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Thalassotherapy tours in Tunisia, the best spa hotels in Tunisia with thalassotherapy

If you are looking for a vacation in a country with clean beaches, calm warm sea and a lot of places of interest, then you simply will not find a better vacation destination than the resorts of Tunisia. This country is rich in a wide variety of places to visit. Next, we present the best resorts in Tunisia.


One of the best resorts in North Africa is the resort of Hammamet, located in the east of Tunisia. There is a magnificent, clean sandy beach where you can both sunbathe and do any kind of sports. This city will please not only sunbathers and swimmers in the warm sea. There is really something to see here. Medina of Hammamet is one of the historical attractions of the resort. It looks like an old walled city. And all this splendor was built more than 8 centuries ago. Here, tourists will see old houses and mosques. It is worth paying attention to the Ribat fortress, which adjoins the Medina of Hammamet. In appearance, it is a square with a tower that you can enter. Here is the mausoleum of the monk Sidi Buali.


Sousse is one of the most popular resorts in Tunisia, especially among young people. It is a real paradise for those who are bored of lying on the beach all day. It should be noted that most of the attractions are located in the city center. Here you can explore the ruins of Carthage, and tourists with children are invited to visit the zoo. You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous fortress-monastery of Ribat. Climbing to the 2nd floor of which you can still see the footprint in the stone slab. If you believe the legend, then you can make a wish by stepping on the imprint and it will certainly come true. Not far from the fortress is the Great Mosque, which has 2 domed towers. Another striking attraction of Sousse is the Dar Essid house-museum, which was built in 928.


Monastir is the hometown of the first President of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba. Today it is a popular beach resort in Tunisia, especially among those wishing to relax on a budget. The beaches and the sea are quite good here, but it is still better for demanding tourists to choose another resort in the country for their rest.

But there are many interesting places in Monastir. For example, the mausoleum of Habiba Burgida, which all tourists who come to visit strive to visit. Also not far from the Medina of the city is the Ribat fortress, which has preserved its splendor to this day. On the ground floor, you will have the opportunity to visit the Islamic Museum. The real Muslim cemetery of Sidi el Mezri will not hide from the sight of tourists. It is popular as a healing place for seriously ill children. A small mosque was built on the territory of the cemeteries; people often come to it to pray for the recovery of children from various ailments. There will be an opportunity and look at traditional Arab clothing, which is presented in the Museum of Traditional Costume. Here is a huge collection of wedding dresses embroidered with precious stones.


Djerba Island is one of the best beach destinations in Tunisia. The resort boasts clear turquoise seas, white sandy beaches and excellent hotels.

We should also highlight the sights of the island of Djerba, the most striking of which is the Gazi Mustafa fortress. It was built of sandstone coastal stone. Within the walls of this fortress there was once a garrison of warrior monks. Its walls offer a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. At the very top there is an observation deck. The main synagogue of Tunisia "La Griba" is located on this island. It is located in the small village of Hera-Segira. Also, tourists will have the opportunity to look into the favorite place of stay of pink flamingos, Djerba Lagoon. It is worth visiting the entertainment and educational park "Djerba Explore", which is the most interesting attraction on the entire island.


The resort of Tunisia is not only an amazing place in Tunisia for a beach holiday, because it has a huge number of all kinds of attractions. Chief among them is the ancient city of Carthage. It was founded back in 814 BC. Here you can see the remains of Roman sarcophagi and sculptures. In general, you will have to allocate a lot of time to examine it. Excavations are still underway on its territory. The mountain oasis in the Atlas Mountains - Shibiku is also worth visiting. It offers a stunningly beautiful view of the Sahara. Also, tourists are invited to visit the famous Tunisian lake, where you can see huge flocks of pink flamingos. If you have enough time, you can visit the Phrygia Safari Park. This reserve is home to about 30 species of animals.

Tunisia is distinguished among the most demanded and frequently visited resorts. Recently, however, a tense political situation has developed in the state associated with the terrorist acts that took place in the country in 2016. This is constantly reported in the media and other official sources. The authorities are trying to settle the problem.

No entry to Tunisia since March due to coronavirus

An entry ban has been introduced for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and all other foreigners from March 18, 2020, according to the interfax website. u

Tunisia closed land borders and suspended passenger flights. As an exception, evacuation flights are allowed to return tourists home. The country has also introduced a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am.

