test your strength: breathtaking ski slopes, a zip line and a chairlift.

Lake Sevan

Alpine Lake Sevan, or as it is also called "the pearl of Armenia" or "Geghama Sea", is the most famous and popular beach resort in Armenia. Sevan is surrounded by mountain ranges from all sides, from where a stunning panorama of a high-mountain lake opens up. Lake Sevan in Armenia is famous for its purest fresh water.

Dilijan Resort

Little Switzerland - this is how the Armenian resort town of Dilijan was deservedly named for its dense forests and fabulous mountain landscapes. Every year, many tourists come to the Dilijan resort to enjoy its nature, forests and mountains, relax, improve their health, breathe in the clean mountain air and enjoy amazingly clear water from natural mineral springs.

Jermuk Resort

Jermuk Resort is famous for its healing waters and climatotherapy. It is here that Jermuk table water is produced. Jermuk mineral waters are used for drinking and bathing. They have a therapeutic effect in diseases of the digestive system, liver, metabolic disorders, nervous system, as well as ailments of the gynecological and locomotor apparatus.

Hankavan Resort

The mountain-climatic resort of Hankavan is famous for its thermal mineral springs, nature that has preserved its original appearance, and a climate that has a beneficial effect on the body. Hankavan hotels offer high quality rest in a picturesque place. Hankavan - the "quietest" of all the resorts in Armenia, pacifies and relaxes with its slowness and an atmosphere of serenity.

Tourism in Armenia is an intensively developing sector of the Armenian economy. About 750 thousand tourists visit Armenia annually.


In 2009, the number of travelers arriving in Armenia from the CIS countries sharply decreased, but the number of tourists from Iran and Georgia also sharply increased, which neutralized the decline characteristic of the current situation in the tourism business [1] ...

At the same time, only 10% of tourists visiting the country in 2009 stay in hotels and use the services of travel companies - the rest prefer to take care of their holidays on their own. This trend is largely due to the high cost of travel packages [1].

According to the Ministry of Economy of Armenia, as of 2009, most of the money in the country is left by Japanese, Canadian and American tourists. Travelers from Iran and Georgia afford the least expenses. In particular, if a guest from Japan spends about $ 1400 a day, then Iranians and Georgians spend only $ 30–40 [1].

In January-December 2011, 758,000 tourists arrived in the republic against 575,000 tourists in the same period in 2009, the growth rate of the number of tourists was 30.0%. During the same period, 526 193 people left the republic for the purpose of tourism, compared with January-December 2008, the increase was 2.1% [2].

According to the results of 2011, the dynamic rates of development in the tourism sector of Armenia remained. According to official data, in January-December 2011, the republic was visited by about 758 thousand tourists, which is 10% or 80 thousand tourists more than in 2010. In 2011, foreign tourists spent about $ 445 million in Armenia, which is $ 37 million more than in 2010. [3]

According to the World Tourism Organization, in 2012, the number of tourists visiting Armenia was 850,000. [4]

In the same year, seven new hotels were opened in Armenia: the Tufenkian hotel chain, the National boutique hotel, the Nairi hotel, the new Silachi hotel complex, and the Marriott Hotel complex in Tsaghkadzor. In 2013, two Hyatt hotels in Jermuk and Yerevan, as well as the Golden Palace hotel in Tsaghkadzor are being prepared for opening.

International ratings

According to the list of the world famous magazine National Geographic Traveler, compiled in September 2011, following an international vote, Armenia was among the three countries leading in the nomination “Active, including extreme tourism”. [5]


Ancient, small, but proud Armenia adorns the region of Transcaucasia. The post-Soviet republic annually receives thousands of tourists from the countries of the former USSR. The Armenian state attracts travelers with ancient traditions, mysterious monuments, national cuisine, luxurious carpets, amazing Yerevan, Lake Sevan and quality balneological resorts.

Country overview

Armenia is located in the Transcaucasian region of Asia, in the north-east of the highland of the same name. The state borders on Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Despite the fact that the sea is not accessible to Armenia, the country has other tourist advantages. Travelers come to enjoy a delicious barbecue, purchase a unique carpet, hear great toasts, enjoy the mountains, dense green forests and Lake Sevan.

Armenian weather is influenced by a dry, continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. At the same time, the country is blinded by sunlight almost all year round. The rainy season lasts from spring to early summer. In summer they come here to swim in the warm waters of Sevan, in winter - for the sake of the ski slopes of Tsaghkadzor. Tourism industry experts note that autumn is considered the best option for visiting, which will delight you with comfortable weather, colorful nature and sweet fruits.

How to get to Armenia from different CIS countries

The easiest way to get to Armenia is by plane. Due to the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia, several transfers will have to be performed on another transport. There are direct flights from Moscow to Yerevan daily, and from St. Petersburg to the capital of Armenia - several times a week. Planes from other large Russian cities also fly to Yerevan. The average flight duration is about three hours.

Trains from Russia to Armenia go through Tbilisi, Vanadzor, Gyumri and Armavir. In this case, the road will take four days, and the cost of such a route will be equal to a direct flight. Residents of Ukraine and Belarus will also have to get to Armenia through Georgia, so air communication is an ideal option. It is worth noting that planes leave from Kiev and Minsk to Yerevan every day.

Health resorts and ski resorts in Armenia

All Armenian sanatoriums are built in the locations of thermal waters, so each resort can please customers with mineral baths, healing procedures with healing mud, hydromassage. Many boarding houses will delight tourists with pearl baths, relieving stress and rejuvenating the skin, laser therapy, paraffin therapy.

Jermuk is considered the oldest balneological center of the republic. The resort is located in the mountains and is surrounded by forests, rocks, rivers and waterfalls. The first terms originated here in the first century BC. Modern Jermuk is known for 40 healing acidic springs that eliminate many diseases. It is necessary to indicate that the resort is the most budgetary in the country.

The Armenian balneological center Dilijan is interesting for the mineral water plant of the same name, built in the middle of the last century. There are boarding houses in which tourists get rid of and reduce the severity of various pathologies, for example, tuberculosis. In addition, old Dilijan will delight guests with beautiful architecture.

Armenia is famous throughout the post-Soviet space for the Tsakhkadzor ski resort. Various, long tracks are equipped with lifts, and the center itself is interesting with several swimming pools, a stadium, a sports complex, hotels and restaurants. The local slopes are suitable for beginners, children and experienced skiers. The resort will even delight you with a bobsleigh track. In addition to skiing, in Tsaghkadzor, we recommend admiring the ancient monastery complex Chekaris and visiting the Orbeli Brothers House-Museum.

Ecological tourism in Armenia

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