Health tourism in belokurikha

Musculoskeletal system


Musculoskeletal system

Activation of recovery processes, normalization of hormonal imbalance make it advisable to use these waters for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In 2003, a specialized department of rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system was created in the Belokurikha sanatorium.

In the sanatorium "Belokurikha" modern diagnostic technologies are used, which make it possible to carry out a number of studies in a short time, to reveal dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, to develop individual comprehensive programs of treatment and prevention.

Neurologists of the Belokurikha sanatorium, together with scientists from the Tomsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy, have developed their own highly effective therapeutic technology for treating patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: horizontal stretching of the spine and joints in a bath with mineral water.


Back pain (dorsopathy): myofascial (disease of the muscles and tendons of the spine and back), foraminal (narrowing of the intervertebral foramen), disco-radicular (herniated disc) - outside the stage of exacerbation with mild or moderate pain syndrome

Rheumatoid arthritis, slowly progressive course, in the inactive phase or the activity of the process is not higher than grade 2. Infectious of a certain (non-tuberculous) etiology, reactive arthropathies, in the presence of the activity of the process not exceeding 1 degree and in the absence of infection (postinfluenza, chlamydial, brucellosis, gonorrheal, etc.)

Rheumatoid arthritis, slowly progressive course, in the inactive phase or the activity of the process is not higher than grade 2

Psoriatic distal interphalangeal arthritis, psoriatic spondylitis, the activity of the psoriatic process is not higher than grade 2, psoriasis in the stationary stage

Altapress. u continues to talk about cities where you can spend an interesting weekend. Another review is devoted to Belokurikha - the only resort of federal importance in the Altai Territory. About 240 thousand tourists come here annually. But the city is interesting not only for its wellness procedures. There are many activities and attractions to visit in and around it.

Belokurikha is located 228 km from Barnaul. You can get here by regular bus and by car.

  • Five direct flights to the resort city depart from the Barnaul bus station every day. The ticket price is 470 rubles, the journey duration is about 4 hours.
  • A light car can be reached in 3 hours.
  • The cost of a taxi from Belokurikha to Barnaul starts from 1,000 rubles.

More than 30 hotels, sanatoriums, hotels and other accommodation facilities are officially operating in Belokurikha. The cost of living in a hostel starts from 350 rubles per day for a place in a room for six people. In a hotel or a guest house not far from the center, you can find a double room from 1.5 thousand rubles. However, in general, the price tag for living in such accommodation facilities starts from 2.5-4 thousand rubles. A room in a sanatorium costs 3.5 thousand rubles per day.

It is difficult to find vacancies during the peak of the winter and summer seasons. Therefore, some tourists settle in private houses. According to information from various sites, you can book a house in Belokurikha from 600 to 7 thousand rubles per day, depending on the location and capacity.

On the territory of the ski resort "Blagodat" this year the first tent camp began to work. The cost of living with your own tent is 300 rubles. Rental of camping equipment will cost 1 thousand rubles, according to the website of the ski complex.

One of the sights of the resort town is Mount Tserkovka. All year round there is a chair lift, on which you can ride up to the top of the mountain. The length of the road is about 2 thousand meters, the height of the mountain is 800 meters.

In winter, the slopes of the Church are used for alpine skiing, and in summer tourists walk here. There is a unique natural park with rocks on the mountain, where you can walk through the forest. In memory of the Spirit of Altai, Obo was established on the top of the mountain - a place for sacrifices. They say that if you make a wish here, it will come true. There is a café at the top of the mountain where you can sip coffee and explore the area.

Adult ticket price for the lift: 400 rubles, children under 6 years old - free. Climbing the mountain on foot is physically difficult, it will take more than 1.5 hours.

In any season in Belokurikha, you can visit the city museum. FROM. . Gulyaev (street Slavsky, 19). It is located in the building of the former Radonotherapy Center No. 1, which is considered a monument of history, culture and architecture. Here you are introduced to the history of the resort town.

The museum is located next to the Belokurikha River and the famous landmark of the city - the snake well. This is a source that looks like a small chapel. The legend says that in its place was the very first health resort in the city. The source received this name due to the fact that snakes were found around it, which were attracted by the warm water in the source. It is believed that it was from here that the scientist Stepan Gulyaev began to study the deposit of thermal waters. Here he was the first to discover the amazing properties of local water.

