Holidays in Gelendzhik in the summer of 2021: where to go and what to see

Holidays in Gelendzhik in the summer of 2021: where to go and what to see

1st route 25 km, duration 2 hours. The cost is 2000 rubles. - 1 person by ATV, 3000 rub. - 2 people on the 1st ATV. Children from 6 to 16 years old with an instructor, the cost is 1500 rubles.

Route 2 35 km, duration 3 hours. The cost is 3000 rubles. - 1 person by ATV, 4000 rubles. - 2 persons on the 1st ATV. Children from 6 to 16 years old with an instructor, the cost is 2500 rubles. Add. optional costs: professional photography on the route 500 rubles.

the most interesting excursions in Gelendzhik:

Excursions in Gelendzhik prices and schedule. Coming to a luxurious seaside town with a centuries-old history and beautiful nature and at the same time bypassing local attractions is a waste of precious vacation days. Excursions in Gelendzhik are so diverse and interesting that everyone will have the opportunity to have an interesting rest, regardless of age, financial situation and sphere of personal interests.

How not to get lost in the variety of travel agency offers? We have selected the most interesting options for exciting travel, which you should definitely visit.

For connoisseurs of natural beauty

Most often, tourists are offered sea trips, allowing them to visit the legendary natural monuments.

  • A trip to the Parus rock will allow you to admire the most beautiful views of the Gelendzhik Bay, see a magnificent limestone rock, a lighthouse and local vineyards, swim in the azure sea.
  • An excursion to the rare White Rocks with a visit to Golubaya and Gelendzhik bays will be no less pleasant.
  • The active mud volcano in Taman is definitely worthy of attention, on the way to which you will be able to see the Tsemesskaya Bay, vast vineyards, a panoramic view of Novorossiysk.

For outdoor enthusiasts

If you value strong impressions and vivid emotions, exciting excursions in Gelendzhik will fully fill the adrenaline deficit. Fans of extreme sports are offered:

  • exciting jeep rides with a visit to the health park. On this excursion you can take a mud bath of the Tizdar volcano, dip into a wine barrel, peel with Garra Rufa fish and enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese-style park.
  • quad biking through the secluded corners of the local mountains and forests;
  • unique opportunities for diving with diving into the depths of the sea for 10-15 meters;
  • horseback riding with visits to vineyards and mountain ranges;
  • parachute flights at an altitude of 150 m from the surface of the water.

Excursions for families with children

Lying on the beach by the Black Sea and spending a carefree vacation is certainly interesting. And to combine this with trips to the mountains and hikes to local attractions is doubly interesting. If you are planning exactly this, then do not hesitate, a rainbow of new impressions and an ocean of bright emotions are provided for you.

Types of outdoor activities in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik offers its guests a lot of entertainment, if you like active rest, then here you will just find what you were looking for. Let's talk about the most popular types of active tourism in Gelendzhik. So ...

Horseback riding

Admiration for the beauty of local nature, clean mountain air, aroma of herbs and flowers, pleasant excitement - that's what will accompany you on such an excursion. And if you are new to this business, then you should start with short-distance routes. Well, for experienced riders, the walk will only be for joy. After all, in some places you can ride a light trot towards the mountain wind and feel like a proud knight. The most important thing is to find a common language with your friend - the horse.

Admiration for the beauty of local nature, clean mountain air, aroma of herbs and flowers, pleasant excitement - that's what will accompany you on such an excursion. And if you are new to this business, then you should start with short distance routes. Well, for experienced riders, the walk will only be for joy. After all, in some places you can ride a light trot towards the mountain wind and feel like a proud knight. The most important thing is to find a common language with your friend - the horse.

It is known that horseback riding helps to strengthen the entire human body. They also contribute to the active work of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous, endocrine, and respiratory systems. Doctors recommend this type of rest for those who want an emotional shake-up and release from stressful situations. Trotting is tantamount to active walking, and galloping is tantamount to running in mountainous terrain.

Before starting the walk, you will be introduced to the horse and given a safety briefing. Don't worry if you have difficulty steering your horse while walking. The guide accompanying you will always help, you just need to warn him in advance that you have little or no experience.

