Holidays in Israel at the Dead Sea - the best medical resorts

Holidays in Israel at the Dead Sea - the best medical resorts

Israel is one of the world's most sought after travel destinations. Every year, thousands of travelers from various countries of the world seek to visit the Holy Land, who are attracted by the Jewish state with religious shrines, the opportunity to see with their own eyes the most valuable artifacts, which are many centuries old, as well as to relax in the resorts of the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea - Israel's Tourist Pearl

Holidays in Israel are very popular with tourists from the United Kingdom leaving their comfortable homes in England in order to breathe clean air into their quiet life in the UK. So, many Britons who are thinking about where to go to Asia are happy to purchase tours to Israel, which allow them to leave their homes in England for a while and enjoy an exotic journey. However, the Russians do not mind to soak up the coast of Israel, improving their health.

The Dead Sea is one of the most popular natural attractions in Israel, but what can I say - it is a unique object that has no equal in the whole world. It should be noted that the Dead Sea, which is also called the Sodom and Asphalt Sea, is in fact an endless salt lake that lies between two neighboring states - Jordan and Israel. The water level in this reservoir is 430 meters below sea level, and the coast of the salt lake is considered the lowest land area on our planet. In addition, the Dead Sea is one of the most saline bodies of water on Earth, with a salinity level of 300-310 percent (for comparison, the salinity of the Mediterranean Sea is 40 percent).

Why go to the Dead Sea?

It is no coincidence that the Dead Sea is called a natural health resort - a storehouse of minerals and trace elements is concentrated here. People travel to these parts to:

  • improve your health;
  • soak up the beaches;
  • enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes;
  • buy famous cosmetics ( really, it works!);
  • see the sights of Israel, including the Western Wall.

Actually, if you want to go to the Dead Sea, you can visit not Israel, but Jordan - there are significantly fewer tourists, the atmosphere is calmer, and the atmosphere is kind of peaceful. True, the service is appropriate - there are few hotels and restaurants, the prices are much higher.

the best Dead Sea resorts -% worth a visit

Dead Sea resorts are not large cities, but rather villages, but with a well-developed infrastructure and an abundance of hotels of various price categories (this is due to the high popularity among tourists). The best resorts are undoubtedly:

  • Ein Gedi is a paradise in the middle of the desert at a short distance from the sea. There is a very beautiful nature, a spring beats from under the ground, hospitals with life-giving baths work, and tourists are daily transported to the beaches by free hotel transport.
  • Neve Midbar is a resort in the northern part of the Dead Lake with a paid beach and health mud. It offers several restaurants, shops, exotic accommodation facilities and the opportunity to buy cosmetics from Israel directly from the manufacturer, because it is here that a factory works where the legendary creams and masks are produced.

There is not much entertainment on the shores of the Dead Sea - there is no nightlife here, and clubs and bars with discos until dawn can be counted on one hand. People come here not for a lush rest, but for the sake of treatment, the contingent is appropriate: quite a few tourists are over +30, although they meet both young people and couples in love.

Israel is not only a country with developed medicine, but also a popular tourist destination. Here you will have the opportunity to improve your health, and in your free time to explore historical sights, taste exotic dishes, take a short boat trip and soak up the beach. That is why therapeutic tours to Israel are popular with tourists from around the world. But for your trip to succeed, you need to take into account some important nuances.

where it is better to stop to combine treatment with rest

If you are traveling to Israel not only to be treated, but also rest, it is best to stay in the center of the country. The optimal place to relax, combined with treatment, is Tel Aviv. And this is why: <

  • in Tel Aviv and its surroundings there are several leading country clinics. In the very center of the city, half an hour walk from the sea and surrounded by numerous shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, the main State Medical Center of Israel - Ikhilov is located. From here you can get to the ancient city of Jaffa, to the picturesque tourist area of ​​the Neve-Jeff, and to the new Tel Aviv port with his clubs, restaurants and boutiques. In the north of Tel Aviv there is another famous clinic - the Surgery Center "Assuta". Finally, in the suburb of Tel Aviv Kiryat-it can be diagnosed and treatment in the Medical Center "Tel Ha Shomer".
  • Tel Aviv is located in the very center of the country, from where you can quickly reach almost anyone of its area. In just 1 hour you can get to the "Eternal Cities" of Jerusalem or to Haifa with its majestic Bahaji gardens. In 2 hours you will get to the Dead Sea, and in 1 hour 40 minutes - to Lake Kinetet.

What is preventive diagnostics (check-up)

One of the developed directions of medicine in Israel is the prevention of various diseases. Here all women older than 50 years have a mandatory study of the mammography. After 50 years, the doctor will write to each of his patients the direction for the analysis of the feces on the hidden blood in order to diagnose the intestinal cancer in a timely manner. Procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy are fully implemented here and literally delivered "per stream": doctors have tremendous experience of their conduct.


Check-up diagnostics in Israel is quite realistic during the usual tourist trip. The program is usually calculated for 1-2 days.

The examination for people younger than 45 years old usually includes laboratory tests of blood and urine, inspection of specialist doctors, gastroscopy, skin examination with a dermatoscope, ultrasound of the mammary glands (for women), echocardiography. The cost of such a program is about $ 6,000

Patients older than 45 years old are additionally held by Doppler Study of the veins, colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, and women instead of ultrasound of the dairy glasses are performed. The estimated cost of the program is $ 7,000.

It often happens that Israeli clinics provide their patients with a gift or at a reduced price excursions around Israel.

Patient reviews about the rest and treatment in Israel

Christina flew from Ukraine to Israel on vacation. At home, she heard a lot of good things about preventive diagnostics in Israel - the check-up program. The survey was completed in 1 day. Christina really liked the organization of diagnostics in Israel. Everything was done quickly, at the same time, the individuality of each doctor, his special approach to the patient, was felt. All the doctors who performed the examination were positive and friendly people.

Patient Daria from Tyumen came to Israel for dental treatment. She settled in Tel Aviv. The clinic where she was treated was just a 20-minute drive from the hotel. The representative of the clinic met the girl at the airport. The treatment program was designed in such a way that it fit into 10 days, and Daria still had time to rest (as she had planned). In Israel, the patient was in for a surprise - an excursion to Jerusalem as a gift from the clinic. For 10 days, Daria was cured of several teeth, cleaning was performed. In her free time, the girl walked around Tel Aviv, made a trip to the Dead Sea. Daria was pleased with her trip.

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