Geothermal springs of Adygea

Jeeping or speleotour: what kind of rest to choose in Adygea

It's no secret that today Adygea is considered one of the best vacation spots in Russia, and people from all over the world go to this amazing natural complex to forget about the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy visiting the world famous thermal sources, the medicinal properties of which are scientifically proven and beyond doubt.

A huge number of thermal springs of Adygea are “scattered” throughout the mountainous and flat territory of this natural complex. The clean water of Adygea is the main treasure of this region. This water contains many chemical elements such as cobalt, barium, iodine, bromine, boron, zinc and many others. All these substances are vital for a healthy existence and proper functioning of any organism, especially children and the elderly.

What are the thermal springs of Adygea?

This term is used to refer to the emissions of water from the hottest magma, which has a temperature of +20 degrees Celsius, reaching the earth's surface along geological faults in the earth's crust. The unique properties of this water were already known to the ancient Romans, who used thermal springs to improve well-being, relax and treat various ailments.

The use of this water with such "miraculous properties" began to be popularized all over the world and has survived to this day, which gave rise to development, including the thermal springs of Adygea.

Thermal springs of Adygea - Maykop hydrotherapy

One of the most popular thermal springs in Adygea is the Maykop hydropathic establishment. Its waters improve the state of the nervous system, are used in the treatment of cardiovascular, rheumatic, surgical, skin, gastrointestinal and other diseases.

A lot of indoor and outdoor baths, swimming pools, sanatoriums and boarding houses are based on it, which allows tourists of all ages to make the most of the healing power of this source all year round.

Summing up the above, it should be concluded that every tourist in Adygea should visit the thermal springs of Adygea. This will not only help him get a whole range of thermotherapy and protect himself from everyday problems, but also just relax his soul. The resort of thermal springs of Adygea will reward you with a charge of energy and unforgettable impressions for a long time.

Thermal springs of Adygea - where to visit

Recreation center White nights, There is next to the Guam gorge, before reaching the station. Nizhegorodskaya, Also 27 km from Maykop in the station. Yaroslavskaya there are a couple of private thermal springs: Thermal spring "Zolotaya Rybka" tel .: + 7-964-894-55-58, Spa-resort "Silicon Therms" tel .: + 7-900-000-3-777

You can visit the Bychkov Baths (thermal springs with naphthalan) and Mineral springs of iodine-bromine and hydrogen sulfide water (station Oil) from the Eco-Village Flower Sea

igisru - Izhevsk

Natural mineral water is the main therapeutic factor for balneological resorts. Thermal waters are considered especially healing. The Republic of Adygea is located in a mountainous area, there are many thermal springs on its territory. The unique climatic and ecological features and the developed infrastructure of the region create favorable conditions for balneological treatment. Sanatoriums of Adygea use water from their own thermal springs for treatment. The combination of the advanced achievements of modern medicine and natural factors has a positive effect on various diseases.


One of the most popular health resorts in Adygea is the sanatorium-preventorium "Lago-Naki", founded in 1981. The sanatorium is located on the farm Krasny Most. Low-mineralized, slightly alkaline water from its own source is similar in characteristics to Truskavets "Naftusya", it is heated to body temperature. On the territory of the health-improving complex there are 3 swimming pools: an outdoor for children, an outdoor adult and an indoor with a geyser at the bottom.

There are comfortable sun loungers and changing cabins around the pools. In the physiotherapy room and on the territory of the sanatorium there is a complex of simulators. For general health improvement, clients are offered a health path, hippotherapy and Nordic walking. "Lago-Naki" specializes in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, obesity, diseases of the joints and spine, cardiovascular system. The water from the spring is suitable for ingestion and is used to treat chronic pancreatitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system.

For more details about the rest in Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory, read on the portal . u/

White Nights

The White Nights Rest House, located in the village of Tulsky, is a good place for rest and treatment of various diseases. The thermal spring is located on the territory of the base and is very popular among vacationers due to the fact that the water temperature at the outlet of the well is 86 degrees and it even has to be cooled to body temperature before being fed to the hydromassage pools.

Water refers to low-mineralized waters with a silicon-sodium composition. The water is suitable for external and internal use and is used to treat various diseases:

  • spine and joints;
  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • gynecological;
  • endocrine.

Cedar Forest

Most Russians associate the Lagonaki resort with winter sports. However, one should not forget that the summer season can be no less interesting here. Hiking, horseback riding and cycling routes, jeep excursions, speleotourism and rafting - these and many other types of communication with nature are offered by the tourism industry of the republic.

