Health tourism in Kamchatka

Paratunka, Kamchatka

Ecological tourism is a kind of journey to areas remote from civilization, where wildlife has been practically untouched by mankind. In Russia, for such trips, tourists most often choose Kamchatka for its inimitable landscapes and the beauty of local territories. This land is full of adventures and brings completely new discoveries for its visitors.

Of course, for a while you will have to leave thoughts of a comfortable bed and a hot shower, so familiar to us in everyday life, but the price for the impressions received is so low that every year the flow of tourists to the protected parks of the Kamchatka Territory becomes More.

What does this wonderful world of Kamchatka keep in itself?

Once in this wilderness paradise, you will certainly rethink your own attitude to life, to yourself and the pristine natural component of this world. You should definitely visit the following attractions of the local flora and fauna:

Kronotsky Nature Reserve

The entire east coast of the peninsula belongs to this biosphere reserve. This is a unique territory filled with a huge number of wild animals, rare plants and flowers. There are glaciers, active volcanoes, the beautiful Kronotskoye Lake, rocky formations, coniferous forests and other natural objects. Any kind of economic activity is prohibited here and the rules for tourist groups are strictly observed. Kronotsky Nature Reserve is a true miracle of this world, which preserves the memory of wild nature without human participation.

Valley of Geysers

This extraordinarily beautiful place is one of the main attractions of our country. In the central part of the valley, a clear turquoise lake has formed, and white clouds of steam are erupting from the ground. Nevertheless, the natural wildlife has done its job and created an “island” of geyser streams and thermal springs separate from the entire reserve.

Lake Dalneye

The lake is formed in the crater of a volcano and contains a small island of frozen lava rocks where birds like to nest. On all sides the lake is surrounded by green thickets and a funnel of an extinct volcano.

Uzon Caldera

Kamchatka is one of the most remote regions of Russia from the capital, located on a peninsula, with a total area of ​​more than 461 thousand km². There are several resorts on its territory, one of which is Parantuka.

There are several hotel complexes in this village, as well as various recreation centers that offer their potential guests comfortable living conditions, a high level of service and a variety of leisure activities.

General information about Paratunka

Paratunka (Kamchatka), recreation centers and other tourist sites of which are located on a vast territory, attract guests not only from Russia, but also from the CIS countries and America, due to its non-standard geographical location, unique terrain and the presence of thermal springs.

Today, about 1800 people live in the village, which has been a balneological resort since the last century. Its history began in the middle of the 19th century, and the name comes from the name of the river of the same name, which flows near the settlement. The total area of ​​Paratunka is 320 km².

The main local man-made sights are the church located in the central square and the cathedral, which is 11 km from the entrance to the village. The entertainment facilities that are located outside of private territories include the Miracle Island water park and the Star Sky restaurant-bar. The time difference between the village. Parantuk and Moscow region. is 9 h.

Where is

Paratunka is located on a peninsula located in the Russian Federation, on the territory of the Kamchatka Territory, almost 7 thousand km from Moscow. The exact coordinates of this place are 52 ° 57′38 ″ s. sh. and 158 ° 14'55 ″ in. etc.

From the administrative center, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the village is separated by about 65 km. The nearest international airport is located 38 km away.

How to get there

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