Health tourism in Kazakhstan

Health tourism in Kazakhstan

Rest in Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea has many advantages, which is why it has become more and more popular in recent years. The beaches of the Caspian Sea are not filled with crowds of tourists, the prices for vacations and accommodation are about 30% lower than those of the popular resorts of the country, the water in the sea in the middle of summer can warm up to +27 degrees, precipitation is rare, especially in summer, and the warm period begins with May and continues until September. After weighing the pros and cons and finding that there are plenty of benefits of rest in Kazakhstan, it is important to choose the most suitable vacation spot that will suit your preferences.

Borovoe - the pearl of Burabay National Park

The national park has concentrated a huge number of majestic natural treasures - 14 lakes, curative mud, the majestic mountain peak of Kokushetau and the Caspian Sea. The territory of several countries and cities of Asia and Europe - Krasnovodsk, Iran and Turkmenistan - adjoins the huge salt lake.

If you arrived in Aktau or Atyrau, then you can get to the village by train or highway.

Borovoe provides housing options for different budgets, and the vacation time here begins in May and lasts until September. At the beginning and at the end of the season, the climate is milder, since in the middle of summer the thermometer can reach +40.

Alakol - rainbow lake

If you arrive at the lake in the morning, you will see a picturesque picture filled with the juicy turquoise flowers of the fresh waters of Alakol.

The fact is that the benefits of fresh lake water and its therapeutic effect were established by scientists and doctors back in the Soviet Union. A health center was opened here - a hospital specializing in treatment with radon baths, mud and mineral waters. In addition to living in a hospital, you can find accommodation in tourist centers. Cars and buses go to the lake.

Lake Balkhash

Another wonderful place at the foot of the Bektau-ata mountain range is Lake Balkhash. The composition of the water in the lake made it possible to determine that here it has both fresh and salty composition, which makes it unique in its kind.

The abundance of offers for accommodation is very different, from more expensive options to those available to the budget tourist.

Aktau is a large resort center

It is impossible not to note the popularity of Aktau, the beauty of its beaches and the variety of leisure activities in the city.

Each of the sanatoriums in Kazakhstan, whatever you choose, offers its own complex of treatment. Sanatorium "Izumrudny" is the most effective procedures, including antler baths (pantotherapy), which will give you a charge of vivacity and health!

Health profile of the Emerald sanatorium:

Accommodation for vacationers of the sanatorium is provided in comfortable hotel rooms of the Izumrudny Hotel. The medical department is located in a separate building, a 5-minute walk from the hotel. It includes physiotherapy rooms, a massage room, a thermotherapy room, a phyto-room (herbal teas), a relaxation room.

The Bath and Wellness Department includes mineralized baths (including antler and pearl baths), a sauna with a swimming pool, a SPA service cabinet, phyto-barrels and a relaxation room.

Procedures included in the price of the voucher with treatment:

In addition, you can undergo a course of treatment both according to the general program and according to a specially developed program of health improvement. The sanatorium's wellness programs are designed for different age categories, including children from 3 years old and pensioners.

List of current health programs:

1. Children's health-improving program "I'm healthy, mom" The program is aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle, increasing immunity.

2. Rehabilitation program "Breathe freely" The program is intended for adults and children with respiratory diseases and ENT pathologies, chronic rhinitis of allergic origin.

3. Wellness program "Golden Age" The program is intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, liver and gallbladder, respiratory organs, diabetes, obesity, etc.

4. Neurological program "Calm, only calm" Indications for use: Osteochondrosis of the spine with secondary neurological manifestations, polyneuritis, impaired posture, scoliosis, asthenic syndrome, functional autonomic disorders.

5. General health program "Antistress" Indications for treatment: Chronic fatigue syndrome, neurotic disorders, stressful condition, increased irritability.

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