At 3.5 km from the city there are Four Brothers rocks, which are used by excursion groups.

The Belokurikha sanatorium bears the name of the resort. This is the largest sanatorium in Belokurikha: the number of places for accommodation is 752, the area of ​​the territory is 12 hectares. The beautiful well-groomed territory of the complex is the work of landscape designers. The sanatorium has indoor and outdoor pools. Prices for vouchers with treatment and free meals (buffet) start at 4,200 rubles. Rooms 3 * and 4 * with free wi-fi. anatorium is located at the beginning of the resort area, close to the city's entertainment centers and shops, has free parking, indoor and outdoor pools, mineral baths. The guests of the sanatorium leave extremely positive comments.

The sanatorium is a structural subdivision of JSC "Resort Belokurikha", the largest medical and preventive institution in the resort of Belokurikha, with its own swimming pool. The area of ​​the territory is 45101 m², the number of beds in the rooms is 389. The sanatorium has passed state certification at the level of "three stars". The hotel building consists of eight floors and is connected by warm passages with a medical and diagnostic building, a restaurant and a swimming pool. Prices for vouchers with treatment and free meals (buffet) start at 4000 rubles. Rooms 3 * and 4 * with free wi-fi.

The sanatorium was built in 1977, has extensive experience in improving the health of the population, and is one of the leading sanatoriums in Belokurikha. Currently, the sanatorium is a health resort for 315 beds (in all rooms) with a developed medical and material-technical base. A feature of the sanatorium is the development of a new direction for Belokurikha - the treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive system. Prices for vouchers with treatment and free meals (buffet) start at 4000 rubles. Rooms 3 * and 4 * in rooms with free wi-fi. The sanatorium has an indoor swimming pool.

The Altai Castle Sanatorium is considered one of the youngest in Belokurikha. However, this does not prevent him from entering the top of the best sanatoriums with the treatment of Belokurikha, within walking distance of a swimming pool, terrenkury and the entire infrastructure of Belokurikha. In the "Altai Castle" they carry out medical and health-improving procedures in a number of areas. Here you can relax with comfortable rooms alone, together with your other half or the whole family. Prices for vouchers with treatment start at 4800 rubles.

"Belokur" is a cozy, truly home sanatorium, with its own swimming pool. Due to its small format, special attention is paid to each guest. You can set the time of treatment, procedures yourself, choose a menu and live according to your usual daily routine. The staff of the sanatorium will adapt to you to make your stay more comfortable. Prices for vouchers with treatment start at 4500 rubles.

The Aurora sanatorium is located on the Belokurikha promenade. Nearby for tourists are collected the main places of entertainment - cafes and restaurants. The sanatorium provides not only comfortable rooms, medical treatment services, but also a spa, as well as water activities. Prices for vouchers start at 4000 rubles.

Sanatorium Russia is one of the largest in the resort of Belokurikha. Here, vacationers can undergo medical and health procedures, visit the SPA center, a swimming pool, and also actively spend their holidays. The sanatorium provides treatment and health improvement even for the smallest guests from 4 years old. Prices for vouchers start at 3500 rubles.

"Olymp-Park" is a new and modern complex on the territory of the tourist cluster "Belokurikha Gornaya". We are located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, among the Siberian mountain taiga. All buildings of the complex are built of natural wood using technologies that completely exclude the presence of any chemical components. Accommodation prices from 3100 rubles.

Find out the cost of rest in Belokurikha

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The federal balneological and ski resort Belokurikha is located in the river valley of the same name, among the spurs of the Cherginsky ridge, at an altitude of about 250 m above sea level. The main wealth of this town is underground warm springs of nitrogen-radon water. Another feature of Belokurikha is in the nature of its surroundings: in the south, the city adjoins the Cherginsky ridge, overgrown with coniferous forest, and oaks and Manchurian nuts, rare for Western Siberia, grow around.

The good climate and beautiful nature of these places became the main reason that Belokurikha appeared on the map of the USSR at all, this happened at the beginning of the 20th century. The most high-ranking officials came here to rest and receive medical treatment, and during the Second World War it was here that the famous "Artek" stayed in evacuation. Today Belokurikha is a fully developed resort by European standards, where it is good to have a rest all year round. In winter, ski, sip fragrant herbal tea, wrap yourself in a warm blanket on the veranda of your pretty chalet hotel. Well, in summer, just enjoy the purity and beauty of one of the most protected corners of Russia.

