Health tourism in australia

SPA resorts in New Zealand and Australia: famous places, services provided, travel features

Australia can offer, perhaps, any kind of recreation - from passive beach diving to scuba diving from the board of super comfortable yachts, from walking excursions to multi-day trips through the deep forests of eucalyptus thickets, from visits to iconic attractions to wellness programs at medical resorts. When planning a visit to the "green" mainland, you yourself choose what you want to do and how to spend your time.

Australia Resorts

Australia is very conveniently located in terms of climatic zones. There are no frosty winters and lingering rains here, and snow can be found only on the tops of mountain ranges.

Going to Australia at any time of the year, you can choose the right climate and weather conditions, especially since the seasons here are the opposite of the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere, that is, when it is winter in Russia, hot summer in Australia, and when we have a cool summer, then in Australia it is moderately warm winter.

And you also need to understand that wherever you go in Australia, you will find friendly people, comfortable hotels and high-quality service everywhere.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is Australia's premier beach resort and an internationally recognized seaside resort.

Stretching 42 kilometers from Sydney to Brisbane, sandy beaches form the Gold Coast, with small towns scattered along the coast, offering tourists a wide variety of recreation.

The city of Gold Coast is considered the center of boating and has grown to include the nearby Binley, Logan City and Brisbane. Almost the entire population of coastal towns is involved in the tourism business, and here you can realize any of your dreams.

The constant slight swell of the ocean creates ideal surfing conditions for professionals and amateurs from all over the world. In quiet lagoons and coves, you can find secluded beaches for a relaxing holiday with the family, alone with nature. On the embankments there are many cafes with a wide variety of cuisine, amusement parks and attractions, shopping galleries and recreation areas.

Tourists are also offered all kinds of tourist trips inland to get acquainted with the rich nature of this region and with the culture and history of the aborigines of the region. Boat trips are organized along the numerous canals of the Gold Coast, and sea cruises are organized in the coastal zone.

As you know, Australia has one of the highest living standards, it is not surprising that the healthcare system here is very developed and efficient. Many people choose treatment in Australia, going here to get diagnosed, improve their health, and also overcome complex diseases. Australian clinics are well known all over the world. They use only the latest technologies and innovative methods of treatment, and all doctors undergo a careful selection and complex certification. This guarantees quality and real care for patients.

Medical tourism in Australia is popular in areas such as orthopedic surgery, cardiology, oncology (various types of cancer), urology, organ transplants, overweight and IVF (IVF). The experience of specialists and the modern equipment of clinics allow performing the most complex operations, and they cost an order of magnitude lower than in the USA and Japan, and the quality remains invariably high. In addition, the rehabilitation of patients here takes place in the most comfortable conditions - comfortable wards, attentive staff and, in addition, a variety of cultural, historical and gastronomic opportunities help to distract.

Treatment of diseases in Australia gives excellent chances for recovery for people, even those with serious illnesses. And modern approaches in the field of diagnostics can warn you against many problems in the future. If you decide to go to Australia, then Tour Partner in Kiev will be happy to help you quickly resolve organizational issues. You can order everything you need from us:

  • mandatory medical visa;
  • cheap air tickets to Australia;
  • hotel at an affordable price.

You can find out more by contacting our manager by phone and signing up for a free consultation.

Clinic in Australia

Australian medical centers are equipped with modern equipment and trained staff. The pleasant atmosphere of the medical institutions themselves is also pleasing. If you are planning to improve your health, you can be sure of a successful treatment result in Australia. Specifically, you can choose a hospital after learning the details of the problem and the amount that you are willing to spend on its solution. But it is also worth paying attention to the following factors:

  • Accreditation. When the activity of an institution is recognized by international commissions, then it is much easier to trust it.
  • Profile doctor. Each clinic is renowned in certain areas for the achievements of its employees. Therefore, it is worth checking in advance where it is best to cope with your ailment.
  • Modern technologies and approaches. The equipment and technique for the hospital is the most important thing. After all, it is they who are responsible for how accurate the diagnosis will be, effective treatment and quick rehabilitation.
  • Cost. Each clinic in Australia has its own pricing policy. There are options for people with different income levels.

