Nigeria's resorts: a West African country with lots of fun

Nigeria's resorts: a West African country with lots of fun

Tourism in Nigeria is considered an important item in filling the budget, so the authorities are making every effort to improve the infrastructure, suggest new destinations for recreation. Despite the abundance of domestic problems, Nigeria attracts thousands of travelers every year, who come for rainforests, waterfalls, savannahs, wildlife and a variety of cultural and historical attractions.

Country overview

The Republic of Nigeria is located in West Africa. The state's neighbors are Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. In fact, it is one of the largest countries on the continent in terms of population and territory. Thanks to oil production, Nigeria has achieved some success in economic development, although this has little effect on the financial situation of local residents. It should be noted that the country gained independence from Great Britain only in 1960.

The weather is formed by the equatorial monsoon and subequatorial climate with humid summers and dry winters with sharp temperature changes. During the rainy season, tropical rainstorms affect the regions located in the Niger Delta. It is better to come to the country in spring and autumn, when it is dry and comfortable.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

Nigeria is not connected with the CIS by direct flights; to Lagos, domestic tourists should fly through major European cities, for example, Istanbul, London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. There are also regular flights from these countries to Kano or Port Harcourt. Russian citizens will have to apply for a special visa and a medical insurance policy to visit.

Seaside Resorts in Nigeria

Lagos, located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, is considered the center of beach recreation in the country. Connoisseurs of ecological tourism will be delighted with the lush vegetation, diverse wildlife, mangrove forests and swamps with crocodiles, snakes and monkeys. Tourists also come to Lagos to soak up the white sandy beach, swim in the clear water and admire the marine life.

In addition to a beach holiday, the city is interesting with a bridge connecting the resort with mainland Nigeria, huge markets, and the National Museum. We recommend visiting the old residence of the Oba kings, the UNESCO-protected reed village of Sukur, and the Okomu nature reserve, home to white monkeys, African elephants, buffaloes and various birds.

Health & Ecological Tourism in Nigeria

The health tourism in Nigeria is worse than the beach holiday. There are thermal springs only on the territory of Yankari National Park, but the tourist infrastructure is just beginning to develop. Tourists can improve their health in traditional spa centers equipped with the best hotels and hotel complexes in the country.

Like any other African country, famous for its wildlife and diverse national parks, fans of ecological tourism will not be bored. The Jos Plateau is a unique natural monument of the republic. This protected area is famous for the cliffs towering over the jungle. Despite the continuous erosion, the plateau is popular with climbers.

Wellness tourism in Africa is based on colonial and tribal wellness traditions. Various tribes in Africa turned to nature using sand from the desert, clay from the savannah, salt from the ocean, grasses and plants from the jungle.

The Masai in Kenya and Tanzania have invented a massage technique to relax the back and shoulders after carrying a heavy load or a long hunt. The Zulu warriors have developed various ways to train their body and spirit. The Bushmen use a combination of drumming and dance to heal. All this can be found on the menu of many African resorts.

Wellness Tourism in Africa: Colonial Traditions

The main expansion of health tourism in Africa is through the development of former colonial holiday destinations in the mountains and on the seaside, founded by settlers from Europe. The remoteness from European resorts prompted them to develop resorts in Africa, copying their European counterparts. They served both to restore health and improve the mental state of homesick Europeans. Many sea and mountain resorts provided shelter from tropical heat and disease, insects, wildlife, and other hazards, including encounters with native populations.

Travel guides from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries suggested travel to South Africa, where railways promoted tourism. Sulfur and hot springs were discovered in the Cape and several resorts were built around these springs. Resorts with hotels in the mountains, deserts and bush are also popular with tourists, and the local finbosh is the richest plant kingdom on the planet.

Today, South African resorts are promoting spas and wine therapy, sea and thalasso vacations, safari tours and spas, golfing and spas.

Holidays in Africa: Safari Tour and African Spa

Wellness tourism has started trickling into African safari. Often in Africa, resorts offer their guests the opportunity to combine safari tours with an African spa. Safari (Swahili - travel, hike, trip, expedition) usually means trips into the wild to observe animals, although walking has also become popular lately.

After exploring the savannah and its inhabitants, tourists can relax at the spa or enjoy a massage in the outdoor bush. The safari helps to recreate the lost connection with nature and allows guests to feel and experience the primitive essence of Africa.

Wellness tourism in Africa: tribal traditions

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