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The places for recreation in Tae are far beyond 100, but we will try to cover in detail only the best resorts in Thailand, and will focus only on the popular ones among vacationers. Tourists from all over the world come here, and their number is growing every year. Finding the reasons does not need to delve into the social and economic reasons of the region. Suffice it to mention that in this country, nature has been preserved to this day almost intact. What could be better than colorful landscapes and clean beaches? Moreover, the cost of a vacation is quite affordable for middle-class people. Nevertheless, Thailand is a huge territory and for an ordinary person who has not yet had time to visit it, it is difficult to decide on a suitable place to stay. In the country you will find many magnificent places, and they differ significantly in climatic characteristics, and, at the same time, the cost of hotel accommodation also varies significantly.

In order for a beginner tourist to be able to determine the place of "deployment", we have prepared a selection of the best places. From the article you will find out where in the country it is better to relax with noisy youth companies, and where to go for a quiet holiday with children.

There are also recommendations for people who wish to be with their own thoughts and nature of a unique region of our planet. The material is aimed at a wide range of readers. So, TOP-10 places in Thailand, on which you should focus your attention.

Heading Southeast: Pattaya

Foreigners from all over the world strive to get to Pattaya, where life does not stop moving 24 hours a day. Those wishing to enjoy a full-fledged entertainment complex can visit hundreds of catering establishments, nightclubs, entertainment complexes, attractions and much more. Men will be delighted with this resort town, since there are a lot of girls offering intimate services here. At the same time, the prices for courtesans are affordable for everyone. A huge number of Russian-speaking tourists come here. Almost all travel agencies focus on Pattaya. There are several key reasons for this, among which the first place is taken by the ease of flight. So, you can get to this city directly, which is very convenient. There are many beaches and hotels here, and the prices are quite affordable. Therefore, Pattaya is the first place where tourists tend to go. According to reviews of vacationers, this city has many attractions and excellent shopping. At the same time, the cleanliness of the beaches is average.

South Phuket Resort

Almost everyone knows this resort in Thailand. It is the largest and most numerous. More than 600 thousand people live here. The infrastructure of the region is developed at the highest level, and in different parts of the island you can find completely different types of entertainment and leisure. Fans of noisy companies and dancing should immediately go to Patong Beach, where an army of thousands of tourists gathers at night. Nai Thon is a beach where you can relax in peace and quiet. There are no huge tourist flows here even during the day. Surin is another gorgeous beach that offers clear sea and sand. We also recommend paying attention to the following beaches, which are considered the best:

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  • Karon;
  • Saron;
  • Kata.

Phuket's beaches are considered cleaner than Pattaya. There is also a lot of entertainment, attractions, and women will not be disappointed with great shopping. The island is very good to have a rest with family and children.

You can also get here directly, thanks to the presence of an international airport.

Resort province of Krabi

The province, located in the southern part, is inferior to some regions in terms of shopping, but offers the best beaches in Thailand. The entire coastline of Krabi is covered with white sand. In addition, Krabi is famous for its huge number of islands. In the area of ​​the resort area, there are many inhabited islands, to which fans of eco-tourism are happy to go. Here you can find quiet and secluded places where you can look for harmony and completely forget about the benefits of civilization.

Do not count on the fact that the province of Krabi offers exclusively wilderness recreation. The territory is equipped with modern hotels that can give odds to European hotels in terms of comfort and service. Wi-Fi is available in the rooms, as well as numerous spas, entertainment complexes, restaurants and bars. One of the islands called "Phi Phi" offers to get acquainted with the unique cuisine of Thailand. It is believed that some of the best chefs in the world work here. Another island, Lanta, will allow you to appreciate the magnificent landscapes almost alone. Large crowds of tourists rarely drop in on the beaches of the island.

Getting sick in Thailand is expensive. It may come as a surprise to many readers, but medicine in Thailand is of high quality and expensive. A visit to a doctor can cost hundreds of dollars, and the cost of an operation is estimated at thousands of dollars. In this article, I will show real numbers with examples from personal experience and explain why it is so important to have good insurance.

From this article you will learn:

The level of medicine in Thailand

The general impression of medicine in Thailand: high quality and more expensive than one would expect. The level of medical care is high. The more expensive the service is.

If you want cheaper - you are welcome to municipal medical institutions, but do not expect that they will understand you in English and, even more so, in Russian.

In private clinics, the overwhelming majority of doctors speak excellent English, junior staff are tolerably explained to the best of their duties. And if necessary, you can use the services of a Russian-speaking translator.

The cost of health care in Thailand

The difference in price and level of service between a municipal medical institution and a private clinic can be quite serious. Example: a pediatrician consultation can cost from 200 baht (

In the first case, the doctor speaks only a little English and communication with him takes place in the format of gestures and photos from the Internet in your smartphone, and all this is very fast. I will add that in order to get to such a doctor, we stood in line for 2.5 hours.

In the case of 1200 thousand baht for the consultation, we were assigned an appointment time (no queue), the doctor examined us thoroughly and consulted us in detail in English, and the translator translated everything into Russian. Prescribed drugs (plus 800 baht

24 $) were accompanied by instructions for their use. The follow-up visit to monitor the recovery process was free of charge.

The medication prescribed by the doctor is accompanied by instructions for its use

Doctor Call and Ambulance in Thailand

Sports in Thailand: views, photos, reviews

It's no secret that Thailand's economy is tourism oriented. What is in demand by tourists is developing and flourishing in the country. This is also true for sports and sports activities. Government support for sports in Thailand is weak, and private entrepreneurs prefer to build water parks in Thailand designed for tourists, rather than stadiums designed for their own subjects.

Thailand is exotic in everything, even in sports. Well-known sports disciplines such as football and tennis are practiced here. Nevertheless, the most spectacular interest is represented by sporting events of an authentic nature: kite competition, takro, Muay Thai.

If we talk about sports not as a spectacle, but as an activity, then for the bulk of tourists the interest is focused on the opportunities provided by almost 3 thousand km of the coastline. Diving, snorkeling, kiting, surfing, water skiing, rafting and spearfishing are all sports in Thailand.

Spectacular sporting events


Takro is a unique Asian team game. Its meaning lies in the passes of a small ball, 12 centimeters in diameter, to each other without the help of hands.

Very spectacular and unusual. Athletes are required to have tremendous flexibility and control over their bodies.

Kite Race

A traditional Thai competition held during the spring months when the winds are most conducive to flying kites. The essence of the competition is to force the opponent's snake to land on its territory. Not as spectacular as takro, but also very unusual and exciting.

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