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Medical tourism in Egypt: the best spas and spas

Medical tourism in Egypt is actively developing, and very soon the country will cease to be a place where everyone came just for a beach holiday.

Trends and current status

In 2018, the government presented plans for the development of medical tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo and Hurghada to the public:

· dissemination of information to the offices of travel agencies in order to fully inform travelers about treatment options;

· in 2019, the deputies discussed a new bill and set a goal - to attract foreigners interested in the service.

However, this direction has only received an opportunity for intensive development, and it is not popular with all holidaymakers. Doctors attribute this to the following factors:

· a wide network of illegal clinics in Egypt, employing non-certified specialists;

Poorly developed infrastructure in terms of receiving foreign patients: sufficient information, lack of online sources in Russian and English, inconvenient location;

· insufficient awareness of the sources of spa treatment: healing mud, thermal zones, etc.

All this so far reduces the interest of tourists in treatment in Egypt. But there is also a plus - the cost of procedures is ten times lower than in more developed countries in terms of medical tourism.

SPA and cosmetology in Egypt

More than 90% of medical tourism in Egypt is based on the healing power of the sea. There are resorts offering various services in the field of thalassotherapy. Less common are traditional wellness procedures: cardiology, gynecology, oncology, cosmetic surgery.

Medical tourism in Egypt: the best spas and spas

Rest in Egypt is one of the most popular among tourists from different countries. The homeland of the pharaohs gives its guests the azure depth of the Mediterranean Sea, the rich underwater world of the east coast, the medicinal sands of Safaga, beautiful oases in the desert, the unique Nile River Valley, the world's oldest architectural and cultural monuments, museums with the best collections, national cuisine, entertainment for every taste and the unique flavor of eastern cities. All this diversity, combined with the eternal summer, the absence of visa formalities, low prices and decent service, creates an alluring image of a sunny country.

Regular flights!

Where to rest

First of all, Egypt is a vacation on the numerous beaches on the north and east coast, washed by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, respectively. Egyptian resorts attract a huge number of tourists, since there is plenty to choose from. Usually the choice is made in favor of hotels located on the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea coast. The most famous holiday destinations are Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Rest in Egypt with children

Hurghada is recommended for families with children and the elderly, since the beaches here, unlike the bays of Sharm el-Sheikh, are sandy not only on the coast, but also in the coastal zone, the descent to the water is gentle, prices for travel services below. Nevertheless, new hotels in Hurghada, opened after the adoption of the law on the protection of flora and fauna of the Red Sea, will be able to offer only coral beaches, where swimming is possible only with bridges, pontoons, and special shoes.

Outdoor activities

For coral reefs, windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, spearfishing and other water sports pleasures, it is better to go to Sharm el-Sheikh. Most of the beaches here are coral, but in some bays and in some hotels you can find sand both on the shore and in the sea. Holidays in this part of Egypt are much more expensive. Many hotels have their own coral reef reserves, the opportunity to visit which any resident has, it is enough to rent a mask and snorkel.

Leisure Excursions

If you want to supplement your vacation on the shores of the Red Sea with an excursion program, then this is easy to do by purchasing a ticket from the host or on the street. There are two types of excursions: the first are sea trips, the second are sightseeing trips. Inspection of the unique coral reserve in El Gouna, a boat trip with a glass bottom, a trip to the island of Utopia, etc. - a short list of the proposed marine activities. You can also take part in a jeep trip to the desert or visit the capital of Egypt, Cairo - these are already "land" excursions.

The Mediterranean is much less likely to become an object of tourist pilgrimage. Most of the Egyptians themselves rest on the northern coast. Among the resort cities, Alexandria is in the greatest demand, combining the advantages of a Mediterranean resort with an Egyptian flavor and rich historical heritage.

What and how to watch

Egypt is the cradle of all world civilizations. Many architectural and cultural monuments in the country are included in the list of the famous seven wonders of the world. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is considered one of the finest museums of antiquity in the world. The national treasure of Egypt is truly enormous, and it is not possible to inspect it in a short period of time. Nevertheless, there is one way to get a fairly complete acquaintance with the historical heritage of the country of the pharaohs - a trip along the Nile River with a tour of the main cities of the Nile Valley.

Medical tourism in Egypt is actively developing, and very soon the country will no longer be a place where everyone came just for a beach holiday. Trends and current state In 2018, the government presented to the public plans for the development of medical tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo and Hurghada:

CAIRO, June 14 - RIA Novosti, Margarita Kislova, Nadim Zuaoui. The tourism industry in Egypt, which has been shocked by a series of tragic events over the past year, is now going through what is probably the darkest period in its history. Both Egyptians employed in tourism and experts unanimously call the current state of affairs "collapse" and "collapse", while Husam al-Shair, a board member of the Union of Tourism Chambers of Egypt, predicts that the total losses of the tourism industry by the end of 2016 could reach ten billion dollars ...

However, Egypt, in spite of everything, looks to the future with optimism and is not going to abandon the ambitious state program, under which the "country of pyramids" plans to receive 20 million tourists in 2020 and earn annually on tourism at least two tens of billions of dollars. For this purpose, the expansion of infrastructure in the main tourist centers continues, hotels are being renovated, and the hotel fund is increasing.

"Egypt does not despair. Some states have closed Egypt to their tourists, but this will not break our will and will not deprive us of the potential to move the tourism industry forward," Egyptian Minister of Tourism Yahya Rashed told foreign journalists. On Wednesday, the head of the Ministry of Tourism goes to Saudi Arabia to try to attract tourists from prosperous Arab countries. This should somehow compensate for the absence of three million Russians, who until recently chose Egypt for their holidays.

Revolution started the collapse

"It all started with a shark in Sharm el-Sheikh," the Egyptians joke gloomily. In December 2010, several shark attacks were recorded on tourists off the coast of Sharm El Sheikh. The authorities even closed the beaches for some time, some tourists refused to travel to this resort.

But the really serious problems for Egyptian tourism began in January 2011, when the country was shaken by a popular uprising, which for the first time massively frightened off foreigners from Egyptian resorts, who watched angry crowds of demonstrators on TV screens, violent clashes, and prison breaks in this once stable and calm country.

First wake-up call: Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh were instantly empty. It is noteworthy that then some countries decided to evacuate their citizens from Egypt, despite the fact that tourists did not suffer in the clashes, since the resorts are located at a considerable distance from Cairo and other centers of political life.

Since there were no official bans on flights to Egypt, tourists quickly returned to the beaches of the Red Sea. But then there was another change of power in Egypt in 2013, and a second more serious outflow of tourists burst out, after which signs of stabilization and tourist growth did not follow so soon.

Tragedy in the sky of Sinai

Fragile hopes for a quick recovery of tourist flow were cut short on October 31, 2015, when a Russian plane crashed over the Sinai Peninsula with tourists returning home after a vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh. This terrible tragedy, which claimed 224 lives, exposed a new, much more dangerous and large-scale threat to foreigners in Egypt - merciless terrorism, which, due to the weakening and errors in the security system in the "revolutionary" years, could imperceptibly penetrate various spheres of the Egyptian economy.

Against the background of the thirst of the Islamists who lost power in Egypt in 2013 to take revenge on the new Egyptian leaders, to bring down the Egyptian economy, this threat took on a very concrete form - terrorist attacks as a way to intimidate the world and destroy everything that feeds and lives Egypt.

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