In general, choosing a medical institution is a rather responsible and painstaking moment. Do not make a decision in a hurry, it is better to carefully consider all the options.

Operation in Australia

Medical tourism in Australia is becoming more and more popular among Ukrainians every year. Moreover, the goals of the trip are often quite serious and are not limited to standard diagnostics. The operation in Australia is what is now in demand among our citizens. And it is not surprising, because surgery in this country is quite developed. They do even the most complex organ transplants, manipulations with the heart and blood vessels. The most demanded directions are:

  • neurosurgery ;
  • cardiosurgery ;
  • ophthalmosurgery ;
  • angiology ;
  • abdominal surgery.

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Do you know which globe you can buy in Australia? Inverted, with the South Pole on top. And, by the way, it is no less correct than our traditional one: after all, there is neither up nor down in space, and for the Australians we are exactly the same antipodes walking upside down, as they are for us. When you are there, we advise you to bring a couple, for yourself and your best friend: installed within the line of sight, it perfectly eliminates egocentric delusions.

Besides the shape-shifting globe from Australia, you can bring a full box of completely unique experiences. That there is one monolith of Uluru, blood-red in the rays of the daytime sun and acquiring a completely extraterrestrial appearance at sunset! Then, with a minimal margin, there are endless BBR archipelagos with some desperate riot of underwater life, wide beaches with postcard waves for surfers, live plush koalas, and finally, platypuses - irrefutable evidence of God's sense of humor (you will see - you will understand).

Add to this the recognizable silhouettes of landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, a bunch of interesting things to take with you, including Aboriginal exotics, and the ease of communication with the locals: basic English will be enough. "Ossie, i'm cuming!" - we exclaimed and thoroughly studied the Southern continent for you.

Australian Regions & Resorts

The capital is Canberra, the political center of the country: the Australian government sits in the mast-crowned Parliament building. Canberra is cozy and green: there are no factories, but there are many parks, memorials and museums. In Sydney, tourists are attracted by famous attractions (from the opera house to the Harbor Bridge), Paddington boutiques and Bondi Beach beaches. Other large cities are also good for excursions: the many-sided Melbourne, hospitable Brisbane. And in Adelaide, Cairns and Perth, it is pleasant to combine culture with relaxation on the seashore.

The most popular beach resorts are the Gold Coast with fashionable, party and family areas and the Great Barrier Reef - a scattering of the most beautiful islands in the Coral Sea. The center of the country is covered with a red desert, which has its own Grand Canyon - the sacred mountain Uluru, or Ayers Rock. In the north, in the vicinity of Aboriginal settlements, there are numerous national parks. One of the best places to experience authentic nature and culture is Darwin, with historic buildings and stunning landscapes. All the details about cities and resorts in Australia - on the page "The intricacies of tourism".

Time difference with Moscow

Continental Australia is located in three time zones: Western Standard Time (UTC +8), Central (UTC +9: 30) and Eastern (UTC +10). For example, Perth, Mandurah and Albany live in Western time, Darwin and Adelaide in central time, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in Eastern time.

But all this applies only to the winter period. With the transition to daylight saving time, Australia, as if by magic, appears two more time zones - the fact is that only a few Australian states translate the arrows. Thus, from October to April, South Australia and the city of Broken Hill live in Australian Central Daylight Time (UTC + 10:30), while New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Victoria live in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC +11 ).


Australia's climate varies dramatically by region. In the north it is tropical, in the south it is temperate. The hottest time of the year is from November to January, when the temperature throughout the country is from +20 to +32 ° C, and in the central regions it reaches +38. +42 ° C. At the same time, within 1.5-2 hours after sunset, it can get colder by 10-12 degrees. It is relatively cold in June-August, at this time the temperature does not rise above +15. + 18 ° C, and in the temperate zone it sometimes drops to 0 ° C, it often rains.

The best time to visit the Gold Coast is the Australian summer (Russian winter). In June-August, a big wave rises there, strong winds blow and it rains. At this time, it is better to swim and sunbathe on the BBR. See also the current weather forecast for the main Australian resorts and cities for the coming days.

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