The situation was quickly brought under control by the government of the country. The fact is that the tourism business for Tunisia is profitable, and the replenishment of the budget here occurs mainly at the expense of vacationers. The Russians, on the other hand, find their vacation in Tunisia, as well as in Turkey, comfortable and inexpensive. At the same time, the all-inclusive catering system still operates in the country's hotels. Many vacationers prefer Tunisia to a number of other countries with developed tourism. These include Egypt.

Russians do not need to apply for a visa to travel to Tunisia. Increasingly, after visiting the country, many people want to move for permanent residence. Or just go to work in Tunisia.

How are things going in the 2021 season? News about the possibility of closing the entry to the country periodically appears. At the moment, access to the comfortable resorts of Tunisia for Russians remains open, despite the recent terrorist attacks.

The warm climate of a sunny state and high-level living conditions organized in hotels and inns are doing their job. All that was required from government agencies was to provide an adequate level of safety for the holidaymakers. Many today are asking questions: is it worth planning a trip to Tunisia during the holiday season, how safe it will be and how much it might cost?

How safe is Tunisia today

According to the data provided for tourists, which can be read on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the situation in Tunisia is still tense. The police are trying to suppress the outbursts of aggression. In addition, there is no one hundred percent guarantee that terrorist acts will not be repeated. Demonstrations show that Tunisia is unsettled and has a difficult social situation. However, the 2021 beach season is open for vacationers, and some of the tourists are not stopped by the latest events.

Vacationers are strongly advised to refrain from visiting resorts located in the Tunisian-Libyan border zone.

Riots in the cities of the neighboring state, in particular, in the city of Ras Jedir, periodically make themselves felt.

There was no official order to ban travel to Tunisia. The Russian Foreign Ministry recommends resting in the protected resort areas of Tunisia, where constant control was organized and police squads were involved. Vacationers are advised to leave hotels as little as possible and not to make frequent excursions.

White sand, date palms, hot African sun, wide beaches and comfortable all-inclusive hotels have won Tunisia the love of tourists. According to reviews, this country is also attractive for the special flavor of the East, beautiful landscapes, ancient monuments and ruins. Russians like it because of the low prices and visa-free regime. Let's see what tourists think about their holidays in Tunisia!

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The best time for a vacation in Tunisia

When is the best time to relax in Tunisia in 2021? According to the reviews of tourists, thanks to the subtropical Mediterranean climate, you can come all year round. Even in winter, when the sea water is too cold for swimming, fans of windsurfing and excursion tourism visit Tunisia.

Connoisseurs of sandy beaches are advised to go to rest not earlier than the end of spring, since the water in the sea is not yet warmed up enough for the May holidays. Holidays in Tunisia in the last decade of May and June are already liked by most tourists. At this time, there is no extreme heat on the coast, and pleasant coolness awaits vacationers in the evenings.

According to the reviews of tourists, only those who tolerate the summer heat well and are not afraid of high prices should go on vacation to Tunisia in July and August. Families with small children will be too hot. Also keep in mind that during the peak tourist season, the resorts are filled to capacity.

The autumn months are chosen by parents with children, the elderly and those holidaymakers who, due to health reasons, are contraindicated in a too hot climate. According to tourists, a particularly pleasant holiday in Tunisia begins in mid-September and lasts until the end of November. Then the weather on the coast worsens, and the cold season comes into its own. The sea is stormy, it becomes cold for swimming, and only fans of windsurfing and lovers of travel to the Sahara come to rest in Tunisia.

Reviews of tourists about the resorts

The southern coast of the country and the island of Djerba are popular with beach lovers by the sea. True, the prices on the island are slightly higher than on the mainland, and this affects the cost of vouchers.

A calm quiet rest on the beaches awaits those who choose the resort of Mahdia for their holidays in Tunisia in 2021. People come here for swimming in the sea, sunbathing and healing thalassotherapy courses. Fans of outdoor activities have to travel outside of this resort.

According to tourists' reviews, those who need an elite and comfortable vacation in Tunisia should stay in Sousse. Most local hotels are 3 * and 4 *, although there are some excellent 5 * all inclusive hotels. Sousse is known as a place for democratic and youth recreation. It can be noisy and fun here not only during the day but also at night.

