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The best places in Croatia for a seaside holiday with children

A huge coastline, more than a thousand islands and a mild Mediterranean climate make Croatia one of the most attractive countries for beach lovers. However, Croatia is not only sea and sun, but also a view of the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, and fabulous views of historic walled cities such as Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir (all of which are World Heritage Sites). UNESCO). And don't forget about the Venetian-era settlements of Hvar and Korkula Town in the Dalmatian Islands. Add to that delicious fresh seafood and you are truly on vacation.

Spring or autumn is the perfect time to visit the fortress cities of Motovun and Groznjan located on the territory of the Istrian peninsula. There you can taste good quality local wine and enjoy Italian cuisine, famous for black and white truffles. Against this background, the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, contrasts sharply, where everything from architecture to gastronomy reflects the historical and regional ties with Austria-Hungary. Zagreb is also rich in historical castles and Zagorje wine cellars, which will not leave you indifferent.

In recent years, adventure tourism has been actively developing in Croatia. The mountain ranges of the Northern Velebit National Park have become a haven for hiking and rock climbing, while the rough waters of Cetina attract rafting fans. And of course the Adriatic Sea offers ideal conditions for sailing, kayaking and scuba diving.

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Ideal sailing voyage on a yacht in Croatia with a call to Split, Trogir and Primosten (overnight in the Marina) September Croatia \ Split

It's great to have people around you who push you to take decisive action.

One evening, while visiting us, my husband's colleagues suggested flying to Croatia, renting a yacht and going on a hike. Ha, everyone laughed and the case died out. But a month later, my mysterious husband came home from work, persuaded me to take a vacation, quickly get ready and trust him) I received answers to 1000 and 1 question in parts, as if I participated in a quest) Instead of a suitcase, I was asked to take 2 hiking backpacks, so I decided to miss don't have to! And now all our friendly company on the plane, flight with transfers through Vienna, overboard - the beauty of Austria.

September was not chosen by chance: firstly, there is no such a full house at work as in summer and winter, and secondly, prices in September are lower than in high season, and there are no crowds of tourists either, and this is the main thing. In fact, the same service for less money, but the weather continues to please, the sea is not cold, the rays. read in full

Wonderful family vacation in Dubrovnik in September Croatia \ Dubrovnik

What do we know about Croatia? Clean sea, beautiful landscapes, coniferous forests, many thermal springs, delicious cuisine, hospitable people. Croatia can become especially attractive for tourists who need treatment and rehabilitation. The delegation of doctors from Ukraine, headed by the President of the Association of Medical Tourism of Ukraine, Vice-President of the Global Association of Medical Tourism (GHTC) Violetta Yanyshevskaya, was convinced of this. Acquaintance with clinics and sanatoriums offering treatment in Croatia, discussion of opportunities for cooperation and the development of medical tourism - these are the main topics of the meetings.

A sanatorium with thermal springs from the time of Ancient Rome

We begin our acquaintance with the possibilities of treatment in Croatia with the health resort Stubičke Toplice. It is a small village surrounded by mountains, surrounded by greenery, with a history of 1100 years. On the territory of the sanatorium there is an architectural monument of the Roman baths, in which the legionnaires healed their wounds. There are thermal springs with a water temperature of 59 degrees Celsius, rich in magnesium and bicarbonate, like in Karlovy Vary.

Archbishop Maximilian established a hospital on this place 200 years ago. Today it is a modern and comfortable sanatorium with a full range of services for family treatment and recreation with 235 beds. It employs 16 doctors and 50 physiotherapists.

The sanatorium is open all year round, in winter it is heated with water from thermal springs gushing from the ground. Foreign patients who come to Croatia for treatment are accommodated on a separate floor with a restaurant, and translators are also provided. In addition, Russian-speaking staff work here.

SPECIALIZATION OF THE SANATORIUM STUBIČKE TOPLITSE. Rehabilitation after stroke, neurological diseases, cerebrovascular disorders, general rehabilitation, rehabilitation after orthopedic operations, trauma, gunshot wounds. The sanatorium has its own diagnostic and laboratory facilities.

Water Knife - Unique Treatment Technologies in Croatia

The next point of the journey is the city where angels sleep - Varazdin. We are heading northeast of Zagreb. Just 40 minutes and we find ourselves in a fabulously beautiful town, frozen in the Baroque style. Small houses with fancy stucco moldings, wrought iron lattices and fences, and, of course, angels.

The St. Nicholas Clinic is located in a hotel in the heart of the old town. Instead of a hospital smell, we are greeted by the aroma of coffee and hot chocolate.

The feeling of the atmosphere of the clinic is completely absent! This is precisely the philosophy of the chief physician of the clinic, Dr. Damir Steitzer: the patient should not feel sick. Therefore, the recovery rooms are ... hotel rooms, where the patient gets from the intensive care unit. So he gets better faster. Even after the most serious operations, patients do not stay longer than 5 days.

