Holidays in China: TOP-5 excellent cities and resorts for Russian tourists

Holidays in China: TOP-5 excellent cities and resorts for Russian tourists

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China Today

In Hong Kong, hundreds of medical workers, including nurses and doctors, went on strike Monday. According to local media reports, doctors are demanding that the authorities completely close the border with mainland China, which will prevent an epidemic of the coronavirus in the region. The protest was initiated by a new trade union association of medical workers. According to activists, Hong Kong hospitals Read more.

According to data released by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in 2018 China remains the country's largest trading partner, and this is the third consecutive year. Trade between Germany and China reached 199.3 billion euros. According to published data, last year the size of imports from China More.

In the near future, China and Russia are planning to sign a contract for the development of a heavy helicopter. This statement was made by the director for regional policy and international cooperation of the state corporation "Rostec" Viktor Kladov to journalists during the aerospace exhibition Aero India-2019, which is taking place in Bangalore, India. Development contract between China and Russia, Read more.

Chinese archaeologists have discovered the largest turquoise mine in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China. This was reported by Xinhua News Agency, citing the Xinjiang Institute of Archeology and Cultural Relics. The area of ​​the site where turquoise was mined is more than 8 square kilometers. It is reported that the mine consists of functional zones for more details.

The traditions and way of life of the people of China differ significantly from the European way of life. We have collected information for you about the things that most surprise tourists in the Middle Kingdom. Metal detectors in the subway There were no terrorist attacks in Beijing or Shanghai, and the whole of China in this respect is considered a prosperous state. But in the Shanghai metro or more.

In China, 4 years after the death of their parents, their child was born. The surrogate mother was carrying the baby. Before their death, the couple froze several embryos, as they planned to have children with the help of a surrogate mother. The embryos were stored in the clinic in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degrees. The grandparents of the newborn have been suing for a long time.

At the Babaoshan Cemetery in China in Beijing, they began to use virtual reality technologies in order to support the loved ones of the deceased. To do this, during the open day, the public was shown a death simulator. According to the cemetery staff, such experiences will help to value life more. Most of the cemetery visitors find this idea strange, Read more.

In China, in the city of Zaozhong in the eastern province of Shandong, a tragedy occurred at the enterprise. As TASS writes, referring to the Xinhua news agency, everything was happening in one of the workshops of the enterprise, during the welding work there. According to preliminary information, four people were injured, six people died. Circumstances of the incident More details.

The PRC leadership is considering the possibility of reducing the cost of entrance tickets to most of the tourist sites in China. The South China Morning Post writes about this. It was reported that the decision to reduce the amount of payment is the result of tourists' dissatisfaction. It should also contribute to the growth of domestic tourism with the participation of families with average incomes. As the representative told More.

China plans to start commercial promotion of re-entry satellite technology. Customers can buy such spacecraft in 2019-2020. Since 1975, China has been able to successfully return more than twenty satellites from space. The Chinese are confident that the technology associated with such spacecraft has already proven its reliability. According to the president of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology Jang, Read More.

China News

Holidays in China do not end at all with exploring the Great Wall of China, exploring the streets of the Forbidden City, which is located in Beijing, or looking for entertainment in the bustling Hong Kong. In the Middle Kingdom, there are a large number of other interesting places, which, by the way, have advantages over the more visited tourist cities and settlements.

Where to relax in China: the lost village of Cuandixia

Just a couple of hours' drive from Beijing, the village of Cuandixia awaits you with magnificent restored estates belonging to the Ming and Qing dynasties. However, not only the mansions are interesting in this settlement - it itself can be called an amazing attraction, since the village is surrounded by mountains on all sides and the village life, traditional for China, has been preserved here. If you are not attracted by the skyscrapers with crowds of people, then this village is a great place for a vacation. How can I find this village, the name of which is pronounced by the Chinese very indistinctly, so that I cannot even reproduce it in Russian? The road is a whole quest, but I think everyone can do it:

  • Arrive at the Beijing Subway Terminus, Pingguoyuan Line.
  • Hire a private trader (you will have to pay about 200 yuan), he will take you directly to the place, or take the regular bus # 929 (leaves at 7-40 and 12-40).
  • It takes a little more than 3 hours to get by bus, as the roads here are mountainous, there are many turns.
  • Get off at the Zhai Tang stop, this is not the end stop, so be careful.
  • From here only by private car - to Cuandixia, price from 20 to 50 yuan, you can bargain.

By the way, when you arrive at the settlement, be sure to dine at one of the local restaurants, where all dishes are prepared from products grown on a local farm. Not that the cuisine here is special or unusual, but it is 100% traditional Chinese and will appeal to most gourmets.

Zhouzhuang City - Venice of China

The city of Zhouzhuang is beautiful and beautiful, located very close to the industrial center of the Middle Kingdom - Shanghai. This place was founded almost 1,000 years ago, and most of the buildings were built in the 14-16 centuries. The streets of the city are lined with stone, and here you will find many shops with souvenirs. By the way, when buying any product in these shops, it is best to bargain until the very last.

Zhouzhuang is somewhat similar to Venice, as it is divided into small parts by water canals over which nice bridges are thrown. You can take a trip on a gondola, and if you pay a little extra tip, you can even enjoy the sound of folk songs performed live. Also visit the Fisheries Museum and taste the incredibly delicious handcrafted candies here. This place is ideal for a romantic getaway with your significant other.

Urumqi City - China Healing and Wellness

Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has been considered one of the best, moreover, now civilization has made great strides, and traditional methods of treatment are successfully combined with traditional practices. One of the proofs of this is China's rapid victory over the coronavirus, which other countries are not fighting so successfully. For treatment, I advise you to go to the town of Urumqi, where you will find:

The city of Urumqi is a real medical center in China, where in the bosom of nature you can recuperate and get rid of even chronic diseases. It is not a fact, of course, that doctors are omnipotent here, but the place is beautiful and very popular with tourists.

Shangri-La City - the last cradle of Tibet

Your vacation in China will not be complete if you do not visit the paradise - the city of Shangri-La, where stunningly beautiful lakes, mountains and ancient temples await you. The area is home to small Tibetan villages as well as the Tian Shan hot springs. There is an opinion that Shangri-La is the same mythical country of Shambhala. The place is quiet, calm, cozy, but interesting to visit.

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