Health tourism in Lithuania

Health tourism in Lithuania

Lithuanian health resorts have long and firmly established themselves all over the world. The country's sanatoriums offer a full range of medical services for every taste and wallet size. Everyone can choose a resort and sanatorium that suits his taste.

Offers of sanatoriums of the country

Currently, there are more than twenty multidisciplinary sanatoriums on the territory of the country. The flow of people wishing to undergo treatment in Lithuanian health resorts is growing all the time, therefore the number of emerging spa-complexes, rehabilitation centers and sanatoriums is also increasing. All institutions with a long history have been reconstructed and equipped with the latest medical equipment.

Treatment is carried out in all directions:

  • Musculoskeletal system.
  • Circulatory and cardiovascular system.
  • Respiratory organs.
  • ENT organs.
  • Nervous disorders.
  • Beauty treatments, etc.

In most health resorts, meals are organized on a buffet basis. The choice of vacationers is provided with European, Lithuanian and Russian cuisine. Find out what to try from the Lithuanian national cuisine.

Interesting excursions with sightseeing and historical sites are offered for the entertainment of guests. Also, on the territory of many sanatoriums there is live music and dancing.

Lithuanian sanatoriums accept visitors of any age, there are no age restrictions for children. In addition, parents have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 70%.


This oldest Lithuanian resort is located in the southern part of the country. It is one of the largest and most popular health resorts with a unique microclimate, established due to the absence of industrial facilities within a radius of 40 km.

Druskininkai is notable for its beautiful nature, clean air, mineral springs and curative mud. The mineral waters of the resort are known for their miraculous properties. There are 9 sanatoriums, equipped with everything necessary to treat a large number of diseases. This resort is very popular with Russian tourists. This city is also famous for its sights.

One of the most interesting places in the health resort is the source of beauty "Grozhis". One liter of water from this source contains 50 grams of mineral salts.

Poetic nature with lacustrine landscapes and tall pine forests, white dunes and clear sea, an abundance of attractions, ultra-modern hotels and sanatoriums - guests of Lithuanian resorts will have an unforgettable vacation and full treatment.

Palanga invites fans of Baltic beaches, Neringa resort invites fans of exclusive and secluded relaxation. Those wishing to restore their health can expect unique balneological resorts - Birštonas and Druskininkai.

What sanatorium resorts offer in Lithuania

Lithuanian spa treatment traditions go back more than four centuries. The opening of the first mineral water spa in Lithuania took place in 1587.

Lithuanian doctors tried to cure a variety of ailments using water procedures from healing springs. Already then they drank mineral water as medicine.

Today Lithuania has more than 20 multidisciplinary sanatoriums. With the increase in the number of those wishing to improve their health in Lithuania, new health resorts appear - sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers, grandiose SPA-complexes.

Almost all sanatoriums have been renovated - renovated with the help of major repairs and equipped with modern medical equipment.

Today Lithuanian sanatoriums offer the latest generation procedures:

  • cryosaunas - are used to treat skin diseases, circulatory disorders, to increase immunity;
  • pressure chambers - oxygen saturation procedures are used to treat the respiratory system, cardiovascular systems, injuries;
  • modern physiotherapy - ultrasound and magnetic therapy;
  • treatment with laser devices, lymphatic drainage and more.

Most of the Lithuanian health resorts provide guests with buffet meals with national, Russian or European cuisine.

All the sanatoriums offer an interesting entertainment program:

  • live music in the evenings, dancing;
  • interesting excursions to Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai;
  • tasting tours to colorful beer restaurants.

A special offer from Lithuania is the reception of parents with children without age restrictions, starting from one month old babies. In all sanatoriums, the services of educators are provided.

The main tourist destinations in Lithuania

This magical part of Lithuania is in its “tail”. It is home to the world's most beautiful sand dunes and a menagerie that is home to moose, deer and rare birds. The fragile spit, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, exactly equally divides Lithuania and the Russian region of Kaliningrad in the south.

The Lithuanian part of the spit is protected as a national park and has two tourist centers in the town of Smiltyne, with numerous opportunities for outdoor activities: walking, cycling or sailing, and just lounging around. Smiltyne is the administrative district of Klaipeda and is always packed with tourists, urban dandies who come here to relax on local beaches in summer.

Heading south brings you to Nida, where you will find wonderful guesthouses and a variety of delightful walking excursions overlooking the magical dunes. For details, contact the Nida Tourist Information Center.

Cycling is a great way to see the scythe. The cycle path runs all the way from Nida to Smiltyne and this gives you the opportunity to see elk or other wildlife on any part of the path. Do not miss one of the most interesting sights in Neringa - the numerous nesting grounds of gray herons and cormorants, about 1 km south of the town of Juodkrante, which offers a breathtaking panorama of thousands of bird nests in the pine trees.

Bicycles can be rented on almost every street in Nida, some companies allow you to leave your bike in Smiltyne and return back by bus. Tourist center in Nida or Litinterp in Klaipeda will help with accommodation. The cheapest option in Nida is Medicas, a naked and impoverished Soviet relic that is nevertheless in demand.

A sprawling city called the cradle of the Russian mafia. This vibrant city, the second largest in Lithuania, is a thriving cultural and industrial center. The Old City is also located there, an interesting attraction.

Legend has it that Kaunas, located 100 km west of Vilnius, at the confluence of two rivers, Nemunas and Neris, was founded by the son of two young lovers who died tragically. The beautiful servant Milda did not keep track of the sacred eternal flame, caring for her beloved Dovgerd. The vengeful gods sentenced them to death, but the lovers fled and found shelter in the cave, where they gave birth to Kaunas.