Basically, the excursion is carried out along the mountain paths of the Markoth range. The route runs through the famous vineyards (346 hectares) of the village of Vinogradnoye. The next item is a spring where you can stop, drink crystal clear water and rest for a quarter of an hour. Further, your gaze will open a unique panorama from which you can see the beauty of the Kabardin Bay and the open Black Sea.


Jeeping - extreme trips along mountain trails

A breathtaking, high-speed ride along mountain trails, in a special car. Riding with a thousand cooling drops across small rivers will leave you with thrilling memories. This entertainment is not for the faint of heart. And those who need adrenaline are welcome!

Fun in the mountains

This article has selected the most popular Entertainment in Gelendzhik. Pshadskie waterfalls are not just one waterfall, but a series of cascades, rapids and waterfalls. In the mountains, the tributaries of the Pshada River form many waterfalls. A mesmerizing place, the feeling is as if you are in the real fairy tale of John Tolkien, somewhere visiting the elves, the splendor is indescribable. During the jeeping to the Pshadskie waterfalls, you will find: Natasha spring, the chapel of St. Sergius of Radonezh, wine tasting (free), a dolmen village, a ride on a mountain river, a stop on a rock, a cafe in the mountains. You will see tall pines, powerful rocks, crystal streams of a mountain river. Jeeping to Pshadsky waterfalls will remain in your memories for a long time. Read more ...

Exclusive route to Pshadskie waterfalls with a visit to a unique health park. We offer a jolt-free and extreme family trail that is great for adults and children. In the park, you can wake up to take mud baths, immerse yourself in a barrel filled with specially fermented wine, order a massage, lie down in a pool with Garra Rufa fish, and also take a walk in the Japanese-style park. The route also includes beautiful panoramic mountain views. Read more ...

A unique opportunity for tourists in Gelendzhik to ride four-wheel drive ATVs, and make a fascinating journey through the local picturesque places with. Divnomorskoe. To choose from, we have developed several routes of varying degrees of difficulty with a length of 25 km and 35 km. The most convenient thing is that even without special skills, both adults and adolescents can cope. You can order an ATV excursion from Gelendzhik or from. Divnomorskoe. Read more ...

For those who are tired of city life and eternal traffic jams, there is an amazing opportunity to ride horses along the mountain range along the Black Sea towards Kabardinka village. By minibus, you are picked up from your home and taken to the village of Vinogradny to the stable, where you undergo instructions and safety procedures, and you also get acquainted with the horse while feeding it. Our route passes along vineyards, of which the Gelendzhik Winery has been producing wine for 120 years. Read more ...

BTR Gelendzhik is a new unique excursion on the BTR, which you will not meet in your hometown. An armored personnel carrier (APC) is a wheeled vehicle with a high level of cross-country ability, which allows you to take on board an excursion group. Read more ...

Marine entertainment

Diving is one of the most popular excursions in the city. Everyone (children from 8 years old) can dive in the Black Sea. Before your dive, we will conduct detailed safety instructions, select a wetsuit and other equipment according to your size, teach you sign language for communication underwater. Then we will go by motor boat across the entire Gelendzhik Bay to the underwater anchor bank. Read more ...

Love extreme and vivid emotions, then for you we offer a Parachute in Gelendzhik. Fascinating ascent from a boat to a height of 150 meters in the open sea. The entire flight procedure is absolutely safe. The ascent takes place from the boat to the bird's flight altitude, from where you will admire the panorama of the Gelendzhik Bay and the open Black Sea. Next, you will be immersed in water at chest level and will be pulled behind the boat along the waves. Read more ...

We offer an excursion to Gelendzhik "Boat trips on a yacht in Gelendzhik", where you will see a panoramic view of Gelendzhik Bay, a giant lighthouse on Tolstoy Cape, sheer cliffs descending into the sea. On the high seas, you have the opportunity to swim and meet dolphins. Every morning at 8:00 we go on a sea fishing where we catch horse mackerel, red mullet, gobies. Read more ...

Excursion to the White Rocks in Gelendzhik beyond Mount Doob. The duration of the excursion is 3 hours. During the trip, you will see an overview of Gelendzhik Bay and Golubaya Bay. Approaching the White Rocks, you are invited to swim in the open sea against their background for an hour. On board there is a children's animation program “Pirates”. You can order an excursion to the White Rocks in Gelendzhik from our website. Read more ...

