Pantopreprocessors and; tour operators discussed the development of health tourism in; region

Pantopreprocessors and; tour operators discussed the development of health tourism in; region

As part of the business program of the regional event "Maralnik Blossom" on May 7, on the basis of the business center of the tourist and health complex "Stick-Travel" (Altai District), a "round table" was held on the topic: "Use of the natural and industrial potential of the Altai Territory to enhance the tourist attractiveness of the region ”.

Within the framework of the event, topical problems of interaction of tour operators with maral breeding farms that have panto-health centers were discussed; the possibility of conducting advertising tours and popularizing the products of antler reindeer breeding.

The round table, organized by the Directorate of the Food, Processing and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Altai Territory with the assistance of the Administration of the Altai Territory for the Development of Tourism and Recreational and Sanatorium Complexes, KGBU "Altai Center for Cluster Development" leading Altai processors of antler reindeer breeding products, leading scientists in the field of antler reindeer breeding, medical rehabilitation, representatives of municipalities of the region, NP "Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster" and tour operators.

Health trend

The reason for the development of health tourism in Altai is significant. Our region is unique in its tourism potential and can offer tourists and vacationers an exclusive product - health treatments based on raw materials from antler reindeer breeding.

Currently, the tourism industry is undergoing a qualitative transformation. This is primarily due to the nature of changes in demand for these services. A healthy lifestyle is becoming fashionable, so more and more people strive to maintain good physical shape. In our region, a unique product is supported and promoted - pantotherapy on the basis of health centers and maral breeding farms of the region.

Already now we can say that pantotherapy has its adherents. Every year people from different regions come to Altai to take health baths and buy locally produced antler reindeer products. Mostly these procedures are offered by sanatoriums and partly health centers based on maral breeding farms. But in the near future the administration of the Altai Territory is to develop pantotherapy in maralniks in order to attract the attention of tourists to this segment of the industry, on the one hand, and to enhance the tourist attractiveness of the region, on the other.

The provision of these services by maral farms and sanatoriums is growing qualitatively. If 10 years ago, even knowing about the healing properties of antler baths, many for some reason did not take them, today this procedure takes place in completely different conditions, under the close supervision of doctors. The demand for this product has increased significantly, and our task is to increase it.

Golden Gate

Ruslan Emelyanov, head of the city's marketing sector and the strategic development and economy department of the Biysk city administration, spoke about the possibilities of realizing the potential of antler reindeer husbandry within the framework of the Golden Gate of Altai project.

In his opinion, the construction of a complex at the entrance to Biysk will contribute to the development of the city and may become a starting point for various tourist routes related to the improvement of the body. According to industry experts, approximately 80% of people visiting the recreational areas of the Altai Territory pass through Biysk. "We invite organizations involved in the processing of raw materials for antler reindeer herding to take part in the creation of a common tourist route to attract tourists to their sites."

Today, all actions of the Altai Territory administration are aimed at creating a system for involving maral breeding organizations in the tourism business. Ruslan Emelyanov proposes to create a single travel product that will facilitate the promotion of each representative of the industry and the direction in general on the market. As such a tourist product, a new brand route of Altai is proposed, linking the organizations of the maral breeding sphere into a single chain of objects and services.

Ruslan Viktorovich believes that the creation of a branded route will not provoke competition among maral breeding farms, but, on the contrary, will combine their capabilities into a worthy tourist product. Tourists will pass through all the farms included in the route, respectively, there will be opportunities for the development of additional services (excursions, cooking dishes from maral meat, master classes of folk craftsmen, rental of horses and equipment, etc.).

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