In Belokurikha in 1942-1943. lived K. Paustovsky, who then brought out a local carpenter under the name of the watchman Krynkin in the novel Smoke of the Fatherland.

How to get to Belokurikha

Getting to Belokurikha, despite its remote location, is not a problem. First, you need to get from Moscow to one of the nearest large cities to the resort, and from there - in fact, to Belokurikha.

Airplanes regularly fly from Moscow to the nearest to the resort Barnaul and Gorno-Altaysk (4-5 hours in the air). There is a train from the capital to the neighboring Biysk resort (a little more than 60 hours on the road). Public transport runs from Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk and Biysk to Belokurikha. If you need to go to the resort quickly and comfortably, then it's not a problem to take a taxi.

Read more about how to get to Belokurikha here.

Districts of Belokurikha

Today Belokurikha is divided into two parts - working and resort. The first, alas, is practically unremarkable, although there are still a couple of hotels here. And so: gray five-story "panels", several shops, a couple of cafes and a central square with a fountain and benches.

The resort area is special. There is also a small square here, around which all life has developed, and it looks very European. Around - hotels, sanatoriums and boarding houses, both large complexes and cozy chalets, like alpine ones. There are also nice restaurants, cafes and the former blue and white building of a hydrotherapy center with columns, where the City Museum named after Altai scientist Stepan Gulyaev.


Despite the relatively small size of the resort, minibuses and taxis run in Belokurikha. A taxi ride will cost between 70-100 RUB, and a minibus - 24 RUB.

The final stop of many minibuses is near the Katun sanatorium, where the cable car is located.

This resort in Altai is often called "Siberian Davos", because the winter there is mild and sunny. There are legends about the healing air here; those who have never been here have lost a lot. If you compare Belokurikha with other resorts in Russia, then it is most similar to the ski resorts in Switzerland. In summer it is worth coming here to visit the amazing places of Altai.

For those who are tired of traveling by car and on foot, we offer excursions by helicopter, hot air balloon and paragliding. Many tourists are attracted by the natural park, which is located on Mount Tserkovka, as well as the rocks. There is a legend that everyone can make a wish in the “Master of the Mountain” rock, and it will certainly come true, because it will be fulfilled by the kind spirit of Altai who lives there.

Today we will tell you about the 5 best sanatoriums, and you read carefully and choose the one that suits your taste more! The assessment was carried out on the basis of an analysis of the cost of vouchers, living conditions, the use of natural healing factors, reviews of vacationers and other parameters. If you were on vacation in Belokurikha, write in the comments your opinion about the health resorts and share your personal rating of the best health resorts of this unique resort.

Sanatorium "Russia"

This health resort is known not only in the Altai Territory, but also far beyond its borders. The sanatorium is located in the very center of Belokurikha and has an area of ​​several hectares, and the medical complex itself consists of two buildings of 10 floors. The two buildings are connected by a passage. The rooms have a refrigerator, TV, in general, you will feel at home.

We recommend visiting the health center with children, even the smallest. In the health resort there are also children's rooms with educators for this, there are many playgrounds on the street. By the way, children will have their own indoor pool, so you don't have to worry about them. Also, the sanatorium has animation every day and many other hobbies that will forever be remembered by your children.


The sanatorium can be safely called a modern health complex, which has unique natural healing resources. The health resort provides a full range of services, and all this happens on its own medical base. A huge plus of the sanatorium is that you can undergo rehabilitation here after suffering COVID-19.

The health resort also treats non-inflammatory diseases of the female genital tract, menstrual disorders, chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital tract. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, diseases of the nervous system and much more. You can find out what kind of treatment is still being provided in the health resort if you go to the official page of the health resort.

Sanatorium "Belokurikha"

This health resort is considered one of the leading in the entire resort. Not far from the sanatorium is the center of the resort, and the institution itself is located on 10 hectares. There are two buildings on the territory, which are connected by a passage. In one building there is a health-improving center "Water World", and in the other, a department of diagnostics and rehabilitation. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TVs and refrigerators.

We recommend visiting the sanatorium with children over 4 years old. They will not be bored, because the sanatorium has a children's room with a teacher. If you come in the summer, then every day animators will perform on the territory of the health resort, and you can also have fun on the open playgrounds. Adults can visit the gym, billiard club, tennis court and much more.

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