Hammamet, according to tourists' reviews, is suitable for a respectable vacation in Tunisia in 2021. In the green city, there are many 5 * all-inclusive hotels, ready to fulfill any whims of the guests. As in Sousse, there is an excellent tourist infrastructure - entertainment centers, shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Fans of comfortable city rest and connoisseurs of hotel rest by the sea go to Monastir. The fact is that this resort is divided into two parts - the city and the coastal village of Skanes located away from it. The hotel fund in Monastir itself is a bit outdated, and tourists can only stay in 3 * or 4 * hotels. But in Skanes there are already good five-star hotels.

Rest in Tunisia is the Mediterranean Sea, sun, sand, unforgettable impressions and excellent service. Tunisia is a small country in northern Africa, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. It combines ancient Arabic flavor with modern culture and well-developed infrastructure. Tunisia is a visa-free country, with a large number of all-inclusive hotels of various levels, wide beaches with fine light sand and a gentle entrance to the water. Tunisia has a long history dating back thousands of years to the ancient Romans, traces of which are scattered throughout the country.

Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit Tunisia. You need to apply for a visa if the trip lasts 90 days or more. Upon arrival in Tunisia, you must go through passport control, where you will be asked to present:

If you are bringing with you a professional video camera or the amount of more than 1000 dollars, they must be declared. You can not import and export: the national currency of Tunisia, drugs, strong medicines, pornography, some animals, antiques, weapons and explosives, walkie-talkies and metal detectors. To export jewelry, art objects, carpets at customs, you will be asked to show a receipt for these goods issued upon purchase.


You do not need to present your medical insurance anywhere, it can be issued at will. For a cloudless vacation in Tunisia, experienced tour operators are advised to purchase insurance.


There are 10 international airports in Tunisia, of which four are the most popular with tourists:

  • Enfidha airport, 45 km from the cities of Sousse and Hammamet;
  • Habib Bourguiba airport in the suburbs of Monastir;
  • Zarzis airport on the island of Djerba ;
  • Carthage airport is 8 km from Tunis.

From Moscow, a direct flight to Tunisia will take 4 hours 35-50 minutes. A flight with one or two transfers in European countries will take much longer: from 7 to 20 hours. Most of the charter flights from Russia land at Enfidha airport. In Monastir and the island of Djerba, charters operate only during the high season (May-September).


Time in Tunisia is 2 hours behind Moscow time: if it is noon in Moscow, then it is 10 am in Tunisia.


Thalassotherapy is a variant of hydrotherapy, based on the use of sea water and seafood: salts, algae, therapeutic mud. They contain a maximum of trace elements that are necessary for a person. For 20 minutes of swimming in the sea, a person receives a daily intake of many useful substances through the skin.

Tunisia is rightfully considered one of the leading thalassotherapy centers, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The first thalassotherapy centers in Tunisia appeared in 1994. Since then, this direction of health improvement has developed: now modern techniques are used, which make it possible to increase the effect at times.

Now thalassotherapy in Tunisia is one of the most promising areas of the resort business. In many luxury hotels, it is considered a "signature feature", for the sake of which vacationers are ready to buy more expensive vouchers - after all, there are few places where it will be possible to combine rest with treatment.

Sea water, which is used for procedures, is specially extracted at a depth of up to 6 meters, far from the coastal zone. Before use, it undergoes a series of quality and chemical checks.

Thalassotherapy Programs

The following thalassotherapy treatments are commonly used:

  • Seawater shower can be spray or directional, contrast or drip underwater. It relieves muscle tension, helps break down cellulite deposits, relieves joint pain, and improves mobility. It has a beneficial effect on the skin and improves mood.
  • Bubbling baths, hot or cool - the particulars of the procedure are chosen depending on the purpose. Additionally, aromatherapy and chromotherapy are used - multi-colored illumination. Baths are effective in slimming programs, to improve skin tone and relieve nervous tension.
  • Mud and algae wraps are a procedure used by all Thalassotherapy spa hotels in Tunisia. This procedure helps to get rid of toxins, stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolic processes and skin condition.
  • Massage in water helps to relax, relieve muscle tension. After it, the outflow of lymph improves - this effect is used in body shaping procedures. The procedure is performed in the pool or under streams of heated sea water. Hydromassage - a mixture of massage and shower - is included in the main thalassotherapy programs.

Centers and hotels in Tunis

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