Horse routes of Adygea run at an altitude of 600 to 2000 meters above sea level and provide an opportunity to admire lush deciduous forests, coniferous forests, alpine meadows of amazing beauty and rocky mountain ranges. The horse can take the rider to places not yet touched by civilization.

Cycling - by definition, cycling. This is an unusual and interesting type of outdoor activity. It's one thing to drive from home to summer cottage, and quite another to drive along deserted routes for several days and spend the night in a tent in the mountains. Crystal clear air, mixed with the smell of wild flowers and herbs, plus moderate exercise - the best way to heal the body.

Jeeping is a pleasure for those who want to tickle their nerves. Travel routes are laid out in such a way that travelers get the most of their emotions. Cars have to overcome rocky sections of mountain roads, and almost steep ascents and ravines, and complete off-road. The instructor can "accidentally" stop the jeep in the middle of a huge ditch or river in order to make people rally and feel like a single team capable of getting out of a difficult situation (and at the same time getting their car out of it).

Rafting is actually the same thing as mentioned above, only on the water. Naturally, the routes here are designed for both extreme tourists and children and schoolchildren. Not all sections of the mountain rivers of Adygea are treacherous and dangerous. Therefore, rafting can take your breath away, or it can seem like an ordinary walk on the water surface. True, you need to keep your ear open (and the paddle too).

Canyoning, which has gained unprecedented popularity in recent years, can be called "all-in-one": rock climbing, and hiking, jumping into waterfalls and much, much more. Instructors can choose the level of difficulty for everyone: from a child to an experienced extreme athlete.

Speleotourism in Adygea is also able to interest the most demanding and sophisticated traveler. There are caves on almost all plateaus, peaks and ridges of the Lagonaki Highlands - there are about one hundred and thirty of them. The deepest is the Soaring Bird, located on the southern massif of Mount Fisht, at an altitude of 2225 m. The depth of this cave is 517 m. The longest is the Absolute cave, more than 5 km long and 317 m deep.

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For many years, thermal springs have helped fight many diseases and ailments. Some of the best in terms of their chemical composition are located in Tula. This contributed to a large influx of tourists who want not only to relax in the picturesque resort, but also to improve their health. Tula is rich in deposits of mineral springs.

There are 4 thermal water complexes here. The high demand for recreation near healing springs has influenced the development of infrastructure and tourism in the area. The recreation centers are well equipped so that guests can have a quality and carefree rest. They have their own pool, children's play area.

Wellness complexes are also equipped with the necessary equipment and offer many other additional services for a comfortable pastime. The unique chemical composition of the waters and the favorable climate together have a positive effect on the well-being of vacationers.

Many come with children to the resort to strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the child's body. It is at this age that a person most of all needs minerals and other useful elements for proper growth and development.

Sources Locations

The close distance to Maykop makes it easy to get to Tula by any means of transport. Due to this, the sources of the village are more in demand among visiting guests. Tula thermal springs are located in more than one place. They have a different chemical composition and temperature, so the springs belong to different recreation centers.

All sources are close to each other. Therefore, first you should get to Tula, and then to health centers. It will not be difficult to get to the village, since the distance from Maykop is almost 13.5 km. Buses and minibuses leave the city every day. Intercity buses from nearby cities also go to Tula.

For example, a trip from Krasnodar will take three and a half hours on the way. A more comfortable and faster way to travel is by taxi.

Temperature and composition of thermal springs in the Tulsky settlement

Data on sources are provided in the table:

Best time to visit thermal springs

The venue of the program is the picturesque foothills and mountains of Adygea, pristine mountain landscapes with unique flora and fauna. The natural beauty of these places helps to achieve spiritual harmony, here the human body is restored, saturated with energy and health. The tour is planned to the most photo-attractive places in such a way as to provide the maximum opportunity for creativity for tourists when taking photos.

The benefits of this trip:

  • swim in a geothermal spring (three large pools with running hot silicon water and one pool with cold water);
  • take a walk in the picturesque mountainous area;
  • we will spend cozy evenings by the fireplace with delicious barbecue and dishes of the Adyghe cuisine.

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Tour program

Arrival in the village. Kamennomostsky.

14:00 Accommodation in comfortable cottages or rooms with all the certificates in the room.

16:00 A trip to the geothermal source awaits you.

Swimming in large pools with running water from a hot spring (up to 3 hours).

Silicon-activated water relaxes the body, helps in the treatment of a number of diseases, and is used for cosmetic purposes, the skin becomes smooth and beautiful.

10:00 Departure to the village. Victory for an excursion to the St. Michael's Monastery.

There is a legend that in the underground part of the monastery, most of the entrances to which were blocked up in 1954, treasures of Byzantine monks are kept.

You can visit the accessible part of the underground monastery: a chapel and several caves - cells.

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