One of the most popular excursions is fishing in Gelendzhik. On fishing, the yacht goes out to the open sea, from where stunning views of the steep cliffs, the lighthouse, the endless Black Sea, the city of Gelendzhik, surrounded by mountains and the sea, open. When fishing, spinning rods are issued to everyone, and the sailor tells in detail about the process of catching fish using this method. Read more ...

Jet skis in Gelendzhik. Beach entertainment is a classic of any seaside holiday and has long been present on any beach in the resort. They are classified into extreme and familial. Extreme entertainment in Gelendzhik: jet ski rental and tablet ride. Read more ...

Millions of tourists choose to vacation in Gelendzhik in the summer, making this resort the third most popular in the country after Sochi and Anapa. There are pebbly and sandy beaches, waterfalls and dolmens, clubs, cafes and restaurants, zoos and a dolphinarium. Local sanatoriums receive patients all year round and offer treatment that combines natural factors and the latest drugs.

Rest in Gelendzhik in the summer of 2021 cannot be called the cheapest: there are a lot of vacationers, and therefore the prices are quite high. You can save on housing if you settle in villages in the vicinity of the city.

Gelendzhik's peculiarity is its location by the bay. It is believed that the sea here is not clean enough, which repels vacationers. However, regular water samples suggest otherwise. For distrustful persons, the beaches outside the bay are always available.

In the summer, Gelendzhik pleases with a variety of fruits and entertainment. Nightlife is in full swing on the waterfront. To protect yourself from unnecessary noise, you should not settle on the first line.

Take part in the June carnival

Rest in Gelendzhik begins brightly in the first month of summer, in June 2021 a carnival will be held here, which will bring together tens of thousands of guests. First, participants in costumes and masks walk along the embankment, then concerts and fairs are held at different venues. In the finale, in the evening, fireworks are launched.

In the first half of June it is already warm, but sometimes thunderstorms and showers occur. In the second half of the month, the water warms up to +20 degrees.

In June it is not too hot in Gelendzhik, and therefore all wellness procedures in boarding houses and sanatoriums will definitely be beneficial in combination with walks in the fresh air.

Local markets are full of greens and fruits, and all the entertainment (including seasonal) is already in full swing.

Beaches and boat trips in July

Gelendzhik is clean air, warm calm sea and picturesque mountain slopes. And also - this is the famous Black Sea resort of Russia, familiar to everyone since Soviet times. It is not surprising that people come here not only for summer beach holidays, but also for the purpose of health improvement. Millions of tourists visit the city every year - in 2016, the number of tourists exceeded 4 million. Why is the Gelendzhik resort so popular? Today in the article we will tell you about how and when to go there, what is interesting to see and what to do in the city.

Interesting fact! Gelendzhik embankment was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest embankment on the Black Sea coast.

Getting to know the city

Gelendzhik is deservedly called a sunny city. From the wind and rain, its bay is closed by the Markoth mountain range, which is why there are many sunny days and little rainfall in this area.

Translated from Turkish, the name "Gelendzhik" means "white bride". This is the generally accepted version of the origin among the locals. In 2010, a monument to the White Bride was erected on the embankment, which is now the symbol of the resort. There is also a version of "white poplar", which originated from the Arabic language, and "small pasture" - from the Adyghe.

The city is the center of the resort tourist complex, which includes the nearest settlements. Therefore, you can often find the name Bolshoi Gelendzhik. It includes twenty-one villages, eight of which are located on the coast.

History of Gelendzhik

The settlement of the city took place even before our era. This is evidenced by the burial structures preserved in the vicinity of the city - dolmens.

Gelendzhik received its name in the 15th century, when it came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. It became part of Russia at the beginning of the 19th century and was only a small settlement. The current large resort received the status of a city only in 1915.

As a resort, Gelendzhik was opened in 1900, when the first sanatorium was built in the city. In the 70th year, it was officially named the All-Union resort of the USSR.

Where is the resort town

Gelendzhik is located in the Krasnodar Territory of Russia on the Black Sea coast. It is located in the bay of the same name, surrounded by two capes - Tonky and Tolstoy. On the land side, the city is surrounded by the Markoth mountain range. The famous city with a large port communication Novorossiysk is located twenty-five kilometers from the resort.

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