Hungarian thermal spas

Resorts of Hungary: ski holidays and health resort of Europe

Rest can be combined with healing. Thermal springs are perfect for this. Memorable views, fresh air and much more can be found in the resorts of Hungary. The resorts of Hungary will be inexpensive.

Benefits of treatment and relaxation in Hungary

Holidays in Hungary will be not only useful, but also interesting. In the city you can visit many architectural monuments, beautiful places. For example, the island of Marget in the city of Budapest is famous for its centuries-old forest with pine trees. A large number of baths and thermal springs annually attract tourists who come both to admire Hungary and to improve their health.

Speaking specifically about medical tourism, locals love to tell legends about the Roman heritage of modern baths. In fact, no one knows for certain how it was in the Roman Empire, and active Romans were noted for various buildings throughout Europe.

As a hospital Hungary was discovered by the Turks in the 117th century. Then the nobles of the Ottoman Empire considered the local rest to be curative, and therefore Turkish baths and thermal baths were built in large numbers. Many of them have survived to this day.

Directly curative thermal springs were discovered at the beginning of the 19th century. The first spring baths appeared in 1810 on Lake Heviz.

A huge plus is the climate similar to that of central Russia. Moderately hot with comfortable humidity and predictable weather. In Hungary, there is no need to waste time on acclimatization, the body does not experience stress. At the same time, the climate is suitable for tourists from almost all over the world.

In addition, the presence of 1000 springs with mineral waters, including thermal ones, makes Hungary practically a health resort for all of Europe. Here they treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological problems, nerve disorders, and alleviate the condition of people with cerebral palsy.

Thermal waters cannot be called a universal medicine that cures all diseases, but regular visits to Hungarian mineral waters prolong life by an average of 10 years, relieving senile pain in bones and joints.

Holidays in Hungary in addition to healing springs are different from other places:

Each country is unique and can provide a worthy vacation spot. The resorts of Hungary, which are located in Central Europe, are no exception. The country can offer a good winter getaway and great places to recuperate. We will talk about this in the presented article.

Hungary's climate: when is the best time to visit the country for a tourist holiday

The territory of Hungary is relatively flat, the country is surrounded by mountain ranges. The climate here is continental, with homogeneous everywhere. Winters are mild, severe cold is not observed (except for the western region), and summers are hot. The coldest month is January, and the hottest is August.

Autumn and spring are quite rainy, sometimes precipitation is delayed for whole weeks. Fog often appears in autumn. The most favorable period for visiting health resorts is May - August, thermal springs are all year round, but for ski areas, January - February.

How to get and have fun in the country's resorts

There are several ways to get to the resorts of Hungary. The highest priority is given to air travel to the following cities: Budapest, Debrecen, Gyr and Pecs. Some of them work only during peak periods of tourist flow.

Note that there are direct trains from Russia to Hungary, the main direction is Moscow-Budapest. It will take more than a day to get there, while the cost does not differ much from air travel. We recommend that you consider the option of moving by car, the costs will be slightly lower than by plane or train, and you will always be on wheels.

As for entertainment, it all depends on the chosen season and the place of recreation in Hungary. Note that the level of service is not high. You will not find a developed infrastructure in the mountains. For young people, the main entertainment will be visiting local attractions. But for the elderly and middle-aged, there will be plenty of health resorts.

Mineral springs will help get rid of many ailments, and with the combination of professional help, an excellent result is obtained. Further in the article, we will consider the main ski and recreational destinations for recreation.

Ski destinations: Western Hungary

Many people underestimate Hungary as a holiday destination. This year, the state entered the top 40 countries that are most attractive for the tourism business. Recall that many factors were correlated to get into this list. Ski holidays in this country are just developing, the prices are quite reasonable, so many are starting to pay attention. Among all the regions for skiing, the Matra massif, the Magas Hill mountain slopes, the Nograd region and the Bancut ski park stand out.

The most popular ski resort of the presented is the Matra massif. It is located in the north and includes several mountain peaks: Kequesto and Chaliateto. The highest point in this region is 1014 meters. The steepest ski slopes in the region are Parade, Büxsek and Mtrafüred. Note that the slopes can be suitable for both beginners and professional skiing.

Dracula, born in Hungary, became the personification of evil. Fortunately, this country is not associated with him. Thanks to the richest reserves of thermal waters, Hungary has become a world health center. Tourists from all over the world come to local spa hotels.

Bath buildings dating back to the eightieth year of our era have survived to this day. And on the basis of the baths of the sixteenth century, erected by the rulers of the Ottoman Empire in Hungary, spa hotels receive guests today. As a global health resort, Hungary has a huge selection of spa hotels with at least 4 stars.

Since ancient times, people have known the healing effects of hot underground waters on the human body. Thermal springs located on the territory of Hungary were used by the Celts. Later, they were appreciated by the Roman emperors and European monarchs. In total, there are about 60 thousand such sources in Hungary.

Danubius Hotel Gellért

The coziness and comfort of the hotel are a worthy setting for the Gellert Baths, where guests undergo a recreational program.

To maintain your tone, you can go to the swimming pools, jacuzzi and artificial wave pool. And for beauty and relaxation - on open terraces, in a solarium or a beauty salon.

Ramada Resort Aquaworld Budapest

Located near the historic center of Budapest. The hotel offers its clients, in addition to traditional hydrotherapy, a whole range of related services.

Spa treatments can be complemented by shiatsu massage, sauna, tennis and gym.

Danubius Grand Margitsziget Hotel

The hotel has a cardio center, which allows you to receive treatment for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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