Another advantage of treatment in Croatia is the “water knife” apparatus - Water Jet. Dr. Steizer is one of the few in Europe who holds a license to operate this equipment. With its help, a surgeon, for example, when removing a prostate tumor, jewelry separates the tumor from nerve fibers and other healthy tissues, thus preserving the man's sexual sensitivity and potency.

Summer, autumn, winter, spring - when is the best time to relax in Croatia.

Have you already heard about holidays in Croatia? Have you already been advised to definitely visit this beautiful country? Do you know what this magical corner of Europe offers to tourists and vacationers? Let's figure it out together.

What's interesting in Croatia

Croatia is a truly unique country. The Adriatic coast is incomparable in its beauty. Eight national parks demonstrate the pristine beauty of forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls. But the best thing is that Croatia has unlimited options for recreation and pastime for the active and interested tourist. From gorgeous beaches to ideal diving conditions, sea adventures to nudist highlights, bike trails and of course ski resorts. And all this against the backdrop of all kinds of festivals and holidays. It remains to figure out when is the most favorable time for each of the proposed types of recreation.

Festivals and Holidays in Croatia

If rest on the beach is just an additional benefit for you, all kinds of festivals will definitely take a worthy place in the organization of exciting leisure time.

January celebrates the Day of Epiphany and the Feast of the Three Kings who worshiped Jesus on the day of Christmas.

In February, Dubrovnik opens the doors for the annual fancy-dress carnival with concerts and theatrical performances.

An extravaganza of the Music Biennale awaits you in April.

From the beginning of May, a crossbow competition opens on the island of Rab, which continues until the end of July. This competition has been running for over 650 years!

In general, summer is rich in events and festivals in Croatia.

Croatia is a country that has absorbed several natural features. It is located between the Adriatic coast, the eastern slopes of the Alpine mountain ranges and the beautiful Danube. Each of the natural constituents enriches Croatia in its own way. The seaside region is replete with many islands that dot the coastline along the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea. The Danube river system has created magnificent lowlands in the country, which are home to amazing National Parks. Mountain Croatia is beautiful with snowy peaks that separate the Balkan part of the country from the Central European one.

Most often, tourists are interested in prices for holidays in Croatia by the sea. Indeed, the stable availability of a cheaper tour in this region attracts many here. Do not limit your vacation only to the coast. Having visited this country, discover it for yourself in all its glory. After all, there are ample opportunities to order vouchers of various types:

If you are interested in relaxing in Croatia in summer or in the coming winter, then get to know the peculiarities of this tourist destination in order to choose the best tour for your vacation.

Tours to Croatia

The specialist who usually facilitates the selection of tours first of all asks the client three questions:

  • Which destination are you interested in - beach, mountains, balneology, excursions?
  • Which resort region attracts the most from the chosen destination?
  • What level of comfort do you expect from your trip?

We'll discuss the regions and popular attractions a little later, but now let's turn our attention to the third question and talk about the level of comfort.

All inclusive

The maximum level of comfort is included in the All Inclusive tours. The very name of this service system means that you will not need to worry about such trifles as:

Some offers also give the right to use additional services free of charge, such as parking, internet, in-room safe, gym, swimming pool, sauna.

To have an inexpensive all-inclusive vacation in Croatia, when choosing a tour, pay attention to the following hotels:

Croatia is not in vain considered one of the best vacation spots on the seashore. This state never ceases to amaze guests with its wonderful nature and unique historical monuments. Also, tourists are attracted by the beautiful sea coast and a large number of thermal springs.

Many people strive to get to the beaches during their holidays, and this Balkan country has something to offer its guests. This option can be safely considered when choosing a place where you can have a good time at sea with the whole family.

When is the best time to relax in Croatia by the sea: the beginning and end of the tourist season

Croatia (it is better to postpone sea holidays in the best places of the country to the warm months of the year) is open to guests all year round, but the tourist season officially starts at local resorts in early May and lasts until mid-October. In Croatia, the end of spring is characterized by very warm weather, which even allows sunbathing.

The temperature level at this time ranges from +23 to +25 degrees Celsius, and the sun is shining brightly outside the window. But at the beginning of the season, only tourists with hardening will be able to swim, since the water has a temperature from +17 to +19 degrees. Later, when summer comes, the air in coastal areas warms up to +26 degrees, and often to +29.

The sea water in summer becomes quite comfortable for swimming, its temperature does not drop below +25 degrees. Autumn here is characterized by a slight cooling. Nevertheless, a slight decrease in temperature indicators does not frighten tourists at all, they continue to swim and sunbathe.

The best resorts in Croatia: location, advantages, description

Here the water is clear, and you can sunbathe on the beaches with pebble and sandy surfaces, although the latter are less common in Croatia. Swimming is combined with such a pleasant activity as gazing at the abundant marine life. Some resorts allow you to improve your health thanks to therapeutic mud baths and thermal springs.

Children can have fun on various attractions that meet all international safety standards. There are many resorts in Croatia, 10 of them will be considered in more detail.


This town can be called a real pearl of the Adriatic. It is very ancient, charming palaces and churches, as well as cobbled streets tell about it. They bring visitors back to times long past, as Dubrovnik was founded about 1400 years ago.

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