Archaeologists believe that the city began its existence in the 13th century, and until the 15th century it was an advanced territory in the fight against the Teutonic Order in the west of Lithuania. Kaunas became a successful trading port in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was run by German traders and merchants, and the city administration of the Hansa (German Union) was also located there. The main reason the Hansa was destroyed 13 times before the start of World War II was its strategic location.

Today it is a city with a significant student population, beautiful architecture, many museums and terrible food.

The seaport of Klaipeda, located 315 km west of Vilnius, provides an opportunity to quickly get into the embrace of the enchanting nature of the Curonian Spit. But, being the third largest city in Lithuania, it deserves special attention, its German style and architecture vividly reflect the exciting history of the city when it was still the Prussian capital of Memel.

The city was destroyed during World War II as a Nazi submarine base, but a tiny patch of the Old City remained intact, as did one tower of the once magnificent red brick castle.

Klaipeda is the only port in Lithuania that accepts very large cruise ships, as well as a strategically important sea hub for cargo and passenger ships plying between Lithuania, Scandinavia, etc.

Peculiarities of recreation in Lithuania

Lithuania is an extraordinary country located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The heiress of the once mighty Grand Duchy of Lithuania, she proudly honors her traditions and keeps in her memory a centuries-old history. This is a state with a special flavor, which once tasted, it is impossible to forget and which will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is pleasant not only to stay at the sea to enjoy its northern beauty and favorable atmosphere, but also to get acquainted with ancient sights, surprisingly well preserved to this day. Here everyone can find rest to their liking: treatment or recovery in one of the classic resorts, highly valued throughout Europe, a sightseeing trip to the main historical sites or a gastronomic trip. After all, Lithuanian cuisine deserves attention and appreciation.

Lithuania's entry into the Schengen area has made traveling through it even easier and more enjoyable, because now you can easily enter the country while traveling in Europe. There is one more undoubted plus - the closeness of mentality and knowledge of the Russian language by many residents, which will remove not only the language barrier, but also possible difficulties in understanding the behavior of local residents.

Lithuania is ideal for families with children. And not only due to the regularity, silence and tranquility prevailing in Lithuanian cities, but also due to the presence of entertainment centers for children and programs that will not let even the most demanding little traveler get bored.

Discover Lithuania! You won't regret it!

How much does a vacation in Lithuania cost?

If someone happened to visit the Soviet Baltic republics in ancient times, they probably remember their special flavor and atmosphere. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge ... But, in spite of the change of regimes, the authorities and other political nuances, the Baltic States still remain beautiful and still attractive for recreation.

A trip to Lithuania can be unforgettable both in terms of tourism and resort pastime. Few people know that there are many resorts here, where you can have a great rest from the hustle and bustle, prophylactically improve your health, and heal some ailments.

When asked what kind of vacation to choose, you have to start from what you want to get. If you just lie on the snow-white Baltic sand - this is one thing, but if you take care of your health, then we choose purposefully, focusing on the diagnosis.

And the question of price, for the majority, is important. In Lithuania, you can spend time in resorts, basking on the excellent Baltic beaches, several times cheaper than on "distant foreign" ones.

If you have a little time and have a plan to walk "at a gallop across Europe", then the ideal option is a trip by car or rental car. For example, renting a middle class car in Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda for a week will cost about 300 euros in the "high season". 5 gasoline costs 1.34 euros per liter. Traveling by car for educational purposes and sightseeing, it is worth visiting these cities, where there is something to see. You can spend the night both in small family hotels and pompous hotels. Good day. read in full

Lithuania is a small country in Central Europe that belongs to the group of Baltic countries. Lithuania lies on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea, its surface is mostly flat, and the longest Lithuanian river is Sventoji, 246 km long. The state borders on Russia, Poland, Belarus and Latvia. From the point of view of the political system, Lithuania is a parliamentary republic headed by a president.

Although Lithuania is small, it is by no means a one-sided direction. Outside the city, for example, you can stroll along the snow-white dunes, plunge into the atmosphere of the Old Town of Vilnius, or relax on the Catholic hill, which Catholics love so much.

Map of Lithuania - where is it located

Lithuania is the southernmost Baltic country

Lithuania, the southernmost of the Baltic states, is not as familiar to many Russians as a tourist destination, although according to some estimates, this country is the geographical center of Europe. Lithuania pampers tourists with its historic capital, health resorts and bustling coastline in summer.

It is the largest of the three Baltic countries, both in terms of population and area. Lithuania is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, bordered by Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russian Kaliningrad.

Lithuania is a small country, so it is easy to include several cities in one vacation and it is possible to get acquainted with nature. Street cafes and bustling markets in Vilnius are replaced in a few hours by hiking in one of the country's many natural parks or cycling along a variety of routes. The second largest city, Kaunas, is a convenient tourist destination thanks to direct cheap flights.

In Lithuania, you can enjoy stunning coastal landscapes that add variety to the Baltic cities.

Affordable rest in variable weather

The climate of Lithuania is not much different from the climate of Russia. Temperatures range from 30 degrees in summer to freezing temperatures in winter. Overall, however, the readings are rather mild. The diverse country is a suitable travel destination at any time of the year.

In summer, every corner of Lithuania is bustling, so the best time to travel is from spring to autumn. Even in winter, however, it is a great place for winter sports, and a Christmas atmosphere can be found at the Christmas market.

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